Mexico City Legalizes Same-Sex Civil Unions


Mexico City legalized same-sex civil unions on Thursday as activists rallied outside City Hall, along with a contingent of anti-gay Christian protestors.

Supergay_1One man even dressed up as a wrestler (left) and claimed that he was ‘Super Gay’ while holding up a sign of approval.

According to the AP: “The bill, which does not approve gay marriage, per se, will grant gay couples inheritance and spousal rights, among other social benefits. It allows gay couples to voluntarily register their union with civil authorities. Heterosexual couples who are not already legally married can also be registered under the new law. The legislature approved the measure 43-17, with five abstentions, with all the opponents from the conservative National Action Party of President Vicente Fox and President-elect Felipe Calderon. The party, known as the PAN, supports “traditional” families and generally opposes abortion.”

Mexico’s President Vicente Fox, did not comment on the measure, leaving a spokesman to say that it was a local matter.

Openly gay congressman David Sanchez said, These reforms are going to cause a snowball effect that no one will be able to stop.” In fact, Mexico’s northern state of Coahuila, adjacent to Texas, began considering same-sex unions this week.



  1. jimmyboyo says

    The first pic is great.

    The guys are not all that, but their intimacy is beautiful and inspiring

  2. mark m says

    WE’RE NUMBER ONE! WE’RE NUMBER…. oh wait… Americans can’t really chant that anymore.

    We keep falling further behind other countries in social progress not to mention education. I can’t help but think the two are related.

    I live in the South and many people here think Mexico is a third world nation. It must be — they all want to come here after all! But my state doesn’t even recognize civil unions and will be the very last to do so if the Supreme Court doesn’t intervene first.

    We’re number 4! We’re number 4! We’re …. oh fuck it.

  3. Max says

    Mexico City (not the whole country thought) has always been more progressive than 95% of the United States.

  4. PSMike says

    Thanks for your unnecessary opinion on who is and who is not ‘all that’ jimmyboyo. I thought this was such a great and surprising piece of news, and that picture was really sweet. Period. No superficial value judgement. Then, at only 7:30 AM I see that one of your daily 4,000 comments has to color that sweet pic. I, personally, am really trying to reduce the vitriol that passes for intelligence in the comments section, but dang you make it difficult.

  5. Jim says

    Thank you PSMIKE! I think JimmyBoyd needs a job or a hobby. I routinely wish he would take a nap, find steady employment or at the least take up a hobby. He clearly has nothing better to do than talk schlock. Fuckin’ A!!

  6. Jimmyboyo says


    Well, I was going to just say The first pic is beautiful and inspiring

    With the catyness around here I realized someone would say “yuck you think they are beautiful and inspiring”

    Thus why I said what I said

    The picture is beautiful and inspiring PERIOD

    PSMIKE you might want to watch the hyperbole….4,000 LOL. I admit I post a lot. I pop in, I type fast (with a ton of typos), and then I pop back out all day long. The more hits towlroad gets the more money Andy can charge for ads.

    get over it

  7. Karim says

    This is awesome. Mexico and Canada recognizing the love between two adults regardless of sex. Why can’t the US follow sui and be done with it?

  8. says

    First of all, Mexico is not a 3rd. world country, but a NIC (Google it!). Secondly, I was surprised that Mexico City passed this law. As an open-minded man who doesn’t want his government to legislate based on religion, I applaud this law. We are all the same: humans. Gay people also need to have the law by their side. I am very proud of Mexico City.

  9. Anon says

    Cute, si!

    It should be pointed out that in Mexico, the ruling elites have always tussled with the Catholic Church, and this is probably just another example of this, at least in part. Otherwise, I’m not familiar enough with Mexican politics to know how this came about. Anyone know?

