Riots, Protests Against Gay Pride Parade Intensify in Jerusalem

Jerusalem1 Jerusalem2

These violent and warlike scenes are all because of the gay pride parade planned in Jerusalem next week. Ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews rioted for a second night, setting fires and throwing stones, according to Ynet News:

“Dozens of Haredim demonstrated against the parade on Wednesday night in Jerusalem. The protestors hurled rocks at police forces, injuring three policemen. Eight protestors were detained for questioning. Two additional protestors were arrested after they assaulted a taxi driver.”

The night before, a similar scene took place, with protestors insisting that Jerusalem would become another Sodom and Gomorrah should the pride festival take place.

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The opposition took it upon themselves to fight back as well, breaking windows of a synagogue and desecrating the exterior with graffiti that read: “”If we don’t march in Jerusalem – you won’t walk in Tel Aviv.”

One gay member of the Tel Aviv suggested that the vandalism could be a set-up by the Haredim to make the gay community look as violent as they are. Said Itay Pinkas: “This is malicious vandalism and may even be a provocation aimed at muddying the community’s name. The community’s struggle has always promoted the values of tolerance, understanding and consideration for others, and acts of violence and vandalism such as this have never been and would never become a tool in the just struggle for full civil equality.”


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  1. Jonathon says

    This is absolutely disgusting. Israel faces enemies at all sides; a de facto war rages each and every day in the occupied territories; Israelis face possible death every time they get on a bus or go shopping or even out to eat a meal… and all these Haredi Jews can find to get upset about IS A FREAKING PARADE??????

    I repeat what I said yesterday to these ignorant bigoted people: FUCK. YOU.

    My patience for an end to the Israel-Arab conflict is exhausted. My understanding of the need to provide lavish monetary and military aid to Israel has ended. I will not stand by and watch MY tax dollars go to help protect Israel for people like these Haredi when they rally and demonize people like myself.

    Perhaps it would be a really good thing if these Jews were busy fighting for their lives instead of demonstrating hated against gays and lesbians.

    No peace for us? Well fine. No peace for you either.

  2. John says

    This is just more proof of how crazy religious fanatics can get. The sad thing is that there are so many places around the world where people such as these have major impact on others who do not share their beliefs. And it emphasizes the need to separate religion and state. The sad thing in Israel is how much power fanatic groups actually have, and how close their views are to fascism.

  3. mark m says

    Israel becoming another “Sodom & Gamorrah?” This is a country where suicide bombers, riots and Palestinian and Jewish deaths are commonplace.

    Yeah, dick sucking is BY FAR the worst thing to hit Israel.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    “On the 2nd day during the month when the scorpion runs wild in the year 6 and 2,000, I beheld a great beast rise up out of the sea.

    A great beast with 4 heads and upon its back 3 whores that did drink the blood of humanity.

    The beast’s name was religion. Upon its 4 heads were written the words, murder, thievery, lies, and hate. The 3 whores did revel while drinking the blood of humanity and their names were jew, xtian, and muslim.

    The stench of evil from the beast and its whores permeated the earth till one day the most fabulous 6’8 tall giant drag queen ever to be born screamed ENOUGH!!!! and slayed the beast and trampled the 3 whores into the dust never to be remembered again.”

  5. andy says

    gee, thanks for that enlightening rant of [pseudo-] religious text.

    It just amazes me that a group of Jews that is always bitching about people not tolerating them is opressing another group. Nice.

  6. Zeke says

    It’s also interesting to see that ultra-Orthodox Jews have adopted Nazi styled “burning of the Reichstag” tactics to further their campaign of bigotry.

    Does anyone really believe that the attack on the progressive synagogue was perpetrated by gays?

    Look at who is causing ALL the violence and destruction over this issue; it’s not so much of a stretch to figure out who desecrated the synagogue.

    I guess all is fair in a holy war.

  7. Aviel says

    The protests are pretty awful but this is nothing new out of the ultra-orthodox. Hell, they’ll stone you for driving through their neighborhood during shabat. You’ve got to remember that the violent ultra-orthodox communities are not big at all. While the people in general could use an attitude change, legally Israel has good pro-gay laws and common-law marriages for same-sex couples (wikipedia: ).

    I’m not apologizing for their actions, but I don’t like seeing Jonathan over there demonize the entire country for the stupidity of a small group. Should I hate the entire US for some backwater christian group in Colorado/Texas/Florida/Pick-a-state?

  8. mark m says

    No Aviel, you should not hate a country for a small group of orthodox religious fanatics.

    But you should keep your eye on that small group. Nazi’s were a small fringe group in Germany once.

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