News: Jocelyn Wildenstein, Gay Rhodes Scholar, Little Britain

road.jpg Film director Robert Altman has died at the age of 81.

road.jpg FOX News pundit: Happy Feet just an animated Inconvenient Truth. “I saw this with my two little boys. What I found offensive — I don’t care what your stands are on the environment — is that they shove this in a kid’s movie. So you hear the penguins are starving and they’re starving because of mean old men, mean old companies, arctic fishing, a big taboo…I half expected to see an animated version of Al Gore to pop-up.”

Wildensteinroad.jpg Puff pastry: Jocelyn “Cat Woman” Wildenstein dines out at Mr. Chow.

road.jpg New Lifetime show makes woman choose whether a man is Gay, Straight, or Taken: “After interacting with each man in group and one-on-one settings, the woman must determine who is the single straight guy among the three. If she chooses correctly, she wins an exotic trip for two with him. If she chooses wrong, the man she selects wins the trip with his significant other.”

road.jpg Little Britain picks up International Emmy Award.

Thoresonroad.jpg Ryan Thoreson, co-chair of the Harvard Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Supporter Alliance, chosen as 2007 Rhodes Scholar.

road.jpg The History Boys opens today in limited release. AfterElton talks to director Nicholas Hytner about the machinations of sexuality at a prep school.

road.jpg Britney Spears finds new friends in Paris Hilton, Mario Lopez.

road.jpg Gay magazines suffer ad erosion, made more noticeable by subscription growth: “The mags’ troubles stand out in a gay ad market that is generally booming, according to the most recent Gay Market Press Report, an annual report produced by Prime Access, an ad firm, and Rivendell Media Co. The latest report, released this May, had total advertising in gay media reaching $212 million. However, much of this budget goes to local gay publications including newspapers covering culture, leisure, and politics in specific cities or regions.”


  1. soulbrotha says

    Why is it that everytime Jocelyn Frankenstein scratches her ass, every gay blog has to post a picture of her, forcing readers to toss their cookies? What the hell is she, Bigfoot or something? Everytime there is a “sighting” it must be reported? Spare my eyes, please!!

  2. says

    Right, and The Little Mermaid’s message is that if you disobey your single parent (who incidentally has multiple children from goodness knows how many women) and then ultimately deny your true self, you too can have the key to the kingdom and the riches. These damn cartoons and their messages!

  3. Wayne says

    These idiot’s who are dissing Happy Feet are the same duo who hailed Jesus Camp as the most important movie of the year! Who cares what they say?!

    And as for the Cat Woman… someone please call a vet and put her down!

  4. Marco says

    I am so sad over the passing of Robert Altman. He was a true visionary and artist. I find it inspiring that he made some of his strongest work in the last few years of his life.

    Love you Robert Altman. Rest in Peace.

  5. Hotel Coral Essex says

    Wonder what the cats face is going to look like @ 80.

    Or what it looks like in the morning!

  6. Leland says

    Does NO ONE getting paid to write these days scratch below the surface of anything they write about? Erik Sass, the author of the Media Daily News article about diminishing gay rag ad revenues, apparently is totally unaware that PlanetOut sucked up LPI [Advocate/OUT] a year ago, so they cannot be in competition with each other. Regardless of whether it’s ads in their print organs or Internet entities such as, the revenue goes into the same coffers.

    He also seems unaware that Viacom now owns not just LOGO TV but, AfterElton, etc.

    The BIG story I’m unaware of anyone writing about at any length is the fact that, as in the mainstream media world, gay monopolies such as PlanetOut, Viacom, and Window Media, now control probably 90% of what we read about our own Community, save for the localized information we might get from independently-owned local publications. And, just as in the straight world, this is NOT A GOOD THING! Can’t imagine anything that can be done about it, except to encourage individual, “critical” thinking about anything feed to us by these few people.

    As for American Taliban Father of the Year Cavuto, here are some previous comments he’s made:

    “Bin Laden is rooting for Kerry in this election, wouldn’t you agree? He’s all but doing that, isn’t he? I thought I saw a campaign button.”
    “Are Democratic politicians aiding terrorists in Iraq?”
    “Have the Democrats declared war on America?”
    “Has Harry Reid committed treason for criticizing our president?”
    “So, have the Democrats now become the villains?”
    “If Democrats succeed, will we soon be replacing pictures of President Bush with Karl Marx?”

  7. Martin says

    I love that Jocelyn woman. I mean, you have to give her props for not allowing all that bad plastic surgery keep her from hiding. So brave.

  8. John C says

    RIP Robert Altman, a rare and genuine maverick. I still relish that scene at the end of ‘A Wedding’ (1978) where the groom (Desi Arnaz Jr) is seen making out with one of his male friends in the shower.

  9. says

    I’m glad the ad dollars are favoring local gay press. The cotton-candy glossies like OUT and GENRE to name two, but not to pick on them specifically, are not doing much for me, though they sure to try to sell us on a lot of crap we don’t need. I like the local papers because we can learn more from them and then we can use our precious expendable discretionary dollars to support the many non-profits doing excellent work in our community. But that’s just me. I think after a certain point you have seen just about as many underwear ads as you can stomach. Leland makes great points about monopolistic practices and the lack of competition.

  10. says

    Congratulations to Thoreson on his Rhodes Scholarship. As a professor who has had students who have beenfinalists for this award (and won it) I know what an outstanding individual he must be. And not only is he openly gay, but his area of interest is in gay international human rights.

    I look forward to his future contribution to the movement.

    (Kudos to Towleroad for finding a picture of him also)

  11. says

    Sorry, but Ryan’s blog is pretty tedious. He bleached his hair yesterday and was thinking about his ex boyfriend? Stop the presses. I was hoping for a bit more from a gay Rhodes Scholar.