Little Britain‘s Matt Lucas Weds Partner in London

Courtney Love came as the Queen of Hearts.

Lucas1 Lucas2

Former Boyzone singer Stephen Gately and his partner Andy Cowles (who had their own civil partnership last March, with X Factor host Louis Walsh. Right, singer Will Young as an Ugly Sister.

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  1. nyhylyst says

    i think they look cute and happy…and who cares if its gay, they ARE GAY!! and at least they can get married…

  2. robert says

    Looking at the pictures I was so impressed with the costumes and the attention to detail and then remembered that it is an English tradition to dress up at Christmas Tide. Mummers and pantomimes. Shame on the Log Cabin conservatives and nay sayers. Get out, be gay, don we now our gay apparel, t’is the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la.

  3. Lead says

    Hear hear Homer, what a nasty vibe this thread got off to for such a truly lovely and genuinely gifted comedienne – one that ‘we’ can call our own. The press coverage here in the UK concentrated simply on the couple’s big day and the unbelievable reception party with nary an unnecessary ‘us versus them’ same sex marriage diatribe that is so ever present in the US press.

    No, Steve, David Walliams is not gay and is actually quite the ladies man around town (though oft mistaken for being gay simply because his professional partner is).

    I hope that David and Matt collaborate for many more years to come and more over that Matt experiences marital bliss with Kevin. Bless!

  4. rudy says

    Scugly. Way beyond fugly. Although Courtney Love appears to be cleaning up her act, yet still not quite ready for the road.

  5. rudy says

    The Brits: Bad teeth, dirty hair, and ugly shoes. Thank heaven for their delicious cuisine! Nevertheless, really good parties.

  6. JvV says

    Llanddewi Brefi may allow same sex unions but just how did Daffyd find his husband if he is the only gay in the vilage?