State of the Union 2007: A War of Words

Tagcloudsotu Tagcloudresponse
Bush speech (left) vs. Jim Webb response (right).

Tag Clouds, as some of you know, are visualization devices that highlight words or “tags” by depicting them based on their frequency of usage.

Tag clouds are often used as a navigation tool on websites, but blogger Jason Griffey designed a tag cloud that was based on George W. Bush’s State of the Union speech. That tag cloud is above on the left.

I’ve borrowed his image here, and I took the liberty of designing a tag cloud that was based on Jim Webb’s Democratic response to the SOTU, which you will find above on the right.

Compare and contrast, and click to enlarge. It’s interesting to note that Bush’s decision to try to avoid mentioning the word war is graphically obvious here, while it was plainly the Dems’ main focus.

Tag Cloud for 2007 State of the Union [pattern recognition]

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