Daniel Craig: Hottest Bond Ever?


What a slab. The Guardian has a great piece on the new, buffed up James Bond:

“…Craig has made himself iconic in the most familiar way. He is simply demonically sexy. The frame of the movie where he emerges from the sea in those clinging trunks is so scorchingly hot I feel embarrassed watching it, even when alone. It has been used as the key piece of pre-publicity on the movie, and with good reason. Good film directors recognise gold dust when they see it. This is the kind of image that even straight men can’t peel their eyes from…The traditional term for all this is ‘homo-erotica’. But that’s not quite right here. Craig in his swimming trunks has cemented the emergence of a new type of adoration of the male form. This is hetero-erotic, too.”

Daniel Craig’s gay appeal has to have been helped by his role in the recent Truman Capote biopic Infamous (even though he played a killer) in which he planted a kiss on the lips of Brit actor Toby Jones. And a recent quote from his Bond co-star Judi Dench certainly hasn’t hurt. Said Dench of Craig’s sizable appendage: “It’s an absolute monster! Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. How uncouth of me!”

Casino Royale is certainly the first Bond movie I’ve looked forward to in quite some time.


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  1. oh yea says

    Daniel Craig is most definitely the hottest Bond yet.

    And we all know how he likes it:
    Shaken, not stirred!

  2. says

    Craig has a fantastic body, and he’s good looking, for sure… but not in the charming, devilishly handsome way that Connery and Brosnan were.

    I think he looks great, but he just doesn’t have that 007 look, IMO.

  3. Jeremy says

    I saw the film a few weeks ago and there’s a torture sequence in which a nude Craig is tied to a bottomless chair while his genitals are lashed with a knotted rope. It’s the sexiest scene in a film this holiday movie season! Craig is the best Bond ever.

  4. 000000 says

    Nah. He looks like somebody Rocky Balboa pummeled one time too many. The lack of a top lip seems to give him a permanent scowl. Beady eyes too. The body leaves the face eating its dust. Even the theme song to this flick is an attempt to de-glamorize the character and appeal to straight men. As if saving the world with gadgets built into your cuff links is believable in the first place.

  5. says

    I so agree with Rich, there’s no way he’d be classified as hot when Sean Connery, as old as he is now, is still alive…I wonder why didn’t they cast Hugh Jackman for the role…

  6. David H says

    A great (and seemingly overlooked) little film is Love is the Devil, in which Craig plays Francis Bacon’s roughtrade lover. There is a terrific shot of Craig naked in a bathtub, seen from above, that shows he is in no way genitally deficient.

  7. says

    I find Craig plenty appealing. But that first pic of him makes him look like a troll doll, or one of those voodoo shrunken heads. Not his best look despite all the muscles.

  8. jessejames says

    Hottest Bond ever? i think so.

    But he does not look British, he looks Russian. Maybe he’s a Double Agent, planted long ago, who now has to play it straight since the Soviet Union is gone. And yes, I have further fantasies!

    I hope his voice isn’t too British — it won’t help in my fantasy.

  9. jeff says

    I’m in great shape and yet I feel oddly ashamed about my body when I look at the perfection that is Daniel Craig. I said it once, and I’ll say it again: Put some fur on that guy’s pecs, and I do believe you’d have an idea of what God looks like.

  10. soulbrotha says

    It’s the fact that he DOESN’T look like the cookie-cutter pretty boy types that makes him so damn hot! He’s rugged, masculine and you know he gets freaky in the bedroom!
    Damn, I need a cold shower!

  11. HUH? says

    Ugly? Huh? Look around. If you don’t feel DC’s way better-looking than a majority of men you pass on the street, then pray tell us all where you live so we can check out this Man Heaven.

  12. CaliNexus says

    Oh… and about shrinkage: I knew this Nordic dude who went from a little button to monster meat. He even put the brothas to shame. A friggin’ magic show…

  13. Jake says

    Yeah, the chest and arms are all fine and good, but why is no one commenting on his stomach? Those abs .. and that treasure trail. It’s unreal.

  14. Leland says

    “put the brothas to shame”? I’m sure you’re speaking of only the “brothas” you’ve personally known and not engaging in a bit of racist myth so old and dusty you could plant corn on it.

  15. Anon1 says

    Holy shit. Abolutely the hottest Bond ever, for me. I couldn’t stand Connery, and Brosnan is 100.

    I think I’ll be seeing my first Bond movie in 20 years.

  16. Jake says

    Wilson Cruz has a new movie called Coffee Date. It opens in Houston and LA today, wider release in the coming weeks.

  17. Claire Danes says

    So that’s where Ricky has been! Thanks, Jake. And here I thought he had faded into obscurity.

  18. Jordan says

    Hottest bond? No. That honor (along with “Best Bond”) goes to Timothy Dalton. But Craig is nice to look at…

  19. JT says

    Are there any other Buffy fans…beside me…who are thinking of Andrew, Warren and Jonathon debating who was the best Bond? That was one of the best homoments on television!

  20. peterparker says

    Dear Huh?

    I live in Los Angeles. I doubt Daniel Craig would ever turn heads in my gym.


