Tom Ford Famous for Not Wearing Underwear

TomfordAt least that’s what he’s telling people, according to Page Six:

“I always go commando; I never wear underwear. Want to see? I’ll prove it to you. I’m famous for not wearing underwear. My mother keeps saying, ‘Please stop telling people you don’t wear underwear.'”

And don’t accuse Ford of wearing colored socks either.

What Drives a Ford [tr]
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  1. Rad says

    If I were built like Tom Ford, I would go commando, too. As it is, I need all the lift, support and containment I can get…

    As Scott Adams (creator or “Dilbert”) so appropriatly commented on “Wally” last week; lunch is more like “Refueling the Hindenburg”…

  2. Mark says

    Tom Ford was much sexier when he didn’t open is dumb-ass mouth. He just marginalizes any sense of style and taste when he “thinks” he saying something sexy.

    At 45+ years old, not wearing underwear isn’t going to get this 25 year old’s rocks off…… matter how sexy he thinks he is.

  3. says

    I agree with Mark. It’s just so weird that he built his image so well in the past 10 years just to sabotage it by mouthing off like some dumbass. It’s not ccharmingly eccentric at all — just pathetically cheap.

  4. rob adams says

    There are several (if not many) practical reasons for wearing underwear. This sounds more like one more publicist caving into the bizarro-habits of the myopic, self-indulgent inbred celbrity culture. Inbred cultures, minus any outside critiques penetrating their inner-circle, are generally wierd, and often disgusting. This is no exception.

  5. Leland says

    On the eve of one of the most important elections in the last quarter century, even if one removes entirely the implications for our community, I’m comforted to hear that another gay media darling has his priorities, uh, straight. My prediction? He dresses to the Right.

  6. Kenneth says

    Tom Ford is really loosing his sex appeal to me. I realy thought he was hot until I started reading his publicty…He needs a publisist who will be honest with him.

  7. DC8stretch says

    If it’s not obvious you’re going ‘commando’, telling someone about it only calls attention to your ‘shortcomings’

  8. Steven says

    I think you’ve all hit on the key point. Tom Ford has surrounded himself with “yes” people who aren’t helping him keep “it” real. Then again, he is from Texas and you know what they say about dumb-ass Texan’s…….

  9. Wayne says

    No Steven, just exactly what do “they” say about “dumb-ass Texans”? As a native Texan, I’m very interested to hear what “they” are saying,and why you’re perpetuating whatever it is… speak on Steven…I’m waiting with baited breath!

  10. Kyle says

    Wayne, knock it off and stop trying to highjack this thread…which is about Tom Ford being a dumb-ass. Everyone outside of Texas believes that most Texans are Dumb-asses, particulary our president, so stop pretending like you are ignorant of that fact.

  11. patrick nyc says

    I use to think he was hot until I read a NY Times article on him. It was very clear he was a vapid queen who had no clue outside of the fact that he has good taste in clothing and good genes in the looks department. Then I saw an interview on TV and he sounded even more vain and dumb than the article.

    While Mr. Ford may know about looking hot on the outside, he clearly knows nothing about being really hot, that it comes from the total package. Best example, Johnny Depp, also see James Dean, Monty Clift, early Brando, well I’m sure you get the drift.

  12. JR says

    it’s funny how someone can kill sex appeal by being a dummy. He seems so much more like a model now, where as before he opened his mouth you could imagine that along with his looks and style he also had a brain. I guess that fantasy is over. Too bad.

  13. Simon says

    Wow, Kyle. You and your pals on here have put on the best display of extreme-liberal ignorance that so plagues the opposite end of the “insane spectrum”.

    The other end of said spectrum being the right-wing religious nuts you so openly loathe. Too bad you’re exactly the same as them; possibly even more ignorant when taking into consideration how elitist you are.

    I am a gay guy from Oklahoma who just moved to Los Angeles, thinking I was escaping the ignorant morons…

    In reality,I was only switching from red-state ones to blue-state ones, and believe me, they’re both insufferable.

    Btw, Tom Ford is sexy, but clearly knows it, and should probably hire a better publicist :)

  14. patrick nyc says

    He also comes across as so macho until he opens his mouth, like so many other power bottoms, just kills the sex.

  15. Daniel says

    What a tease, I WANT PHOTOS! You are all nuts–he’s sexy whether he wears underwear or not.

  16. ggreen says

    Ever notice Tom never seems to change his clothes? Always the same tragic black (funeral director’s) sack-suit with a sloppy white shirt and covered with sunless tanner. If fascist Chi Chi La Rue could be thin this is what she would look like. Mostly mouth and able to strike only one pose while being photographed. As far as being from Texas, I have never met an asshole that wasn’t from either Texas or Ohio.

  17. patrick nyc says

    Daniel being sexy and hot are two totally different things. While their is a something sexy about Jeb Bush’s son GB3, his being the grandson and nephew of the Bush’s kills him being hot.

    So true with Ford. He is sexy and I’d fuck him in a NY minute but I’d hate to hear him speak, done my share of stupid fucks. As for him wearing underwear or not, clearly being nude and mute is the choice for the thinking man.

  18. condihater says

    Hasn’t anyone seen “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Ugly Betty”? The air’s pretty thin up there. It’s possible they only reason he has one pose, is that he’s out of oxygen….poor ol’ fart.

  19. Daniel says

    Patrick, I think he’s sexy. It’s all subjective anyway–I don’t need anyone to tell me what’s sexy–I’ve seen Mr. Ford in person and spoken to him (briefly) and I still think he’s sexy.

  20. Kenneth Fort Lauderdale says

    he has a certain sex appeal…one can’t deny. But being sexy is an attitude toward life and a wonderful quiet self confidence that is not arrogant. Tom had that “mistique” and somehow now comes off as shallow and banal.
    He’s a talented guy that needs someone watching his back so he doesn’t come off as a horses ass.

  21. patrick nyc says

    Daniel if you read my last post I too said he was sexy, and you don’t need me or anyone else to say who you should think is sexy or what is sexy. You missed the point of my post and the discussion. Ford looks hot and is sexy to some, but he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer or the brightest bulb on the porch. If you still don’t get the point, you are in good company with Mr. Ford.

  22. Daniel says

    Patrick, I didn’t mean it to sound the way it did. Reading my post now I do sound defensive. I apologize.

  23. thom's fan says

    Forget about this Tom. He epitomises the 90s and is so OVAH.

    The next hot hot hot American designer to watch out for (at least for men’s wear, which is all I care about anyways) is another Thom: Mr Thom Browne. You heard it here first.

  24. Ryan says

    Tom Browne should call himself Thom Thumb. He’s about that size and his clothes are made to be worn by midgets.

    The best male designer today is Michael Kors. Not som much because he’s the hottest, more so because he allows his clothing to speak for itself. No gimmicks or needing to market himself in order to get his clothing’s point of view across.

  25. john says

    speaking of dumb ass, I myself don’t understand why going underwearless is called going “commando.” Can someone enlighten me?

  26. rob adams says

    I think it’s British in origin…

    The Royal Marines, upon completion of their induction, have an old tradition of getting piss-drunk together, naked. Also, “going commando” has the inference of being playful, letting cares fly to the wind.

  27. john says

    Thanks, Mr. Adams. Descriptive grammar is so much more fun than prescriptive grammar. In Oklahoma, we call it “freeballin’.” Rather transparent etymology!