Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl End Relationship?

Lancereichen_1Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award winners Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl have ended their relationship, according to an unconfirmed report from Perez Hilton over the weekend.

Said his source: “They had been fighting a lot lately. They tried a lot of things to make it work – even opening up the relationship – but they would just fight all the time towards the end. It wasn’t working.”


  1. Larry says

    Meaning Reichen’s book isn’t selling well, so he’s gotten all of the publicity mileage he could from Lance.

  2. steve says


    Wow, first it’s Brit and K-Fed now this. What’s happening to all the tacky relationships? They’re falling apart like the Bush administration.

    Oh and what’s the ‘even opening up the relationship’… possible couple exchange with Neil Patrick Harris and his bf maybe?

  3. mark m says

    Leland…. oh Leeeeeeeeland? Shhhh, don’t bother him, he’s busy typing… his eighteen paragraph synopsis will be available sometime later today.

    :) I kid you Leland… I just know you have SOMETHING on your mind regarding this.

  4. Scott A says

    Opening the relationship?? I don’t think doing that ever solves problems and brings people closer together. “Gee, now because we are able to sleep with other people, I feel closer to you and think our problems might be solved.” And I don’t think many people open relationships up for emotions, any takers? As for Reichen, I mean you could carve a statue of a little man made out of shit and comparing it with him, there would still be more shit in his smile than in the whole that statue.

  5. Rory says

    Darren, you made me sad. Look at Reichen. Yes, he’s hot but he’s a total spotlight whore. Did you really think this was going to last?

  6. JT says

    Leland is going to be a total gentleman and not say (type) a word. I just know it. He has far too much respect for Mr. Bass and, I’m sure, wishes both men the best in spite of his past criticism of Mr. Lehmkuhl.

  7. Anita Woodward says

    “They tried a lot of things to make it work – even opening up the relationship.”

    That’s odd. Usually embarking on an open relationship ends well for all involved.

  8. Kyle says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find the “Lance Bass” look attractive in any sort. I’m sure this boyband guy could look a lot better, but I am just not suprised at this split, and Reichen was probably just using him for PR. Wouldn’t suprise me.

  9. Mike says

    Gee, I’m heartbroken. Guess Reichen (or Richard, which is his real name rather than his fake name) will quickly move on to his next victim. In the meantime he undoubtedly will milk the “break-up” with Lance for maximum exposure. Then he wonders aloud (as per the latest edition of the Advocate) why the gay community hates his guts? Go take a good look at yourself in the mirror, you preening mega-*sshole.

  10. says

    anyone who believed there was a relationship, there, is probably still looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction. I wonder who’s gonna get to keep the Bandwagon Award from HRC?

  11. daniel james says

    you can totally tell that reichen is all about ‘me, me, meeee’

    if the break-up is true, then i am glad.

    i hope lance finds someone who wants to be with him, rather than be with him for the fame.

  12. Blair says

    I am with ChrisB…we are taking Perez Hilton’s routine schlock as genuine news? He is so effin’ gross.

  13. Leland says

    JT, how can you be so cruel to me in this moment of my greatest sorrow??? I’ve cried so much since reading this that a rainbow has formed over my keyboard! First, if this rumor is true, there’s the pain I feel for Ricky that I just can’t find words for. Doesn’t anyone believe in true love anymore, and that it’s possible for a humble, altruistic person like Ricky to have found it four times in three years? I take comfort in knowing that at least this one lasted longer than the last one, his relationship with NYC “trainer” Louis Corragio, and that, as far as we know, unlike with Corragio and Arndt [nearly five years that time] R didn’t shell out [assuming he ever does] for yet another set of commitment rings. Second, if true, there’s that sizable bet I lost that the benefits of their symbiotic relationship [read Mutual Publicity Generating Organism] would, regardless of what was actually going on privately [I mean, really, how many times could Lance pull out only to discover that somehow he was now sporting two or three more condoms, which he’d never seen before, than when he, uh, went in?], they would still appear in public together until after Lance’s TV show had launched, and Ricky had something new up his…….sleeve. Of course, if it’s true, the practical issue is, knowing how greedy those HRC bitches are, I will NEVER get a refund for those dozens of Exclusive Radko “Lance & Reichen’s First Christmas” ornaments that I bought simply everyone on my Xmas list. Do you still want yours, JT? I’m sorry. I’m just too broken up to type on. NURSE! More thorazine, PLEASE!!!!

  14. JT says

    Leland, dear, given that I didn’t know who the fuck Reichen was until a year ago, I don’t think I want the watch.

