Laura Bush in Red Dress Alert at the White House


Three women experienced their worst holiday nightmare following Sunday’s Kennedy Center Honors when they showed up to the White House reception wearing the same $8,500 red Oscar de la Renta dress as First Lady Laura Bush.

Unfortunately they were not promoting Bono’s (RED) campaign.

Laura Bush went upstairs and changed mid-party. CBS News talked to Letitia Baldridge, Jacqueline Kennedy’s Chief of Staff and White House social secretary: “They all should have congratulated one another on their good taste and the fact that they could afford the dress.” As for Mrs. Bush, Baldridge noted: “[Changing outfits] was the right thing to do, take the heat off the other women.”


  1. Rey says

    Congratulations, Pickles, for being able to afford that dress. We know that’s all that’s really important.

  2. says

    perhaps they should rename that awards show The Oscars.
    Four identical sofas in the same room, and judging by the horrid mistaste one shudders to think of the paintings they’d match to hang above.

  3. mark m says

    What does red mean on the terror alert scale? Is this a warning?? Are they trying to tell us something?? Does red with sequins mean the terrorits are targeting Versace stores next???

    Please someone tell me, I’m panicking here…..

  4. GBM says

    “The debacle led Mrs. Bush to make an executive decision. ‘She went upstairs and changed, very easy for her to do. It was the right thing to do,’ Baldridge says. Mrs. Bush’s office said the mid-course correction was a first and that both she and the president got a kick out of it.”

    Is this irony intentional, George?

  5. Leland says

    Mary Cheney only wears dresses when she’s pimping her book on TV. In fact, L.L. Bean will be designing her flannel checked maternity gowns. Make that pimped, past tense. Look for it in the remainder bin at fine bookstores everywhere. Soon to be joined by “I’ll Say Anything To Stay Semi Famous” by the former Mrs. Lance Bass.

  6. TC says

    A better orgainized clothes house (won’t mention names)…would never let this happen…they have a list of events & the dress from their house that they will be wearing for the event ….so I guess 8,500 doesn’t warrant this type of orgainizing

  7. TC says

    OMG….I just took another look at that red dress .it is BUTT UGLY!!.that’s what you get for buying “off the rack”!…yeah that’s Laura’s taste……Jackie would never be seen in that piece of shit

  8. says

    Horrenda! They have (mistakenly) forgone foundation garments too by the looks of things. How bland, how terrible for S. De La Renta.

  9. Patrick says

    What I find shocking is there are three other women out there with the same taste as Laura Bush. meow

  10. says

    First, I know they have some money, but how is Laura Bush affording $8,500 dresses… because it sounds like she would acquire it through showroom or by some other means that would alert people to what she had. Somehow, I just don’t see Jackie Kennedy (or even Nacy Reagan) getting herself into a mess like this.

  11. TC says

    ..and another thing that pisses me off is that for 8,500, which is very cheap for that dress …that means that there had to be 25(?) Indonesian or Chinese slave laborers who were making these dresses, popping one out every 2 weeks … so these bozos can have their “walk of fame”

  12. Rad says

    Talk about walking blood clots! It looks like they shopped at the same “Dynasty” garage sale.

  13. says

    I think Chris Wren wins this week’s contest. :)

    TC, I don’t think you’re right though about the price point – I think at that price reflects more attention to construction. I don’t know where de la Renta does his assembling, but I thought it was here in the US – you’d tack on another third of the price for Europe, I think, but Asia would be able to finish a dress like that for much less…

    if I’m mistaken, I’d love to know more…

  14. soulbrotha says

    I think the dress looks better on the tree in the background.

    By the way, it was reported later that guests kept trying to place presents under the three women.

  15. Mort says

    So who are these women? I think they should be appropriately outed.

    I think the dress was made for Laura, and the mistakes were pawned off as “originals” to the others. Laura looks good in that dress, while the others, well… No matter what anyone says Laura is a pretty lady, and the dress does not look so bad on her. The other women do not have figures that compliment the dress. They should have gone to Omar de la Tenta instead.

  16. Danny JG says

    You wouldn’t mind, but not ONE of them looked GOOD in it….They all looked like sausages !!! Bad choice, all around….

  17. Lynn G says

    It looks like Republican women will not be wearing Vera Wang in the future. What a slap in the face to such a wonderful first lady.