CNN Defends Host Glenn Beck’s Use of Anti-Gay Slur

On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program on CNN, the following exchange took place (I mentioned it briefly on Tuesday) regarding the Grey’s Anatomy/Isaiah Washington incident:


BECK: But anyway, Dave, what is the—what is the controversy? One of the guys called another guy a naughty name.

GLOVER: Yes. Basically you have Isaiah Washington, who’s one of the stars of the show, who referred to one of his co-stars during a heated argument as a derogatory term for a gay man that starts with “F”, rhymes with maggot. Did it a couple more times after that. And do you like how I did that?

BECK: Yes.


BECK: Do you know that “The New York Times” wouldn’t even print — I mean, we can say the word. We’re having an adult conversation here. Wouldn’t even print the word “faggot.”

GLOVER: Right.

BECK: Wouldn’t print it. I find that amazing.

Now, this is far from the first offensive remark from Glenn Beck’s mouth.

GLAAD complained to CNN about Beck’s classification of the anti-gay slur to CNN’s standards and practices department to object to the host’s designation of the word fa**ot as a “naughty name” as well as his gratuitous use of it.

Said GLAAD President Neil Giuliano: “Beck’s obnoxious repetition of the slur — and his flip dismissal of it as simply a ‘naughty name’ — speaks volumes about his appalling ignorance of its impact. Beck added nothing to the audience’s understanding of the issue, except perhaps to demonstrate his juvenile belief that repeating an anti-gay slur makes him an ‘adult.’”

CNN, a company that employs many gay and lesbian folks — some of them in front of the camera — defended their host’s use of the F-word, according to GLAAD: “On Wednesday, a CNN spokesperson told GLAAD that Beck wasn’t using the word himself, that Beck’s show is an ‘opinion show’ and not a news program, and that Beck was expressing an opinion about The New York Times’ decision to not use the word.”

Here’s the question again. If Beck were discussing the N-word as a “naughty name” and mocking a national newspaper for not printing it, would the network’s response be the same?

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