Justice Delays Ruling on Gay Marriage Ballot Measure

Romney_4Justice Judith Cowin sent the decision on whether to include a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to the full panel of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court after hearing arguments from Governor Mitt Romney and his wingnut gang.

Romney made the decision to request that the court take action after lawmakers delayed a proposed constiutional convention until January, the last day of the session, virtually assuring that the amendment would be killed.

The seven justices who will rule on the matter are the same seven who voted 4-3 to legalize gay marriage in 2003. A hearing is set for December 20.


  1. Wolf says

    She’s probably sending it to the full panel so if/when they deafeat the request Romnet can’t say that only one jundge ruled and this wat he’ll get due process and will have no alternatives left after they rule against him.

  2. JT says

    Because he knows they’ll not do anything. Then, in his doomed bid for the White House, he’ll use that fact as proof positive that America needs a US constitutional amendment prohibiting degenerates from marrying; because, you see, those damned liberal state courts don’t care about God and His ordinances that are the very foundation of…you get the drift.

  3. woodroad34 says

    I grew up in Michigan when George Romney was Governor. He was the right kind of Republican. It’s so sad to see what a disaster his son has become. Someone give this ass a paxil right now!