SMU Quarterback Justin Willis Suspended for Possible Hate Crime

Justin_willisThe quarterback for Southern Methodist University’s football team, Justin Willis, has been suspended after reports that he and another suspect repeatedly hit sophomore Jamil Beard in the face at a party early Friday morning. Before striking the student, one of the accused allegedly called Beard a “fag”.

According to the police report, “Beard was at a party when two suspects entered the residence. They walked in and ‘Susp. #2 stated to the comp (Beard) ‘I heard you been talking sh**” then called the comp a ‘fa*’.’ Then Willis and the other suspect “repeatedly struck the comp (Beard) in the face and neck with their fists causing a 1 inch laceration above the right eye and severe swelling of the comp’s lip.”

Beard told police officers that he knew Willis. Willis’ father alleges that Beard “began harassing his son through e-mail and then eventually began to slander him in public and follow Willis around.”

Said Beard’s father: “It’s hard to do a restraining order on a college campus.”
(Except for the kind taken care of with fists, of course)

An investigation is ongoing.

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