News: The Queen, Madonna, Mika, Tim Russert: Tool

road.jpg Memo to Tim Russert: Dick Cheney thinks he controls you.

Msunglassesroad.jpg Madonna throws shade, debuts clothing line.

road.jpg After short program, Lysacek leads Weir at U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Weir: “I got close. I’m going to keep fighting. To be in second place at the national championships, even though I’ve won three, it’s still a great honor. … It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”

road.jpg GLAAD’s Neil Giuliano talks about Isaiah Washington incident: “Someone called earlier this week after seeing me on CNN and asked if I had any idea a week ago that this situation with Isaiah Washington would become such a big story. I had to honestly answer: yes. I knew the minute I saw it.”

road.jpg What we don’t know: 42 of the biggest unanswered questions in science.

Thequeenroad.jpg “(BLEEP) Bless You.” The word “God” censored from The Queen for inflight broadcast: “The word God was removed seven times in all after an inexperienced employee of a California company that edits movies for in-flight entertainment was told to take out all profanities – including any blasphemy.”

road.jpg Dreamgirls headed back to Broadway: “Krieger said it was too early to discuss details about the revival, but theater insiders speculate that Oscar nominee Jennifer Hudson may be asked to reprise the role of Effie on stage.” Bet Jennifer Holliday’s thrilled with that news.

road.jpg Convicted sex offender/gay porn producer Bryan Charles Kocis slain, torched in home (warning – site NSFW): “No formal suspects have been named, but Citizen’s Voice is reporting that police have questioned three California men he was involved in a “business dispute” with, one of which presumably is Sean Lockhart. Kocis, 44, was best known for his complicated ongoing legal battle with Lockhart, better known as gay porn star Brent Corrigan, 21.”

road.jpg Mika to join Take That on tour?


  1. BeeDee says

    If Neil Giuliano of GLAAD knew the Isaiah Washington story was so important why didn’t GLAAD do anything in October when the story broke?

    GLAAD is absolutely useless.

  2. LightningLad says

    >>Andy posts what he likes on his blog, and I’m not sure why you’d single out that tiny mention in the news to accuse him of being paid off.

    Um, this is like the third mention in less than 2 weeks of Mika. The first was a lengthy post about him as an artist and his style of music, the second was about a recent live performance he attended.

    I just find it interesting that soon after Andy raves about a particular movie or artist he saw, ads for that movie or artist start popping up on his website. It happened with Dreamgirls and also, I believe, with Notes On A Scandal.

    Not an accusation, just an observation…

    Who knows, maybe this is just a way Andy has of attracting advertising dollars to his website. Somebody sees him and others rave about a movie or particular musical artist and decide to put an ad on the site as a result.

  3. Da says

    “I just find it interesting that soon after Andy raves about a particular movie or artist he saw, ads for that movie or artist start popping up on his website.”
    Posted by: LightningLad |

    wow really? I usually don’t pay attention to things like that to be honest lol. None of my biz I say..but you never know.

  4. says

    Hi guys, I noticed the thread on advertising/editorial and just wanted to assure you that nobody here is getting paid off.

    Mika happens to be a hot artist right now that I enjoy. And you may ahve noticed that when I begin to follow a story (like a gay bashing, or a political scandal, or a mysterious ex-gay singer), I tend to follow the story until it is played out. That goes the same for artists or entertainers I find interest in that have something going on in the news. Some may see it as obsessive, I see it as giving the site a sense of consistency.

    I generally promote what I like or find interesting, for that reason only. The reason you may have seen Notes on a Scandal or Dreamgirls ads is because a) the advertisers know where to find their audience, or b) Google adsense works contextually and places ads based on the content of the site.

  5. patrick nyc says

    ANDY how dare you put things on your blog that you like. You must be getting paid by Isaiah Washington or his treatment center as well. I just hope it’s not from GLAAD.

  6. mark says

    Regarding the unanswered questions, I didn’t read anything about how they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar or why that fucking chicken crossed the damn road!

    Are those answered???

    I think not!


    I doth thinketh !

  7. Jim says

    This Kocis murder out in PA, wow, pretty shocking stuff.

    BTW, Brent Corrigan is actually 20 right now, not 21 (born Oct 31 1986). He is scheduled to do a performance here at a gay club in San Diego tomorrow; it’ll be interesting to see if he’s forced to cancel the engagement because of all this new drama.

  8. Stephen says

    Neil Guiliano (sp?), President of GLAAD met with Isaiah Washington. He (Guiliano) isn’t calling for Washington to be fired, but rather was diplomatic, understanding and hopes that the counseling Washington is getting will help him. Of course, Washington’s actions will speak for themself in the future, but this is exactly what I suggested from the moment I read about the story (not fire him, get counseling, judge his future actions), while 70% (est.) psoting on this blog wanted his ass canned immediately. Are those 70% going ton ow ask for the head of Guiliano on a platter?

  9. Rad says

    Bleeping God. I love it!

    I would love to apply that logic to our leadership. I positivly CRINGE every time I hear that Born Again asshole (W)and his followers say “God Bless America”. I want to ask “Which God blessed America?” He white, Judeo-Christian God? How about a Hindhu God or Goddess? Perhaps it was the Muslim God, Mohamad, that convinced Ata to plow the jet into the WTC? Which God blessed America?

    As far as I am concerned, our leadership has been nothing but a long [bleep] in the [bleep].

  10. mark m says

    Only after sampling Mika’s tracks on iTunes did I realize that I have been hearing snippets of “Love Today” on television (sans lyrics) and wondered who it was. Very catchy.

    Ok, I might sip the kool aid a little on this one.

  11. steve says

    GLAAD’s Neil Giuliano is a joke…he probably has the hots for Mr Wasington which is why he only has positive things to say on his ‘process’

    and he’s not very attractive either IMO

  12. says

    Andy, I’ve been reading this blog for a while. Thanks for the heads up on Mika. Can’t wait ’til the entire CD drops here in the states. The two songs on iTunes are not enough.
    As for the whole IW thing, TR was at the opening of “At Least It’s Pink” and was in high spirits. I don’t think he has let any of this get to him

  13. says

    I think the whole Bryan Kocis story is crazy, I just got one of his emailers this week. I hope they solve this murder case! I wonder what happens to his company, doesn’t sound like he has a family or much friends.

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