Lance Armstrong on Matthew McConaughey: We’re Not Gay.

Details_lanceLance Armstrong clears the air on a few rumors in the new issue of Details, according to TMZ.

Armstrong insists that (despite the spandex, bike training, and the Tour de France buddy vacation) Jake Gyllenhaal will not be playing him in a new biopic.

Armstrong also talks about his close relationship with Matthew McConaughey, with whom he started to bond, the Tour de France champ says, when their relationships went sour: “Our friendship just kind of developed. I think people see pictures and they think we’re these over-grown frat guys.”

Rumors of something more between the two were also defused: “Lance says that the BFFs call each other ‘LiveStrong’ and ‘J.K. Livin,’ and when asked whether they’re gay, he jokes: ‘We tried it. Wasn’t for us.'”

Below, Lance and Jake Gyllenhaal share a whisper at the Americans for the Arts event where Gyllenhaal received an award over the weekend.

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Oprah and Gayle: “We’re Not Gay” [tr]

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  1. Rob says

    “Rumors of something more between the two were also defused…”

    Which two? Lance and Jake or Lance and Matthew?

  2. AHA says

    ‘training for the biopic’ was the only valid excuse i accepted for jake’s odd newfound love of cyclists (err, cycling). they’re all just buddies without gf’s hangin’ in spandex? riiiight. nice non-denial denial from lance, too.

  3. em says


    Because Jake’s nothing to do with them. They’re not his PR reps. He can (you’d think) speak for himself. It’s not a dog and pony show, even though people might believe that.

    I think it sounds lame though. It’s like why do you need to address internet rumors? It obviously bothers them, but so what? If it’s a real friendship it’ll survive the gossip. It doesn’t even need addressing.

  4. Andrew says

    I’m tired of “gay rumours” that develop around good looking guys that are nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of some horny gay men. Not every one is gay so stop projecting.