1. Scott A says

    I don’t love love love gray chest hair, if you can dye the hair on your head then you can afford to take care of anything else too, eh? Otherwise, shave the beaver. I mean com’on, how would you feel encountering a gray beaver on either sex? Kinda disturbing eh? Hmm…well, if you are into gray beavers then maybe not…maybe. Oh, and make no mistake, I’m using beaver to mean different things for different sexes.

  2. Zeke says

    I wouldn’t call the shower scene with Mario Lopez gay, by any stretch of the imagination. Two men showering in the same open shower at a gym does not qualify as gay. Slightly homoerotic maybe, but not gay. The only thing that even made it erotic was the fact that there were two good looking naked men showering.

    I was very disappointed in the N/T shower scene after seeing all the homo-hype and insinuation about it beforehand.

    Having been in open showers my whole life, from high school to the military to the gym, I didn’t see anything that I haven’t seen in each of the hundreds of open showers that I have taken over 25 years.

  3. Zeke says

    Interesting clip.

    I’m not so sure why Christian had to turn so fey, with the walk and the mannerisms. I know it was just a dream sequence and was intended to be over the top but I think the scene would have been just as, if not more effective had he done it as a gay version of his hot, masculine self.

    Maybe that was an example of “the walk” from the Irish police story that I was asking about earlier.

    Not a big fan of “the walk”. Call me old fashioned, but I still like “the swagger” in my man.

  4. Anon says

    Has this already aired or is it coming up since I missed two episodes? Interesting though because Christian had the hots for his boss and Sean had the hots for his nurse. I thought they were dropping this plotline. The shower scene was a big promo tease.

  5. Kevin says

    Agreed, Mario Lopez’s appearance was way over-hyped. I thought he was actually joining the clinic as another plastic surgeon and that the stuff between him and Christian would be a big plot-line.

  6. Kevin says

    I haven’t watched the clip (waiting til I see the whole episode) but this is just a dream right? In “reality”, Christian and Sean haven’t done anything gay with each. Welllll, besides a threesome with a hooker. Thye took turns though.

    As for the plot line BBOY, it’s basically just about the lives of two rich plastic surgeons in Florida and their patients. It’s way over the top. Plenty of sex, gore etc.

    Btw the creator of Nip/Tuck, who I found out yesterday is gay, also created Popular.

  7. resurrect says

    gruuuFFFF on Dylan’s chest hair. after too many years of 40+ men doing the “boi” I think I hear the tide turning for men who look like men.

    besides – “Dylan Walsh” is about as porn a name as you can get.

  8. kyan says

    Yeah, it aired on Tuesday night… fun, but unfortunately just a dream. Yet one has to ask, why was Christian even dreaming this? Because of what Brooke Shields told him (that he was in love with his partner)? hmmm…

    For those who missed, the episode airs again on Sunday night.

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