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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #62

BARACK OBAMA: First ad of the campaign for President.

ROSIE O'DONNELL: Apologies on The View for Asian slur.

DAILY SHOW: Samantha Bee reports on the English-language Al Jazeera network.

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: Talks We Are Marshall and reacts to Matt Damon's impersonation.

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  1. I don't think he will win despite his views because he is black and no one is going to vote for someone whose middle name is Hussein. It's sad that our country thinks this way when he is probably a close resemblance to Clinton.

    Posted by: Matt | Dec 15, 2006 10:02:42 AM

  2. And here we go again w/ the pseudo-apology.

    In this case, Rosie used language she didn't routinely use and probably honestly didn't realize the offensive nature of it. Anyone who uses "fag" to put someone else down KNOWS it's offensive and is doing it on purpose.

    Rosie should have apologized "the right way" without the qualifying "if."

    Posted by: tjc | Dec 15, 2006 10:41:17 AM

  3. I like Rosie, but how can you not see that is offensive???

    Posted by: RP | Dec 15, 2006 11:20:17 AM

  4. Exactly, TJC!!
    The first thing that struck me is the eye-rolling tone she's using. Like the Asians are a bunch of big babies for complaining. IMO, that immediately nullifies the apology.
    She was told by several Asians that it was insulting. Even her damn hairdresser! Then she has the gall to say that she will probably say it AGAIN because "that is how her brain works???!!! WTF?! And then when two Asians in the audience tell her that they thought it was funny, she feels vindicated?!
    This is bullshit, plain and simple.

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Dec 15, 2006 11:36:35 AM

  5. Maybe they need to change the name of the show from "The View" to "The Victim"... seems someone is always being offensive or getting offended on this show.

    I can't get past the irony of whole Clay/Ripa thing and Rosie saying that was homophobic and then she turns around and does a mock Asian accent.

    And by the way, just for the record... I get offended when black comedians do the super nifty "white" dialect. When you're not a member of a group and you mock that group's speech, it's going to be seen as a slur.

    Posted by: mark m | Dec 15, 2006 11:48:09 AM

  6. Nice to see that Al Jazeera has a sense of humour (at least the English version). Doesn't change the fact they are sacks of crap. :o)

    Posted by: shane | Dec 15, 2006 12:04:11 PM

  7. After seeing the original clip, I am totally on Rosie's side. Get a life already!

    Posted by: shane | Dec 15, 2006 12:08:26 PM

  8. I don't mind Rosie. It's that cocksmooch Elizabeth that drives me nuts.

    Posted by: Blair | Dec 15, 2006 12:11:23 PM

  9. I am still somewhat afraid of Barack Obama. From the time he was elected to the Senate, he has appeared to me to have a sticker on his ass that says "Property of Oprah Winfrey". I don't trust her and he is always sucking up to her.

    I'd rather have Gore or Hillary in 2008!

    Posted by: not sure | Dec 15, 2006 12:11:56 PM

  10. So let me get this straight. When Sacha Baron Cohen puts on a Kazakhstani accent and speaks nonsense syllables as part of an act that implies Kazakhstanis are barely civilized oafs, it's hilarious. When Rosie speaks nonsense syllables to make the point that people all over the world are talking about Danny Devito appearing on the View drunk, it's bad. Well, what if she had spoken nonsense syllables in a French accent? Or a Russian accent? This is simply a case of cry baby syndrome, which Rosie herself suffered from a few weeks back with the Kelly Ripa thing.

    Posted by: Tom | Dec 15, 2006 12:15:57 PM

  11. So many people today are just looking for reasons to be offended. I'm totally on Rosie's side, too.

    Posted by: phil | Dec 15, 2006 12:17:21 PM

  12. Shane,

    I hope you are kidding.

    If not, I have a life thank you very much.

    "Ching chong" is extremely racist. The whole thing was racist plain and simple.

    Would you be on her side if she had spoken in "ebonics" and made fun of how any other ethnicity/race speaks other than Asians?

    Posted by: RP | Dec 15, 2006 12:17:54 PM

  13. Is anyone on her side Asian or even part Asian?

    This kind of thing is offensive to the Asian community. Period.