  10. Cory says

    …and yet, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, Wisconsin, Idaho and South Dakota have passed the Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage. Recent talks demonstrate that the current Democtratic Senate and House may not be as progressive as we may need for change to occur as many have taken stances AGAINST gay rights. Wow, for a “first world nation” we are extremely behind the times in social policy. Spain and Mexico are dusting us, how sad for America…

  11. says

    Wow, when will the US catch up with Mexico in this matter? Hard to believe that the Puritan morals in this country still exist so strongly. I recently met a few guys on from Puerto Vallarta and they’re tempting me to move south of the border!

  12. says

    Those two are cute.

    Congrats to them. But before we rag on the U.S., let’s remember we have a whole state where gays can marry, Mexico (so far) only has this city (as far as I know). Altho, ideally, the supposed “land of the free” should be first and foremost with issues like these.

  13. Brian says

    Why does everyone get so confused between civil unions and marriage. It may be a surprise to you that GWB actually supports civil unions. Just google Bush Civil Unions and find out for yourself. Sure, it’s not gay marriage but one step at a time, right?

  14. Nicholas says


    Sure it’s in one city, but Mexico city has a population of about 18 million people. Smaller than only 3 States in the entire US! This is quite a bit development.

    I applaud this as well…

  15. says

    México City may be just “a city”, but it is one with 20 million people, the second biggest after Tokyo, and its economy is the same as whole Chile… this reform will change many things. Rome may be freaking out since Mexico is the biggest spanish speaking “catholic” country in the world… Not for nothing Ratzinger plans to have his Family Summit here in 2009… to late I think, since every passing day a more progressive culture grows at a more urban and transnational mexican society.

  16. Nathan says


    Are you kidding me? “the guys are not all that” What type of person says that? What are you…Mr. Perfection, you know it all, have it all with the perfect orange tan?, please get over yourself.

  17. MexicofRealityCheck says

    ChrisB & Michael Ryan: It’s always tempting to interpret developments such as this one in terms of domestic US politics, rather than seeing them for what they are: a sign of tremendous progress in their own right. But this not evidence that Mexico is ahead of the US on social issues. Mexico is a socially conservative country in which abortion is illegal throughout the nation (U.S.: 1; Mexico: 0); same-sex marriages — not merely civil unions — are recognized in some U.S. states (U.S.: 2; Mexico: 0); job postings do not specify “men-only” or “women-only” for uni-sex jobs such as waiter, teacher or secretary (U.S.: 3; Mexico: 0); and so on. More importantly, cultural acceptance lags. There is still a greater social price to being “out” in Mexico with co-workers and family than in the US. It’s fair to say that the average Mexican is not as accepting of homosexuality as their average counterpart north of the border.

    Alejandro: Until one can drink the water, I will consider Mexico a third world country. It’s certainly one of the richest and most successful developing countries, but it is not correct to ignore the real differences between Mexico on the one hand, and the US, Canada and Europe on the other. In Mexico, emergency rooms demand payment in advance before treatment. Residents of Mexico City risk “express” kidnapping by taxi drivers. Pollution is unchecked. Political unrest and rioting (e.g., Oaxaca). Even L.A. is no comparison on any of these indicators. Mexico continues to make progress but slowly.

    Rad: Petroleum is one of Mexico’s major industries, and a major source of government revenues.

  18. Roland Gaines says

    Mexico abolished slavery in 1823, forty-three years before the US Congress passed the 13th amendment, 1.31.1865, what does that say about progressiveness.

  19. JohhnyA says

    Its too bad our governement here in the US doesn’t take a lesson from Mexico City. We still live here in a bigoted society where each state is slowly but surely going to legally discrimnate aginst us. The USA should wake up and give gays some basic human rights.

  20. jerry says

    i applaud mexico for recognizing civil unions amongst gays and hope that it will soon lead to marriage privelages. i live half the year in mexico and can certainly benefit as it now stands with my relationship. i have always felt that if the united states does not want to allow same sex marriages they should make a big announcement that gays will know longer be subject to the same tax laws. we should be exempt from schoo taxes etc, or any kind of tax that a single gay person can find not of interest to them. see how fast they would allow gay marriages.

  21. says

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