1. davy says

    it was an amazing night here at ucla! i bought a pair of aussiebums for the occasion which i showed off all throughout campus 😉

    my one complaint was that there were some disgusting old men there with hightech cams literally assaulting guys and girls by putting cams right up to their crotches girls gone wild style. not very cool.

    and to think… all of the drunken naked fun will happen again at the end of next quarter too 😉


  2. Ron says

    As cool as it is, Cal Berkeley has a much more advanced celebration…every finals season they have a tradition of NAKED streakers running through their main Library. It’s pretty infamous on the Cal campus and the group has gotten in the hundreds.

  3. Anon says

    Princeton used to have all-male (it was a male only school at the time) naked “olympics” the night of the first major snow every year. Much drinking was involved.

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