    I can’t wait to see, on his résumé, that Reichen was THE winner of the HRC award. I’m sure Mr. Bass will get over this “tragedy” and that he is the better for coming out, re-igniting his public presence (what group was he with?) and for be such a genuinely nice guy.

  15. Anon says

    Not the world’s biggest surprise, but you have to feel a little sad for Lance. The “stable relationship” comment in People was telling.

  16. deeply puzzled says

    I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that Reichen is a power bottom. The notion is just so counter-intuitive.

  17. billyo says

    Are we supposed to be surprised? Reichen got the PR he wanted…now he’ll move onto his next prey…

  18. says

    Mike of Hollywood Grind:
    It’s sad enough that you’re trying to outmatch Perez Hilton… not to mention desperate for traffic. But did you actually write this on your pitiful blog…

    “Reichen is a player, but then again, how many gay couples statistically stay together for very long?”

    Guess what? You win! You ARE a bigger loser than Perez.

  19. Zeke says

    According to a commercial I saw last night for the Tyra Banks Show, Reichen will be her guest today.

    Leland, try to hold out until then. Get one last Reichen fix. Then we can begin the long, arduous task of detoxification. We’ll try to get you a room next to Ted Haggard and Tom Foley.

  20. Daniel says

    The whole “opening up the relationship” thing is weird. I’ve heard so many gay couples say it but in every case that I personally know of it was just the next step to ending the relationship. Usually one member of the couple was kind of forced into an open relationship he didn’t want. Then, most annoying for their friends, it becomes a game where they drive each otehr crazy with their other relationships.

    I know of some relationships that go on for years and years open but they have really strict rules and usually they went into the relationship with that understanding.

  21. kalleb says

    Lance is the power bottom, not Reichen! For god’s sakes how much more obvious could that be?!

  22. A.J. in L.A. says

    Hhhhmmm. Just saw them together last night. They don’t LOOK broken up……. Oh…Perez Hilton reported it?!! A gossip monger he is – nothing more!

  23. says

    Anyone who subscribes to the notion that tops are masculine and bottoms are effeminate is a) supporting negative stereotypes about gays and b) apparently having really bad sex.

  24. Leland says

    Oh, Zeke, I KNEW I could count on you! Will you come visit and smuggle me pages from his calendars, one month at a time? I tried to visit you in the hospital but my Nurse Ratched drag fooled no one and I didn’t get past the damn first floor waiting area.

    “Mike of Hollywood Grind”: MANY gay couples stay together a long time. Kiss my gay ass.

    The Tyra interview was taped a couple of weeks ago so I wonder if they’ll delete any references to Sir Lancelot. His Reicheness has caused quite a fuss in other interviews for insisting on talking about Lance as little as possible. Then he was fool enough to do a phone interview with Howard Stern in which, according to reports, Howard asked:

    How long did you wait before Lance gave you anal?
    How long before Lance put it in your ass?
    Which one of you is the bottom? Howard: “I think it’s you because you sound gayer than Lance.”
    What’s your gay name for Lance? Sweet cock?
    You ever get mud on your helmet?
    Which one of you knows what the pillows tastes like?
    He refused to answer which one was a top or bottom. Howard: “Fine, don’t answer, be like that. You’re like a girl. You are very femme, I have to say, you don’t talk like a dude. Big deal, talk about sex….Would you ever fist a dude? You’d put your finger in an ass, wouldn’t you? C’mon you like to eat ass don’t you? You know, rim a dude.”

    Unlike, Mr. Stern, perhaps Ms. Banks got some of the answers.

  25. Mike says

    Dennis Hensley, former gay of Kathy G’s, was on Derek and Romaine on Sirius and said reichen was not a top. Derek asked him about whether he knew and Dennis said something like – You know that thing you put on a bottle of ketchup? Not the cap, the other name for it, top I think it’s called. He’s not one of those.

  26. CF says


    Well said and right on.

    Thank you for the most insightful and succinct comment I’ve read here in a while.

  27. gay is the new straight says

    Let’s play a guessing game, who will be the next closet case to date Ricky?

  28. Leland says

    Gee, Mike, how could I possibly have overlooked an article in the print equivalent of Fox News. In fact, given that even Rupert Murdoch doesn’t think he’s Christ, the “Times” is far worse and far more right wing, as it’s owned by Sun Myung Moon who believes he is, and refers to gays as “dung eating dogs.” The paper’s frequent lies and factual distortions, and the American Taliban philosophy driving them, have been frequently documented. Just saying…

  29. mark m says

    I think this qualifies Reichen as a frontrunner for next year’s HRC awards. He’s doing the gay community a tremendous service by putting himself back in the dating pool. Hell, all we have to do is get famous for 15 minutes and we are IN!

