1. Brian says

    He needs a gay friend. You shouldn’t pull the sides of a square-cut suit that high… makes things look kinda goofy. Keep it on the hips.

  2. patrick nyc says

    My friend is the showrunner for this show. I told him he had to show more of Josh’s skin. Glad he listened.

  3. Jeff in Deserto says

    Goofy or no, in my opinion Josh & his suit look way better than the apprentice guy and his suit.

  4. Sean says

    It’s nice to see American guy wears appropriated attire at the swimming pool (not some ridiculous board short).

  5. A says

    I love the idea of Josh in a bathing suit, but what crack was wardrobe smoking when they put him in THAT? It’s like bad 80s South Beach attire.

  6. Matt says

    Could they have made him look anymore 80’s gay South Beach. I’ll take him in boardshorts any other day.

  7. peterparker says

    For anyone who is unaware of this fact, Josh Duhamel posed nude for Greg Gorman in Gorman’s book “As I See It”.

  8. Esther Blodgett says

    Photos like this kind of make you believe in God all the more.

    Hurray for a man dressed to swim.

  9. Marco says

    I can’t believe anyone would complain about the bathing suit when Josh Duhamel is in it. If I had his body, I’d wear Hefty bag twist ties to the pool.

  10. Chris says

    Nice to see Josh’s body is holding up so well since he gave up on nude modeling. I think a speedo could have been written into the storyline though!