Compromise Reached over Jerusalem Gay Pride Event

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Ultra-orthodox Jewish groups, who have been rioting for weeks in Jerusalem over a planned gay pride parade set for Friday in the city, have come to an agreement with the gay group Open House and the city’s police about the event’s location. It will now be held in the stadium of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. Threats of cancellation and postponement have been ongoing.

It’s an event that has inspired violence in the past from Haredi Jews, one of whom stabbed a participant at an event held in July 2005. Earlier this year, pamphlets were posted in Meah Sha’arim, an ultra-orthodox Haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem, offering NIS 20,000 to “anyone who brings about the death of one of the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Baruch Marzel, a right-wing petitioner against the event, told a radio station, “The stabbing incident during last year’s parade will seem minor in comparison with what is anticipated this year. We have to declare a holy war.”

One anti-gay activist from Brooklyn, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, told the Boston Globe that the common hate is so strong it can unite Jews and Muslims: “Only this onslaught of homosexual radicalism could bring together such disparate voices.”

Even with the new stadium location, security will remain high: “Police announced on Thursday that they will secure the event will 3,000 officers, instead of the 10,000 that was originally allocated. Police also said that the current high alert will remain in place throughout the weekend due to a significant number of terror warnings.”

Have no fear, Jerusalem’s gay pride will survive.


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  1. Johnny says

    Someone should pitch this to MTV.

    Baruch Marzel (JEW), Rabbi Yehuda Levin (JEW), Emile Lahoud (PRES. LEBANON), Hassan Nasrallah (HEZBULLA), Richard Simmons (FITNESS GURU),and Lance Bass (GAY), and BOBBY TRENDY (WHO?).

    “The true story of 7 people, chosen to live in a house, have their lives taped, and find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start being real.”

  2. drbehavior says

    As much as I’d like to see a gay parade taking place in Israel, it did occur to me that a less contentious site such as Tel Aviv might have been considered by the organizers. I’m fully aware that making such a choice might somehow seem like capitulation; however, Jerusalem having the significance that it does for the world’s three largest monotheistic religions, might, perhaps, have waited abit as a venue for our celebrations until other matters on the agenda, such as gay marriage, had been universally legitamized. After all, Tel Aviv is still a major Israeli city with a large gay population – Just a thought!

  3. rob adams says

    There is a sizeable gay community in Jerusalem. There is no need for them to move events to TA. That’s like saying Boston might want to move its Pride to NYC — if it ever encountered any opposition.

    The text-worshiping idolatry of the heradim need to learn a few lessons about democracy, empathy, plurality and what it means to be a Jew. These rioting ultra-orthodox are a grave, serious threat to democracy in Israel, and should be treated as the 5th column that they represent. There’s no reason to pack of Yerushalim’s pridemovement for friendlier turf; There’s every reason to stay.

  4. borut says

    How can gay activists and the police engage in talks with the leaders of this violent mob? And how can they accept their threats of physical violence as valid arguments in reaching a compromise? It’s retarded.

    I also think that the mere fact that a city is regarded as holy by some people does not justify limiting basic civil rights in that city. Gays should have the same rights in Jerusalem as in Tel Aviv.

  5. drbehavior says

    My thanks to Rob and Borut for their entirely different point of view from mine. I found them to be edifying as well as refreshing, and well thought out. It’s so nice, as a hallmark of our maturation, to at last be able to have a civil discourse regarding such a sensitive issue.

  6. Banditcoot says

    Gosh.. once again, religion is proving itself to be THE root of all evil.. how can institutions who claim to represent the creator of all things good, spread so much evil, hate, death and destruction..?
    It’s all quite sad for the human race really..

  7. mark m says

    It’s not religion that is the cancer, it is Orthodoxy. Where are all the other Jews who do not advocate violence? Or the Muslims and Christians who believe that Orthodox members of THEIR religions are misguided in their quest for blood?

    They’re scared to speak up. That’s why the gays in Jerusalem are all the more brave for taking a stand. It may be foolish to some to take a stand in the most contentious city on earth but if you can’t put your life on the line for… well, your LIFE then what meaning does it have?

  8. ish says

    Hooray they’re gay israelis. Yay now gay people can be complicit in the destruction of Palestinian society and murder of innocents. Now THAT’s progress. As some old leftists once said, “2-4-6-8 gay is just as bad as straight.”

  9. LightningLad says

    Hey Ish,

    Your comments make no sense. It’s the Palestinians who are complicit in murder and the destruction of their own society. Or perhaps you’ve missed the fact that since the Israelis left Gaza over a year ago, the Palestinians living there have done nothing productive with that territory except use it to shoot thousands of missiles into Israel with no provocation, and invade Israel and kidnap an Israeli soldier.

    Make no mistake, if the radical religious extremists in Hamas and Hezbollah succeed in their goal of destroying all of Israel, then gay lives and gay rights in the region will also be destroyed.

    You are an “old leftist,” indeed. Most modern liberals recognize and celebrate Israel as a pluralistic, secular democracy that protects the rights of gays and women. Heck, Arabs and Muslims who live in Israel have more civil rights than they do in most other Muslim nations in the Middle East, including the right to vote and freedom of speech and expression. But you keep celebrating the old Marxist saw about “the Jewish problem.”

  10. ish says

    Bad Palestinians, naughty children. You made us spank you. Bah, BS. That’s a morally corrupt argument made by people who usually know better when that line is used on the playground.

    If separation of church and state is a crucial value worth fighting for in the US it’s a crucial value worth fighting for in the middle east. That Israel is a democracy is sheer illusion. Gay israelis are not free as long as gay palestinians and lebanese are being bombed. Think about it.

  11. LightningLad says

    I am thinking about it, Ish.

    I’m thinking about how illogical and stupid your argument is. By any stretch of the imagination, Israel is a secular democracy. But if you are going to criticize nations for being theocracies, then first on your list should be Iran or Saudi Arabia. Yet you choose to single out Israel. Hmm… wonder why…couldn’t possibly be just a little bit of anti-Semitism, could it be?

    And if Israel is such a terrible country, why then do gay Palestinians from the West Bank try to get asylum there? Why don’t they appeal for asylum from their Arab “brethren” who live in nations that also hate Israel, such as in Iran or Syria?

    Finally, consider the contrast between Israel and Hamas.

    For decades, Palestinians have cheered every Israeli death they inflicted. Even after Israel withdrew from Gaza, Palestinians continued their rocket fire, seeking to kill as many civilians as possible and celebrating their successes.

    On the other hand, when Israel seeks to destroy rocket launchers, and a shell barrage goes astray, Israel expresses immediate regret for the resulting civilian deaths.

    The hypocrisy of the Gazan anger – and your misplaced anger – is astounding. By any possible measure, Israel is the
    most morally superior nation in the region.

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