1. MW Savant says

    I am disturbed that there was absolutely no mention of today’s historical MLK memorial dedication/groundbreaking to be found on this site. Particularly after his late wife was so verbal in her support of marriage equality/gay rights/fairness.

    That is rather telling and more than a little shocking to me, Andy: the Roddick ranked but King didn’t? I’m sure it was merely an oversight.

  2. Swanson says

    what exactly is gay about dr martin luther king’s ground breaking? Maybe the problem with gay society is people like you who is more annoyed with semantics than the actual issue.

  3. simon says

    It is an important national news item. It should be covered by all agencies. Compartmentalization and self-interest to the point of not caring about anything that doesn’t immediately affect you is repellent.

  4. PSMike says

    Swanson..unless Roddick is about to come out of the closet, what is gay about him? oh yeah, the gay man’s inherent right to sexually harrass anyone they want………..

  5. donaldonaldonald says

    Oh waaah, why can’t all webmasters cater to MY personal political agenda at all times? It’s an outrage.

  6. SGR says

    wtf do we need to read about Dr King’s memorial here of all places when it’s everywhere in the mainstream media?

    MW Savant: stop bitching and start your own blog.

  7. Rad says

    Oh for gosh sake, GET OVER YOURSELVES.

    Andy Roddick is just a cutie. Thank you for posting the photo!

  8. Carlos says

    Who gives a sh-t about MLK when Andy f—g Roddick is licking his racket like a horndog? break me off a piece of that!