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Banksy's Disney Project Revealed


Back in September I posted about Brit street artist/prankster Banksy's Guantanamo Bay prisoner installation at the Big Thunder Mountain ride in Disneyland. Tourists at Disneyland passing by an iron fence at the Rocky Mountain Railroad ride saw a hooded and chained Guantanamo Bay detainee (an inflatable doll in an orange jumpsuit) standing behind the fence for more than an hour before Disney officials removed it.

As we've come to expect from Banksy, a video of the process by which he installed it is now available.

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  1. I didn't know I could be an artist by inflating a doll and putting a jumpsuit on it.

    Posted by: Matt | Nov 21, 2006 11:35:43 AM

  2. Only if you blur your face, showing how obviously proud of your art you are.

    Posted by: Scott | Nov 21, 2006 12:00:46 PM

  3. Matt. I get that you were trying to sound clever and witty. But you sound more ignorant and smug than anything else. Obviously you have no idea what it takes to be an artist

    Posted by: Ryan | Nov 21, 2006 12:04:56 PM

  4. Ryan, I think it was the inimitable Tom Cruise who said it best:

    "Matt. MATT! You're glib!"

    Posted by: Niel | Nov 21, 2006 12:49:50 PM

  5. Anyone who quotes Tom Cruise is obviously weak minded.

    Posted by: Matt | Nov 21, 2006 1:01:54 PM

  6. Ryan, I absolutely have no idea how to be an artist. That's why I love my corporate desk job.

    Posted by: Matt | Nov 21, 2006 1:07:08 PM

  7. hello andy....
    and perhaps, the next installation will be "it's a small world" of sweatshops with trade-offs between bangkok, bangladesh, and ciudad juarez along with queers in the military and u.s. intelligence....nothing is recognizable as the mannequins of resemblance to those we know will be inflated like your above-mentioned puff pastry. sssshhhhhhhhhhh....nobody knows anyone and it's all a fraud like this re-telling of Golan Cipel and the former aide to former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey. it's getting deep in here.


    Posted by: ricardo | Nov 21, 2006 1:32:03 PM

  8. BANKSY is brilliant!!!

    Posted by: Ben | Nov 21, 2006 2:30:31 PM

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