T.R. Knight and Luke MacFarlane: TV’s Hottest New Gay Couple?

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Fresh off last week’s announcement that he is gay, the paparazzi caught up with Grey’s Anatomy actor TR Knight out with Brothers and Sisters actor Luke MacFarlane, and speculation quickly arose as to whether Knight and MacFarlane are prime time’s hottest new gay couple.

Some new candidates for the gay visibility award, perhaps?


  1. says

    Can’t they just date each other without making front page news or earning any awards? I mean, wouldn’t that be the ultimate sign of tolerance?

  2. Astro says

    Totally agree ChrisB, but we’re far from there yet. Having gay male celebrities is a big deal in America.
    Why else are Lance and Reichen being invited to events? and winning an HRC award?! I mean, who’s Lance Bass?!

  3. says

    They’re actors both on television shows right now. Wouldn’t they want people to know that they are dating just for the publicity? What’s wrong with that? The ultimate signs of tolerance comes after acceptance. You don’t get acceptance until people start to see gay couples showing they aren’t ashamed to be seen together.

  4. Larry says

    I have totally been lusting after Luke Macfarlane after seeing him on “Brothers and Sisters,” so this is a coupling I find pretty hot!

  5. Kevin says

    Yeah, speculation. Maybe Luke MacFarlane is gay but Wiki doesn’t list him as such. Either way, it’s just two dudes hanging out. And I’d say TR could use some advice right about now.

  6. David says

    But if it’s true, I would be more than happy to have these two push Lance & Reichen out of the spotlight.

  7. steve says

    FYI — TMZ has different pics of them (perhaps from a different day? they’re wearing different clothes) — could they be flatmates?

  8. FizziekruntNT says

    buHAH! “Maybe Luke MacFarlane is gay…”

    WAAAAAAHAHAHAH. Honey, if he’s straight and can act like such a convincing queen on Brothers & Sisters, he deserves an Oscar. That being said, two cute gay boys went to the mall…wooo.

    I think they’re adorable anyway. I hope if they ARE dating, that they won’t succumb to public pressure and become the boring role models we all need. As much as I want to like Lehmkuhl, I hope Bass keys him on the way down.

    And what’s up with Chip these days anyway? Talk about HOTTT!

  9. FizziekruntNT says

    Hrmmm, crack ho much?

    What I MEANT was…

    “I hope if they ARE dating, that they won’t succumb to public pressure, and INSTEAD become the boring role models we all need.”

    I still hope Reichen gets some teeth with his blowjob.

  10. FunMe says

    I think it’s FANTASTIC to have 2 MALE actors who are in current TV shows to come out.

    And they are both hot and seem nice, so even better!

    The females lead the way and thank goodness the males are finally coming up to bat and realizing that being true to yourself is alright!

    The days in the closet and missing out are waaaaaaaaay over.

    Do you hear that mr. gay closeted tom cruise?

  11. says

    well, if we are to push a “live and let live” mentality on our enemies, shouldn’t we practice the same atleast in some respect?

    if they’re dating–great! but ain’t neither one of them payin’ my bills so that’s that.

    but, why does TR Knight look so unsightly in these pictures? I hate when bad pictures happen to cute people.

  12. David says

    “I think it’s FANTASTIC to have 2 MALE actors who are in current TV shows to come out.”

    Um…I think only one of them came out.

    And Derrick, re. “if they’re dating–great! but ain’t neither one of them payin’ my bills so that’s that.” I couldn’t have said it better.

  13. Mike says

    I didn’t know who this Luke guy is but I am a huge fan now. He is wearing a shirt from one of my fave restaurants, Wagamama in London. God bless him. 😉

  14. Ryan says

    Luke played a very hunky soldier on ‘Over There’ last year, and you can see interviews with him on the dvds. He’s definitely camping it up a bit for the role on Brothers and Sisters. Anyway, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers if he does turn out to be on the team.

  15. Andros says

    Luke may or may not be gay but this guy can act because if you watch Over There and Brothers & Sisters, it’s like watching 2 completely different actors. The queen on B&S is nothing like the macho military guy form Over There!

  16. asinglebound says

    They cant possibly be a couple. TJ is too chunky to be of interest to a gym twink like Luke. He is, however, totally perfect for me.

  17. Michael D. Fein says

    T.R. is adorable. The very first time I saw him on Grey’s Anatomy. my gaydar was flashing away a mile a minute. I don’t know if it was an actual sense of his gayness, or whether it was just wishful thinking. But he is a sweetheart, and I hope he and his boyfriend are happy and are allowed to live their private lives without too much interference.

  18. Harrison says

    I don’t know why but this is really getting on my nerves.
    Are they holding hands in the picture? Making out? Fucking?
    WHY are people assuming that these two guys are together?!!?

  19. says

    So, if there’s ever a photo of two guys (i.e. one gay, one not as of printing), are they immediately a couple?

    These pics are simply perfectly-timed coincidences… unless People magazine says otherwise.

  20. Random says

    Probably, Steven. The paparazzi are relentless but not stupid. The mall pics were taken before Knight came out. The new ones are from this week and they look cozy enough on that bench.