‘Big, cuddly softie’ Ian Roberts in Court on Assault Charge


Former rugby icon-turned-actor Ian Roberts appeared in court in Sydney yesterday to dispute assault charges made by former boyfriend, Ben Prideaux.

In the mix of this gay potboiler are a misplaced laptop computer, a sleeping stranger, a best friend who heard a different story, acting showreels, and an angry boyfriend who likes to scratch. It’s a “he said, she said” story that Roberts says has been “a thorn in [his] side.”

Roberts explained to a Sydney court that his former boyfriend was in hysterics at the time of the alleged assault after finding a stranger in Roberts’ bed: “Ben still had not calmed down. It was a no-win situation for me…He was fanatical. He had worked himself up … I tried to calm him down. I said: ‘Babe, it’s me; it’s all good.'”

According to Roberts’ best friend, Prideaux called him following the incident and said that “Roberts was just a ‘big, cuddly softie’ and had not hit him.”

The drama resumes, along with the trial, at the end of May.

Ex-league star ‘fearful of scratches’ [courier-mail]
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  1. Cory says

    OMG Anita, seriously?! LOLOLOL Is that the boyfriend? HAHAHA Noooooooo. I can’t stop laughing. Wow. Well, I guess that means he doesn’t go for muscle guys, I’m out lol… and thanks for the laugh! =)

  2. Brian says

    Lord have mercy, that man is a big heapin’ helpin’ of masculinity… yummy. If miss thang doesn’t want him, send him our way.

  3. Da says

    Holy cow, they look so different in sizes!!

    This story reminds me of Levis Kreis’ song where he talks about abuse in gay relationships.

    Levis Kreis – “Man Outta Me”

    “And I was just a boy
    A scrawny little boy
    A naïve, faggot little boy
    Too confused by love to leave
    Too abused by you to see that you were
    Maniacal, certifiable
    It’s comical when I’m looking back I see
    You made a man outta me.”

  4. Jack says

    He’s HOT!

    I hope everything resolves itself in a positive manner. And I want Ian to have many kids. If anyone knows Ian, tell him he MUST have kids.

  5. mark m says

    I would prefer to see him with a boyfriend as muscular as he is but that is for purely selfish (and pornographic) reasons. For a man with so little body fat, he sure likes the twinkies. :)

  6. Rob says

    Don’t you just hate it when your boyfriend won’t calm down when he finds a stranger in your bed? Even after you say, “It’s all good”?

  7. Timothy says

    Finally! A muscle guy that’s not into other muscle guys… he likes them thin… I have a chance! Well, not really but a boy can dream.

  8. Dylan says

    I love how he’s proven himself to be a complete asshole, if not an abuser, and all you queens can see are his muscles.

  9. stephen says

    Ewwww! The boyfriend completely ruins the mental picture I had. However, if Ian wants to have kids I’m more than willing to try and get pregnant.

  10. shane says

    Mark – in this country’s gay society muscles seem to be proof of innocence.
    Dylan – right on the mark.

  11. mark m says

    Dylan and Shane until he’s proven guilty in a court of law, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and continue to lust after his body. I’m no more inclined to think he’s innocent because I’m attracted to him than you think he’s guilty simply because he is goodlooking.

    That’s certainly not the case, I presume, since that would make you hypocrites.

  12. says

    He’s got a nice body, that’s for sure, but his face does’nt do it for me. And what a self-involved prick if he thinks “Babe, it’s me; it’s all good”, should make getting caught with another guy in his bed should make his boyfriend forgive all. If the abuse charges are true,and I’m not saying they are, then he’s beyond a prick.

  13. Benjamin Prideaux says

    He’s all yours guys…but don’t diss shane thats not very nice…he’s a very beautiful person…unlike some of you it seems..