    And Daniel, I would agree that long term relationships with some strict rules on “openness” are the most successful because there is honesty and communication.

    However, I know plenty of monogamous happy couples who are neither.

  30. says

    If this was true, they would’ve sent out a press release and been on every entertainment program to address the “news” in a heartbeat.

  31. Zeke says

    Oh well, there you go Leland. If the Washington TIMES said it, it MUST be true. After all they are practically as gay friendly as the Washington Blade.

    Mike, your statement was offensive, especially to the many of us gay men who are in long term relationships. However, your backing up your stupid statement with a link to the Washington Times was even more stupid and offensive.

  32. Leland says

    According to, Lance’s rep has confirmed it. The breakup must have been his idea as history shows that Lehmkuhl hates to be without a date on Xmas. In 2003, after he and Arndt split, I remember a site reporting that he convinced Arndt he wanted to reconcile just in time for the holidays, for which Arndt bought a tree. Reichen Mere reported they were even talking about having kids. By April Fool’s Day, her son had traded down to the manager of a car rental agency….

    As he was living in Bass’es manse, I guess anyone who needs a roommate can contact any of Reichen’s six managers. Perhaps we should have paid more attention to the early signs:

  33. JT says

    Regarding the “top v. bottom” thing. If Lance is lying on his back and Reichen is sitting on his throbbing manhood, is Reichen a top?

  34. Mike says

    Let me be clear about one thing, I am not “Mike from HollywoodGrind” if there is such a person. So, don’t associate his comments with me or my comments with him.

    Secondly, I love how there are always these fantastic LTRs in the online gay community.

  35. Jordan says

    Now we don’t have to be subjected to stupid articles about their stupid relationship anymore. Praise the Lord!

  36. Wolf says

    I find it interesting that of all the stories on this site that this is the one with 55 Comments.

    As for Riech and Lance. Probably the best thing for Lance. Always seems so nice and soft-spoken. (Bet he’s the TOP!) Anyway he should go out and find a NICE boy and settle down.

  37. Leland says

    Lions and tigers and former boy band singers called Bear! There’s buzz of a retraction coming soom from People. Maybe I won’t have to buy all of you socks for Xmas instead after all.

  38. Daniel says

    Mike, how funny–you sited the Washington Times! Also, what’s this “study of Dutch gay men”? The sourcing of that study was so vague it must have been done by the Family Research Council. Also, I don’t know what the gay online community is but I’m in a LTR that will be 12 wonderful and difficult monogomous years in February. But I’ve never been in a study.

  39. Tom says

    That study makes no sense–it compares apples and oranges. Think about it: If we studied every straight relationship–not just the marriages–we’d probably obtain similar results.

  40. Tom K. says

    I did a little more research and discovered that the 1984-1988 Dutch study wasn’t about the duration of same-sex relationships–it had to do with HIV-infection among sexually active gay men. The population studied was very narrow: it excluded monogamous men and men over 30, for a few years it excluded HIV- men, and it primarily targeted men who lived in Amsterdam.

  41. Toby says

    I wanted to like Reichen, seriously I did. Unfortunately, he opened his mouth and nothing of interest came out. It’s not that I think he’s a bad guy, just not interesting enough to command the public’s attention. Far too many others out there who deserve a chance at capturing (and holding) our attention.

    True example that beauty is only skin deep.

  42. John says

    Can’t feel sorry that their relationship failed. If any of you were up in Ptown over July 4th this past year, you would have seen both of them aggressively seeking thirds (and more) during their stay. Riechen was definately making the bigger case. Just like so many gay open relationships where one is hotter than the other.

  43. patrick nyc says

    JOHN, you say hotter that the other, while Reichbag may be cute or even hot, Lancebag is a dog, no where near hot or even doable.

  44. resurrect says

    ??? WTF ??? Don’t understand the interest, much less all the vitirol about two people so few have ever met or have access to any unmediated knowledge. Debating their sexual activities? C’mon – aren’t there really other more interesting things to discuss?

  45. Kelly Brooks says

    What did they do for Gay Rights or how did they promote Human Rights Visability? Oh, I get it.. we put one shirtless on gay magazine and the other one came out from his boy band. Now thats Human Rights…. yikes..

  46. Daniel says

    “However, I know plenty of monogamous happy couples who are neither.”

    Mark M. I don’t think monogamy is a guarantee for hapiness–I don’t think open relationships are guaranteed to be happy either. A couple has to make that choice for themselves. As to your above quote, I’m not disagreeing but I think most people who see what they want to see.