    And yes... in the same way Sacha Cohen's Borat is to Eastern Europeans.

    Posted by: RP | Dec 15, 2006 12:21:08 PM

  14. As with all language, you have to really examine the intent.

    Did Rosie say "ching chong" to degrade Asians? Absolutely not. Is it offensive? Yes. But I felt her apology was appropiate, because she was responding to the ridiculous and unwarranted outrage people directed at her.

    Posted by: HUGO | Dec 15, 2006 12:25:13 PM

  15. I don't Hugo. Her apology to me seemed forced. The eye rolling, the "I'll do it again", et cetera.

    Like I said though, I like Rosie. I'm just disappointed she doesn't seem to realize how this was offensive.

    Posted by: RP | Dec 15, 2006 12:28:54 PM

  16. TJC,

    Watch the video and listen. She doesn't say "if." She apologizes, even using the words, "I'm sorry." She admits ignorance, but still takes responsibility for her what she said.

    (btw, I had no idea "ching-chong" was offensive. I've heard anti-Asian slurs that came across to me as much much worse.)

    Joey Porter could learn a little from Rosie.

    Posted by: Rodolfo | Dec 15, 2006 12:29:30 PM

  17. A guy walks into a feminist book store and asks the sales associate, "Excuse me, where is your humor section?"

    The sales associate looks at him very sternly, raises her voice and replies, "Sir, this is a FEMINIST book store, we don't HAVE a humor section!"

    Posted by: Anon | Dec 15, 2006 12:31:54 PM

  18. Oops. Meant to say, "I don't know, Hugo."

    Posted by: RP | Dec 15, 2006 12:33:12 PM

  19. Once again, here's Barack Obama's statement on the Federal Marriage Amendment given on the floor of the U.S. Senate. ( Perhaps it's the best we'll get out of any candidate, but I think this shows he would sell us out as quickly as he could. I therefore do not understand the adulation coming from the gay community.

    Posted by: peterparker | Dec 15, 2006 12:40:21 PM

  20. I heart Samantha Bee. That was too good. Really.

    Posted by: Kurt | Dec 15, 2006 12:50:41 PM

  21. Hey all you PC tightassed pussies...LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP already. Jeezus, and they say Lesbians have no sense of humor.

    Posted by: Brett | Dec 15, 2006 1:05:09 PM

  22. PS...Obama is awesome...AND has a sense of humor, Brutha.

    Posted by: Brett | Dec 15, 2006 1:06:23 PM

  23. actually "ching chong" is used to make fun of asians everywhere. i'm an asian from latin america. people there are more racist towards asians than here. i was constantly being made fun of, and not just by kids, but by adults. so, yeah, i find it offensive. it's not the same thing when sacha cohen makes fun of some eastern european accent, because it doesn't have the same history in this country. i haven't heard that for a VERY long time. it's a tired old joke, give it a rest...just like the "n" word.

    Posted by: mf | Dec 15, 2006 1:08:51 PM

  24. The fact that Rosie doesn't know the difference between a hokey Italian accent and a racist impersonation of a foreign language is odd. How can she think saying Ching-ching is an 'accent?' Now, plenty of comics can get away with using racist impersonations (South Park being the bet example) but the only way it can be funny is if they are aware and recognize that what they are doing is indeed racist and offensive. Rosie's apology only makes matters worse, because she is saying that racist impersonations aren't offensive ("you mean that's NOT how all Asians communicate with each other??"). I mean, can she really be living in this day and age and not be able to discriminate between Japanese and Chinese? They don't sound similar at all. So, in a sense Rosie's admitting she thinks all Asians sound the same, which is, like it or not, kind of racist.

    Posted by: GBM | Dec 15, 2006 1:20:54 PM

  25. meh i'm asian and i'm not terribly offended by Rosie. I agree it depends on the context. She was doing a bad chinese impersonation not using "ching chong" to insult somebody. It's not like that football player calling someone a fag or michael richards calling that audience member the "N" word.

    Posted by: Scott | Dec 15, 2006 1:23:41 PM

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