Towleroad Guide to the Tube #75

NOMINEES: For the 18th annual GLAAD awards.

FLASHBACK: Introducing brand new Sire recording artist, Madonna. (source: wow report via queerty)

URIGROW: SNL resorts to bathroom humor.

CRISTIANO RONALDO: A recent interview with the Manchester United phenomenon.

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  1. peterparker says

    Interesting that GLAAD nominated ‘Brothers & Sisters’ for Best Dramatic Series given that Jason Lewis voiced his fear at having to kiss his male costar.

  2. says

    It’s not Madonna’s 1st performance, not by a longshot (which is what the source is claiming), but it could be her 1st as a Sire act…and it’s definitely superearly and loads of fun. Knew it had happened and wrote about its existence, but never dreamed it had been filmed. Mainly because it’s so shocking that ANYONE out there has footage or photography of early Madonna that they haven’t shared with or sold to the world. It’s always a pleasure when it pops up unexpectedly. I’m still waiting for smuggled footage from SPEED-THE-PLOW (I saw it but vid cams were like as big as a golden retriever in those days) and other rarities.

  3. Aaron says

    Brothers and Sisters has the deepest, most layered, and interesting portrayal of a gay man on all of broadcast television. Other shows (The Office, The Class) portray gay men, but typically the LGBT people on those shows end up as either Will & Grace-esque cliches or the butt of jokes.

  4. JE says

    ^ “Brothers and Sisters has the deepest, most layered, and interesting portrayal of a gay man on all of broadcast television.”

    Which isn’t really saying much, unfortunately.

  5. Da says

    How come Madonna is much better in this first appearance than she’s been ever since?

    And lol @ the GLAAD nominations!! o.m.g I was laughing so hard at this presentation, cause it shows their desperation to be part of the in club big time. Soon they’re going to nominate Isaiah Washington for “uttering a gay-related word on the set of a television show”. Crazy.

    So ABC leads nominations with “Grey’s Anatomy”‘s 8 nods, and as Forbes magazine noted it’s rather ironic.

    Other humorous nominations:

    *Outstanding magazine coverage
    The Chronicle of Higher Education
    People (wtf?)

    “Hate Crimes” The Tyra Banks Show (syndicated)
    “The Murder of a Boy Named Gwen” The Montel Williams Show (syndicated)
    “Transgender: A Struggle for Acceptance” The Montel Williams Show (syndicated)
    “Transsexuals” The Tyra Banks Show (syndicated)
    “Wives Confess They are Gay” The Oprah Winfrey Show (syndicated)
    >> No Dr Phil this year< <

    ..Meanwhile they'll keep on overlooking queer artists and other gays who work for this community all year round, and therefore tell us we're not good enough to be part of a national broadcast. Tell them what you think about them here.

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