Opponents of Gay Marriage in Massachusetts Dealt “Fatal Blow”

Supporters of same-sex marriage in the state have pushed a constitutional convention until the last day of the legislative session (January 2), effectively killing a vote on a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Said Representative Byron Rushing (D): “For all intents and purposes, the debate has ended. What members are expecting is that the majority of constituents are going to say, ‘Thank you, we’re glad it’s over, we think it has been discussed enough.'”

Even Governor Mitt Romney, a staunch ally of the anti-gay wingnuts, admits “my options are limited.”


  1. Glenn says

    This is really a stunning victory, not to mention a clever procedural move. I figured it was a given that there would be a referendum on the amendment, although I hoped it would ultimately be defeated. Terrific news for the folks in MA. Hopefully those of us in more backwards states (like here in NY) can catch up.

  2. david says

    Oh, but your options are not limited Mitt. You can go fuck yourself, go stick your head up your ass – or pull it out of your ass and act like a decent human being. You could go dig yourself a hole and climb in, you could piss up a rope, or – Oh, I know – you can stop using the sexual minority citizens of this country as a of your pathetic, hateful politics.

    To name a few.

  3. Leland says

    I will happily contribute to a fund to unearth whatever dirt might exist on this Morman Nazi. Chasing a female/male campaign worker around the governor’s office with his “temple garments” around his ankles? Whatever. Tuesday Santorum! “Tomorrow” Romney!

  4. JT says

    I’d rather spend my limited finances on unearthing dirt on a politician with a future. Mr. Romney’s future will be like that of the legendary automobile built by his father here in Michigan: the Gremlin. He will be generally forgotten and, when someone does think of him, it will be as a small, insignificant blip.

  5. david says

    Careful there, JT – we thought the same thing when Bush was the failed oilman, failed baseball team owner, failed businessman, and (weak-governor system) Governor of Texas.

  6. Bryce says

    It’s actually not over though, as they still can vote on this on January 2nd. It’s unlikely, but not impossible that it still can go to a vote by the people.

    I am just wondering if the new Governor elect, Deval Patrick, will lift the ban on gay couples from out of state coming to Massachusetts to get married. They’re being stopped now by an archaic law Romney dug up that was orignally intended to ban interracial couples from coming to Mass. to get married if their own state forbid it. Perhaps an organized letter writing campaign to Deval Patrick can be formed to achieve that law being taken off the books or at least not inforced.

  7. JT says

    Oh, jeez. I feel dopey. You’re right, David. I did want to take an opportunity to compare Mitt with a Gremlin and that’s the only way I could do it. Incidentally, his dad (George) wasn’t nearly such a nut-case when he was governor of Michigan.

  8. mdc says

    The best quote was in the Times from Rep. Michael Costello (God bless him whoever he is): “It’s never been proper to put civil rights on the ballot.”

    This is so true and you so rarely see anyone mention it. What sort of progress would there have been for blacks in the South if the federal government or the courts had simply left the issue to state-wide ballots? In Alabama and Mississippi? A despised minority will always be losers if voters are allowed to express their prejudice in private in a voting booth.

  9. rob adams says

    Here in Mass. many gay-civil-activists are not resting with this latest victory, but are marching ahead with the planned 2008 ballot initiative to put the legality of str8 marriage to a popular vote. It’s only a matter of time before we put an end to this degenerative, oft failed breeding institution of str8-marriage. The days of playschool-toys littering front lawns in our neighborhoods is about to end ! (And that spells the end to their ever popular porch-sofas, too.) Don’t let your properties values continue plummet: help put an end to str8-marriage.

    Romney: former Mormon Bishop for President?
    That one line will put a stop to his candidacy in a number of FarRight Christian states. And, trust me, he and his family do indeed got dirt — research is well underway.


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