Vermont’s Only Gay Newspaper Folds after 21 Years

OitmCiting competition from the internet and other gay papers, Vermont’s only gay newspaper, “Out in the Mountains”, has announced they’re ceasing publication.

The most significant change appears to be the mainstream press’ willingness to cover gay interest stories that in earlier years would have only been covered in the niche publication.

Said Board President Brian Cote: “Part of the success of Out in the Mountains over the last 21 years has been a voice for the community. But today there are other newspapers that are willing to cover our community and stories about our community that they would never have covered ten years ago. Times have changed since the state passed the first civil union law in the country.”

At its peak, Out in the Mountains had a circulation of 7,000.


  1. dave says

    Vermont is the most f*ing beautiful state in the nation – and I’ve been to most of ’em. Up in those Green Mountains there are tons of gay folk – lots of couples.

  2. says

    I am an American living in Montreal, and I go to Vermont many times each year. It is a gorgeous state, with very warm and friendly people. I often go there to use the medical facilities at the Fletcher Allen Medical Centre, and each time I visit I always ask the same question. Is everybody in this state always this friendly and cooperative?

    I’m sad that Out in the Mountains is ceasing publication, but on the other hand, it is a tribute to mainstream press in Vermont that it no longer necessary to publish a separate newspaper for our community as they are willingly covering it on their own. I want to thank Out in the Mountains for all the years of excellent and dedicated service to us gays and wish everyone involved a happy and prosperous future.