  21. ggreen says

    Daniel Craig is certainly an improvement over Pierce (afraid play bi-sexual) Brosnan. Craig sheds the frail English effete of Brosnan’s Bond and brings back the sex smolder of man’s man Sean Connery.

  22. says

    JT – I’m right there with you. “Timothy Dalton should win and Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!”

    I never was a fan of Bond, but Daniel Craig is a great actor and he does fill a swimming costume nicely… I could be convinced.

  23. John C says

    Most people think of James Bond as a movie character these days but if you go back to the books Craig seems (from the trailer at least) far closer to Fleming’s conception of a steel-eyed killer than the debonair clothes-horse he turned into. The fact that he looks damned hot is a big plus! He can act as well, which is more than can be said for Vin Diesel and co.

  24. CaliNexus says

    Look Leland… I know about you from reading here. Girl… I will pull your hair–don’t even start with me. I’m chocolate black, proud of it, and have true friends every shade of the rainbow. White boys have big dicks, Latin boys have big dicks, Black boys have big dicks, Native American boys have big dicks. You’ll get your panties in a twist if I exclude Asian boys… but it is what it is. My experience is, on average, black boys have the biggest winkies. So what… Now respond with your five paragraphs.

  25. Jake says

    Someone is using my name. I did not say this:
    “Yeah, the chest and arms are all fine and good, but why is no one commenting on his stomach? Those abs .. and that treasure trail. It’s unreal.”

    When James Bond has sex with a man and likes it, then I’ll be interested.

  26. JT says

    Calinexus: Leland was clearly never in the Army. Forgive him. As far as Mr. Craig trying to recapture Ian Fleming’s vision of Bond, I’ll have to wait until seeing the film. Timothy Dalton did a pretty good job capturing the almost joyous killer that is Bond, but I think we’re going to see Mr. Craig giving the progression of Bond from the unhesitating killer to the suave killer…who looks awesome in tight swim trunks! Damn, I keep coming back to this picture! Thanks Andy.

  27. jake says

    Yes, because you are clearly the only other Jake in the world and that other Jake was clearly trying to impersonate you and sully your online rep.


  28. Jake says

    Soulbrotha, thanks! I’ll be waiting. I hope it’s full on sex too. Well not full, just having them naked and rolling around loving each other. I hope Jeffrey puts some muscle on in the meantime it will make more enjoyable for me.

  29. xavier says

    I just came from seeing the latest Bond movie. I felt exactly the same looking at Mr. Craig now than the first time I saw a Bond movie with Sean Connery many years ago: giddy and very much aware that I really like men. And the sight of him tied to a chair (naked) is going to stay with me until I can see this movie again. And then I’ll get the DVD. Lucky Judi Dench. Totally envy her.

  30. steve says

    Hi i just read the article about Bond’s gay experience in the last film slated for release next year.

    It says Jeffrey Wright will play the part of love interest. Is this the same Jeffrey Wright from Angels in America? If so…is anyone else dissapointed?

    I was living in hope that maybe DC might have an ‘experience’ with someone as equally hunky…and sorry but to me Jeffrey Wright doesn’t even come close!

  31. EireKev says

    Yeah, Steve, that’s the one. He plays Felix Leiter in Casino Royale as well. It doesn’t matter though – they ain’t gonna risk the franchise. They just talked it up to appeal to Daniel Craig’s gay fans. I highly doubt anything will come of this.

  32. mark m says

    It’s a sign of our times when the iconic shot in Casino Royale is Craig emerging from the water in a skimpy bathing suit. Decades ago in “Dr. No” it was Ursula Andress setting the sexual iconic standard. Welcome to the 21st Century.

    I knew DC wouldn’t appeal to all gay men (or women). After all he certainly isn’t “Pretty”. But I’ll take sex appeal over “pretty” anyday. “Pretty” looks good on your arm and in pictures and in a Tux but “sexy” is way more fun in bed.

    I think DC is immensely sexy and more than a few men and women would agree.

  33. brainiac_amour says

    I saw the movie last night and it is the best Bond movie I have ever seen. I am not normally a big Bond fan; I find them pretty cheesy and can’t take them seriously. But Daniel Craig is fantastic; he is absolutely credible and plays it for real rather than as some suave fantasy gliding effortlessly through the action-packed “narrative”. He IS very sexy – its not just about looks – its about presence and charisma and he has it. And he can really act.

  34. Brad says

    Definately gets my vote. His appeal isn’t written on his face, it’s in the way he handles himself. Truly a man’s man!

  35. Bart says

    Only one gripe. There is nothing I find less attractive than a man who’s over 35 years old and has no chest hair. Completely turns me off when I man has no chest hair.

  36. BigBear says

    Contrary to what one of the posters here said, Craig’s Bond IS a metrosexual, at least according to Mark Simpson, the guy who actually coined the word and who predicted in OUT magazine some time ago that Craig would be a success in the role, representing a return to the sex-object promise of the original Bond, Sean Connery.

    Having seen the film I can say he’s absolutely right: Craig is a sex-object and has, as he says, ‘become his own Bond Girl’.


  37. Leila Rivers says

    He is the best of Bonds for the way he does his stunts and the all actor he is, I love him, he is the hottest Bond ever! Give me more.