Dubai Real Estate Developer Plans Ipod Building


If you thought that the oil lamp building in Guzhen, China was weird, a real estate developer in Dubai (where they plan some of the most strangely scaled development projects in the world) is planning an $800 million tower inspired by the iPod, called the iPad.

“The 23-storey building, which is scheduled to bring more than 200 units onto the market in 2009, was designed by Hong Kong-based architects James Law Cybertecture International. The tower will sit atop a docking station angled at six degrees to give the exact look.”

More shots here.


  1. FidBit says

    Oh geez,now we need to tear down Mt. Rushmore and put up busts of Paris,Lindsey,Brittany,and Nicole…

  2. says

    And yes, they will build one of these in China as well, but all the stuff inside the building in China will be counterfeit.

    Get it? See what I did there? Some global copyright infringement humor for the day after Christmas.

    Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

  3. Rad says

    I am SO over i-[anything]. I would rather listen to nature, if I could hear it over the din of the pin heads trying to talk while while keeping those damn contraptions cranked up.

    Over rated. Over hyped. Over used. Over it.


  4. mark m says

    Sorry they bother you so much Rad. I have one and I love it.

    But that building is not a giant iPod. A giant Tetris game maybe.