1. says

    Me, too, Jase. I wanted to be the stunt double for Alicia Silverstone. B*tch.

    I so want to grab that sheet and yank.

  2. steve says

    He’s extremely likable. He’s handsome enough to be in movies yet real enough to be invited into my bed.

    His has been a very slow burning career to date.

  3. Martin C. says

    Is he straight or gay (in the real world)?

    Wish New York men looked like this. Everywhere here has their eyebrows plucked within an inch of their life and a shine to them that comes from too many spray on tans.

    Bring back the manly men!!

  4. Larry says

    Holy crap! This picture moved me to post my first comment. I, too, have been a fan since “Clueless.” Boy, is he hot.

  5. dave says

    Just want to add my 2 cents to Joe’s comment: HE IS A SEXY MONKEY. YES! I want to BE the sheet.

  6. Brad says

    Whew. Hot photo. I have had a crush on him since Clueless. He was the only redeeming part of that film. Thanks for the birthday present Andy.

  7. chrisnyc says

    um, his career has been fine. he hasn’t been leading man, but then, that was never really his role. He was great in anchor man.

  8. wtf says

    I saw him Off Broadway in the play “Bash” with Calista Flockhart, and talked to him after the show. He is really sexy in person and was a really nice guy. I would so hit that, anytime!

  9. calvin says

    you know how you would stand on the magazine section of stores flipping through magazines hoping you’d see a good picture? i was at walmart the other day and i saw this, and i was like..HOLY SHIT!

  10. rudy says

    Paul Rudd is a New York man. He works more often in theatre than in movies. I was fortunate to see him in Twelth Night at Lincoln Center. Not only is he a formidable actor, he has a very large talent. He plunged naked into a pool and wore very little else at other times. He did not get the leading man roles that his skill and looks warrented. Nevertheless, he is a fine actor and a beautiful man.

  11. tjc says

    He kinda reminds me of David Duchovny. He’s got a little Mulder thing going on there on that bed. Maybe it’s the pout.

  12. Glenn says

    I agree with Rudy, he was terrific in Twelfth Night at Lincoln Center. And sooo sexy. Those boxers can lie on the floor next to my bed a-ny-time.

  13. says

    Martin C.–he’s married and has a kid in real life. But he’s still the star of many fantasies in my head. So damn sexy. I saw him in The Shape of Things on Broadway and he’s definitely a leading man in my mind.

  14. resurrect says

    It’s not just Paul Rudd that’s hot, but the neo-classicism of the photograph. Depicting a model holding a mirror, gazing at (her)self, is one of the oldest portraiture conventions in the annals of Western Art. He gazes upon himself, while we scope a look at him – looking at himself & unaware of our presence. Voyeurism redoubled – this shot makes me not just look, but long to touch.

  15. Eric says

    Resurrect – Your comment is so spot-on and so true. However, the photo is better than your interpretation! Is he looking at us or the mirror?

  16. peterparker says

    Paul Rudd is that guy you’d want to snag more than any other just because he’s such a sleeper of a sexy man. Because he’s sort of unconventionally handsome, you have the impression that only *you* would find him hot, hot, HOT and so he’d be ALL YOURS. Unfortunately, of course, there are a gazillion others that are thinking the same thing!

  17. Richard says

    God, the remarks here are so unidimensional. This is a terrific looking guy who has the wherewithal to camp it up a bit, to take risks with his career in a very unforgiving industry, to be a little risque and to LAUGH at himself — and the superficiality of it all. Pay attention, guys — that’s the quality that makes him so appealing.

  18. Brett says

    Thank god…enough of the smooth twinks and steroid muscleheads. A real man with yummy body hair! Even the crumpled boxers on the floor are SEXY!

  19. plumberjeff says

    I was his plumber, back when he lived on Bleeker Street. He is definitely straight. (He had yet to marry, but trust me, when you see a man’s bathroom, you can tell who’s gay and who’s straight) He is also perhaps the least homophobic man I have met. Very funny, friendly and the kind of guy that makes a point to cross the street and say hello when he would see you out and about. And by the way, he has a gorgeous mother who I believe is British and equally charming.

  20. Barry says

    All I know is he’s on my list of top five hottest men! The smoldering good looks, the impish smile, the hairy legs and chest, the great acting ability…what more need be said? To quote one of the Brady sisters…He’s Dreamy!

  21. Marco says

    LOVE HIM. have been hot for him for years (oddly, not so much when he played a homo in that lame movie with Jennifer Aniston). See “Wet Hot Sexy Summer” (or something like that.) It’s a funny satire of teen camp movies from the 80s. Plus he’s shirtless and in cutoff shorts a lot of the time.

    Ah, Paul.

  22. Ella says

    That movie is WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER- one of my faves.

    This man is AMAZING. I agree- I thought I was the only one who thought he was hot. I hope he doesnt go A list- he’s MY find! Haha

  23. Robert Alan says

    Well, you guys can enjoy the covered shots.
    I won’t be able to stand for an hour now.

  24. Levi says

    Man when I first clapped eyes on him in Clueless I was his from then. What makes him so sexy to me is that he seems clueless to the fact that he is so damn PHYNE!! whew!