News: Barbra Streisand, Baldness Cure, Tony Kushner, Gay L.A.

road.jpg Frank Kameny, who helped organize the first gay rights protest in front of the White House in 1965, has donated more than 70,000 artifacts and papers related to the gay rights movement to the Library of Congress. Kameny: “Nearly fifty years ago, the United States Government banned me from employment in public service because I am a homosexual. This archive is not simply my story; it also shows how gay and lesbian Americans have joined the American mainstream story of expanded civil liberties in the 20th century. Today, by accepting these papers, the nation preserves not only our history but marks how far gay and lesbian Americans have traveled on the road to civil equality.”

Manny_1road.jpg Perry Taylor, world’s most famous manny, spotted at Knott’s Berry Farm!

road.jpg When concertgoer heckles her for mocking George Bush, Barbra Streisand snarles back: “Why don’t you shut the f- – – up. If you can’t take a joke, why don’t you leave and get your money back.” And apologies to audience: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lost it.”

road.jpg Neck cell transplant could end baldness.

road.jpg Angels in America scribe Tony Kushner at work on a new big, gay play: “It’s been a long time since I’ve written about gay issues. I guess I feel that corners have been turned for me personally and also for the [gay] community and we’re in a different, though unfortunately, not improved era.”

road.jpg 225 historic gay sites of Los Angeles assembled for the city’s 225th anniversary: Part One and Part Two.


  1. Brian says

    Babs was out of line being that vulgar and she obviously knew it the second she said it. But what was the guy expecting? Did he think he was attending an Anita Bryant concert in Branson?

    I hope the guy wasn’t gay. Can you imagine being a homo Barbra fan and having her bitch slap you in front of MSG? Oooooh… cracked ‘er!

  2. Scott says

    Frank Kameny was recognized and received an award from HRC at their National Dinner this past weekend for all his work as a pioneer towards equality. They had a lovely video profile and a message from Frank–truly inspiring! I understand his health isn’t so great and they weren’t expecting him to be there, but he was able to take the stage and be recognized before the packed house. It was amazing!

  3. Glenn says

    I had the privilege of meeting Frank Kameny once. He was out fighting for gay rights well before Stonewall, and we each truly owe him a huge debt of gratitude for helping to pave the way. A man of courage.

  4. Leland says

    The glorious joy of such an unprecedented honor for the community and the inimitable Frank Kameny, whom everyone of us owes a HUGE debt to, is one of the few reasons to hope in a dark month for gays. His papers join those of Lincoln and Frederick Douglas. Then he went to New York where he and fellow magnificent pioneer Barbara Gittings were honored by the American Psychiatric Association for their successful fight 30-years ago to stop homosexuality being classified as a mental illness.

    Unfortunately, gay mental illness was on parade Saturday night in DC as HRC not only gave an award to Reichen & Lance simply for their “visibility,” but allowed them to speak while their civil rights honoree Kameny was kept silent. Reichen essentially reenACTed his 2003 speech to SLDN, promising, once again, to do “everything in his power” to overturn DADT—without explaining why he’s been MIA for the last 3 years. Lance promised to become active period.

    Kameny has never suffered fools—straight or gay—and one can easily imagine that HRC was afraid he might use some of his time at the podium to say to Reichen: “I’ve got news for you, Butt Boy: we need more beefcake models like we need more anal warts. Use the rare, priceless gift of celebrity you’ve got for something other than basking in your own ego; for someone other than yourself! You’re peddling a book no one in authority will read about DADT even though you never bothered to protest it while you were still IN the Air Force? I was fighting the Pentagon’s antigay policies before DADT or YOU even existed!” And to Lance: “I’ve heard you don’t like ‘crazy gay activists’. Well, this is one crazy gay activist who made it possible for an ungrateful little cocksucker like you to come out without getting killed. It’s pay back time, Bitch. Forget the smile fuck promises: put your money where your mouth is [and supporting Reichen doesn’t count]. How about giving some of the millions you were going to spend to go into space to go into helping fight the Right Wing? You and Butt Boy can keep prancing down endless red carpets while we do the heavy lifting. A check will do. Thanks.”

    Meanwhile, Reichen’s book has been guaranteed a specially lit, hallowed place in The Library of Billy Masters.

  5. Leland says

    Clarification to Scott’s worthy post which appeared while I was writing mine. The only reason they thought he might not be there wasn’t his health but because they feared he might not make it back from one of the APA events in New York that afternoon. But, he obviously did, and prerecorded message or not, this man is one of the few “gods” of our movement. He showed up; there was a microphone; and they should have let him talk all night if he wanted. Reichen? Lance? Frank Kameny? Shameful.

