Photo: First Gay Marriage in Slovenia


Slovenia legalized gay marriage in late July. Yesterday, Mitja Blazic, right, and Viki Kern became the first gay couple to legally register in that country. Slovenia’s unusual stipulation in allowing same-sex marriage was that no friends, relatives, or any third person be allowed to attend the ceremony, which can only be held in a state office.

It’s good to see the strange rules aren’t stopping anyone. Congrats to the happy couple.

Mr. Blazic has a blog, which you can enjoy if you read Slovenian.

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  1. says

    How strange the whole “no one can attend” thing… is that perhaps to make gays who have been outcast by family and have small social circles feel better about getting married?

    Can’t wait till Australia wakes up to itself and I can marry by boyfriend of 9.5 years!

  2. says

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    But the ads between pages are bad, bad, bad… okay I’m breathing now… guess I’ll go back to just reading Towleroad through my RSS aggregator.

  3. mark m says

    Slovenia?…. SLOVENIA???

    If you’re an American or an Australian, you have to be feeling some major nation envy right about now…

  4. borut says

    I’m from Slovenia and I can tell you this piece of news is totally inaccurate. Slovenia does not have gay marriage. This »registration« gives the partners very limited rights. The state doesn’t even recognise them as relatives. In fact, the couple in question said the whole thing was very humuliating for them, and they only did it so they can submit the law to the Constitutional Court, so it can determin whether it is unconstitutional, because it discriminates against gays.

    And the “no one can attend” thing is totally not true. In fact, there were many journalists present at the »ceremony« and the whole thing was filmed. But in Slovenia a civil marriage ceremony between two people of the opposite sex is usually performed in some »romantic« building like a medieval castle and is usually quite a lavish affair. Same-sex couples can’t have their ceremony there, they can only register in a regular state office, so maybe not that many people will fit in it’s not that festive.