Burglary-Hate Crime in Palm Springs

Just a week after Palm Springs Mayor Ron Oden shot down a subcommittee that had hoped to brand California desert town Palm Springs a “Hate-free community”, a gay couple who moved to the town only a month ago experienced some hate first-hand.

PsOn Tuesday, James Perre’s and Dan Desiato’s Palm Springs apartment was trashed by burglars who tore apart personal items, scrawled threatening anti-gay phrases on the wall, and made away with about $9,000 worth of possessions.

The couple told NewsChannel 3: “Our life meant nothing to someone. It’s the only thing we have. For hatred. It’s apparent from the graffiti, it’s apparent from the personal items that are torn up. We hate you because you’re not like us. We sold everything when we moved from the East Coast to move to Palm Springs and they’ve ruined everything that was of value to us. Someone basically, once again, says we’re worth nothing because it goes against what they believe. And we have to suffer with memories gone and thing that can’t be replaced.”

Police are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information on the criminals.


  1. ter says

    I am sorry to hear of this attack on a gay couple. Hate held in the heart of any one distroys them & expresses itself in such act of violence. Legislation can only go so far. The change of the heart is the necessary act that moves man from a beast to a Human Being. We have a long way to go but if each one of us can love rather then hate we are on our way!

  2. Cory says

    I’m sick of this f*&kin’ country. I’d like to go into these asshats homes, tear through their belongings, write heterophobic phrases on their walls, and destroy all their memories while making them a second class citizen because we don’t agree with their straight lifestyle. I’m sick and tired of it. Hate is a cancer the conservative right sugar coats and serves as the candy everybody wants.

  3. ter says

    Dispicable yes but we can’t become them, though it is tempting. I can understand such a desired response but all that would do is bring us down to their sub human level. We must not allow them to bring us down to their sub human level. We are gay & we must be free in peace.
    Honestly I just don’t know where we can go to loose these hate filled beings. So if we can’t really run away & the closit can really not be tolerated any more them we must stand together & above these evil bastereds below us so we can show them how to be Gay & Proud & Peace Filled Human Beings rather then beasts not fit for a sloughter house, that they are.

  4. Doug G says

    I just cannot believe Becks07 would ever suggest someone would go to that extreme to drum up sympathy. These two gentlemen are very good friends of mine even when they lived back in North Carolina, and they would definitely NOT do something like this. we can just all hope that the people responsible do get caught and the justice done.

  5. James Perree says

    Thanks to MOST of you for your support.

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to Doug G
    (You are always in our hearts)

    The Spirit of Christmas lives, the light of Hanukah burns, and the celebration of Kwanzaa grow stronger day by day and year by year because love and faith are stronger than hate and intimidation.

    We would like to express our gratitude and love to all who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers, comforted and consoled us, and offered to share your homes, gifts, dinners, and support this Holiday Season. The Grinch did not steal Christmas from the Who’s and who ever did this to our home will not steal ours either.

    We would like to express the joy and love of this season and the message: “Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.” to whom ever felt it necessary invading our home and violating our property in an attempt to make us feel shame of who we are or frighten us away.

    We are sorrowed and concerned, however, that even in the Twenty-First Century and in such an accepting area that there still lives hate and prejudice. Not just for Gay/Lesbian/Trans-gendered people, but for people of color, people of different religions, sexes, and even different sizes. How can anyone who believes in God or any higher power hate anyone? Stop using Gods name to cloak your ignorance, bias, or bigotry.

    Remember that this season is a celebration of a birth, a survival of a people, and about family, community and culture. Many songs have been written about all these celebrations, but our favorite this year is John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

    Two hearts filled with gratitude and appreciation,

    James Perree / Dan Desiato
    Palm Springs, CA

  6. shane says

    Hey Cory, try living in Egypt, or even Mexico, then bitch about the US. Even in NYC I am wary of bashers, but I know the odds of getting killed because of my sexuality are a lot lower here than in other countries.

  7. Eric says

    Becks07–Please see a therapist quickly. To the guys, I am so sorry to hear of this terrible thing. I am certain you will both meet many more wonderful, loving people in Palm Springs to make up for this awful beginning. And Cory, I couldn’t agree more. My fantasy is that we hunt the people who commit these crimes, but when we find them we do not turn them over to the police. Instead, we systematically destroy their lives, day by day, gay mafia style. The only reason I don’t do this is that I am too afraid of prison. Instead, I try to be stronger, faster, smarter, richer. What else can we do?

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