Out Magazine Has a Proposition for You

Audience Participation Alert!

Out_november_1After I posted the cover of Out magazine’s new redesign, there was of course a flurry of opinion (much of it negative, although there were a few favorable comments), which prompted editor-in-chief Aaron Hicklin to contact us. Since many seem to be judging a book by its cover, he’d like to enlist some of the critics out there to offer feedback on the new magazine. From Mr. Hicklin:

We’re happy the new design has provoked comment, negative and positive, but we’d rather harness your opinions in a methodical way to help us better appreciate what readers want out of a gay magazine. For those who haven’t looked at Out in a while, the redesign is the end process in a three-stage overhaul that has included beefing up fashion, bringing in new columnists and reporters, and generally broadening the scope of the magazine. We invite readers of Towleroad to put their brains where their mouths are, and spend time with the magazine over the next six months, letting us know what they love, hate, or feel indifferent to.

The first 50 readers who send their address and email will receive a free six month subscription, with the caveat that Out will be asking for your feedback each month. Aaron promises that it will be nothing too arduous!

THE LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED!!!!! Thanks for responding.

Wow, you guys are fast. Sorry to those who didn’t make it in time. Aaron will be contacting those of you who did!!!

Posted October 10, 2006 at 2:49pm ETC by Andy Towle
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