Alan Cumming Weds Partner Grant Shaffer in Civil Partnership


Last November we talked about a wedding in the works for actor Alan Cumming and his partner of two years, illustrator Grant Shaffer.

Apparently the civil partnership ceremony took place this weekend in London and was attended by Rufus Wainwright and actress Mary-Elizabeth Mastrantonio, among others.

Cumming is the second high-profile actor in two weeks to register a civil partnership in the UK. Just before the New Year, John Barrowman tied the knot in Wales with his partner.

Best wishes and plenty of Cumming for the both of them.

Alan Cumming Marries [queerty]
Tony-Winner Alan Cumming Weds in London [broadway world]


  1. ricardo says

    hey andy….
    what a beautiful new year weekend and several other moments….and then, i’m reminded of some things and wonder — is some of this garbage being labelled as substance for some degree of learning amongst a queer community let alone representation outside of it??

    such as the trash that’s come to represent quality journalism (yet, is nothing but LIES) or anything other than postings to participate in very, very bad cinema or theater (in many cases at this point)….many places have been visited — and i wonder if some of these people have any balls in person — when stepping away from this garbage that’s become chat rooms and web cam crap.

    a beautiful new year in many ways. actually, far too beautiful to be immersed in a false and trashy rubrick that has been passed on to people as formative or substantive in achieving much of anything.

    similar to people making an effort to visit other countries (thankfully, balancing time away from ghetto and cruise ship consciousness) and this country from coast to coast — and one wonders — is that the best you can do in theater, music, education, and the arts?? is that your manner of being inviting?? are these the values or approach for your programs??

    what a piece of shit!! your curator sucks and mounts this same crap!!

  2. Bryant says

    So how is it that Romy and Michelle didn’t know Sandy Frink was like, you know – GAY?

    But seriously, congrats to a fine actor and best of luck to the happy couple.

  3. John Goodfriend says

    Alan Cummings/Pee-Wee Herman: Seperated at Birth? You decide.

    Why does Alan just bug the shit out of me? It must have been that fucking tv ad for Caberet that ran for years during the Today Show: “Come to the Caberet, where the boys are beautiful, the girls are beautiful, even the orchesta is beautiful!”. Recited with this bizzare accent as if he had some speech impediment with a German accent. And he won the Tony for this? Ugh. Make pain stop!

  4. rudy says

    John, If you thought Cabaret was painful, be thankful that you missed Three Penny Opera. Alan Cumming as the most sexually devastating man in London? Not even the most sensual man in Hoboken. I always find his acting one-dimensional: like a leprechaun on poppers. Mack the (pocket) Knife indeed. More pitiably, Cindy Lauper was horribly mis-directed and her talent squandered. All around a miserable two and one-half hours. Nevertheless, although I do not admire his talents treading the boards, I hope his marraige makes it. We need more out and proud gay marriages.

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