  6. funny boy says

    All the headlines that say “Streisand concert marred by her yelling at a heckler”. But all the reviews say it was the very funny and well deserved. Go Barbra!!!!

  7. Tagg says

    Kameny’s laser-sharp, trumpet-loud voice, even at 80-something, is miracle of nature to hear. I doubt he would have used the Anglo-Saxonisms, but would have found PG words no less descriptive and appropriate. Just as he coined the phrase “Gay Is Good,” and verbally nailed homophobic psychiatrists to their convention hall walls in the ’70s, “YOU do not know what you’re talking about and have no right to in the first place. WE are the only experts on ourselves!” Just as he told an LGBT audience at Equality Forum in Philadelphia last year, his grand voice ringing through the room, what he’s repeated in interviews: “…with the rising ascendancy of the radical right and the nutty fundamentalists–I use these two words inseparably, with a massive psychological assault upon us it has once again become crucially important that we emphasize with a certain degree of fine tuning appropriate to the present, we have to emphasize within the framework of what “good” means…. and that morally, which is the facet they (the nutty fundamentalists) make an issue of, homosexuality or homosexual conduct is not only NOT immoral, or sinful, or wrong, or undesirable but is AFFIRMATIVELY moral, and virtuous, and right, and desirable, and fully as much as all of those as is heterosexuality! Not more, but NOT ONE WHIT LESS! For those who choose to take a religious approach to life, my homosexuality is a God-given blessing, given to me directly by God to be ENJOYED to its FULLEST, INDULGENTLY, EXUBERANTLY and JOYOUSLY which I HAVE, I DO, and I SHALL!” With but five like him, and a movement that did not turn into a money-sucking, preach to the choir, dinner committee, we would be fully free today.

  8. Robert A Espino says

    I was at the Streisand concert monday. The heckler had his say during the Dubya skit. But continued heckling Barbra even after it had finished. That is when she got fed up because he was ruining the introduction of her next song and ruining the audiences great time. After she apologized to the audience she added “that is why we live in America, because of free speech”.

    But that is not an excuse to voice your opinion in a concert setting. I paid to see Barbra – talk and sing (because I know that is what she does), not to have someone ruin a wonderful show.

    She also said merde(sh-t) earlier in the show. Where is the outrage for that?
    The heckler probably would have been happier to have one of her ample breasts pop out ala Janet. He had to be a straight man!

  9. CLIFF says

    “Be nice girl, it’s time to take advice girl, you need to pay a price girl…” Weren’t they the words in one of her songs from the Broadway Album.

  10. Scott says

    Leland: Thanks for kudos. The people at my table were the ones who told me Kameny wasn’t of the best health. Since I (shamefully) hadn’t heard of him until that night, I took their word for it. If this is the case, they could have hooked Reichen and Lance off earlier and put Frank up there for some great words!

  11. Leland says

    Seeing that this petty discussion about Babs is not going away, I must comment. I recently flamed her here, myself, for, IMO, her INSUFFICIENT sociopolitical activism, astronomical ticket prices, and refusal to say how much she’s giving to whom of the proceeds from them. But to those flaming her about her STFU with your witty, oh so witty and gay lyric references: WHAT THE FUCK PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON?! In a world that has, effectively, been reduced to a battle between the Islamic Taliban and our own home grown version of “Christian” Taliban, your butt plugs have suddenly gotten so twisted that you care about THIS? As many ‘tards-by-choice [who give the innocent, innate retarded a bad name] as there are in the world, it’s a little difficult for me to believe that the heckler was just some guy with a few hundred bucks to spend on a concert whose star he knew nothing about. Only someone just recovering from a 35-yr. coma could not be aware of her political beliefs. I believe the guy was a plant to try to embarrass one of the Right’s most high profile cultural foes. The wingnuts have done crazier things, and spent far more to do it. One of their goals is to try to intimidate anyone who disagrees with them so much that they are afraid to express that disagreement.

    Even if he was not an “agent provocateur,” the price he paid for his ticket did not buy HIM the right to ruin everyone else’s evening or HER show to defend a two-bit fascist like Bush. [Bring it on, LOGheads!] One of the reasons we are under the jackboots of the Red, White, and Blue brownshirts is because so many of us piss our panties if anyone calls an asshole an asshole—even when the asshole starts it. Let me offer a variation on Babs’ response: GROW the fuck up!

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