News: Chewbacca, Anderson Cooper, Bullying, Pakistan

road.jpg Christian university fires professor after sex change: “For his part, Nemecek has chosen not to suppress his femininity, slink quietly from a job he loves — or seek a position in a secular university where fewer people might bat an eye at his wig and dress. The ordained Baptist minister is fighting the dismissal, starting with a discrimination claim he filed recently with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Detroit.”

Drakeroad.jpg “Drake”: Person of interest sought in gay porn producer’s murder.

road.jpg Drag queen Ali Saleem is the talk of Pakistani late night TV: “The talk show host making waves in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (and apparently Kashmir) is purportedly a stylish, middle-aged, socialite widow of an army colonel. Her monologues are often laced with sexual innuendo, she flirts openly with her guests, and sometimes embarrasses them with probing questions about their private lives. Her guests include some of Pakistan’s most well-known personalities: the urban elite, film and television stars and even some top politicians. Most are nevertheless thrilled to be invited to appear on a program millions are watching.”

Britneytagroad.jpg Britney chic attempt foiled by price tag.

road.jpg Antonio Sabato, Jr. behaving badly: recently unearthed shots from 2003’s Testosterone show the former model in a few compromising positions.

road.jpg Wikipedia deletes references about Anderson Cooper’s sexuality from the news anchor’s entry.

road.jpg Dan Renzi: reflections on dancing lessons.

Chewbaccaroad.jpg Chewbacca cuffed for assault at Mann’s Chinese.

road.jpg UK Gay Youth group says homophobic bullying worsening: “An overwhelming majority concluded that homophobic bullying was hardly ever an issue on its own, but it is combined with other types of victimisation, such as someone’s appearance. Activist, David Henry of the Queer Youth Network said that 96% of those surveyed felt this was the case. ‘Despite all our best efforts, there is only so much we can do without a big change in thinking,’ he said, accusing the British school system as being an ‘inherently flawed fossil directly responsible for rising rates of suicide in young men, record number of children on anti-depressant drugs, spiralling anti-social behaviour in particular ‘youth on youth’ crime including bullying activities’.”

road.jpg Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s makes one hot Tudor.

road.jpg Geography Club author Brent Hartinger publishes dual story gay teen “flip book”.


  1. Chris says

    I saw those pictures of Antonia Sabato Jr back in 2004 when the movie was released…In the movie, he’s actually nude and there are sex scenes with a man..Of course, the movie is so boring, I fell asleep halfway through.

  2. GBM says

    Henry VIII was a rockstar? How many movies of Royals as-misunderstood-“Rock-Stars” do we need? These were out-of-touch inbred despots, not Elvis Presley or Prince. I think JRM is cute, but isn’t it just plain weird, maybe even a bit creepy, to give an inbred Royal ripped abs, nice teeth and a tan? Not to mention that it works to airbrush history into a palatable Hollywood story of romance and intrigue. To me, declaring yourself head of a new religion and beheading your wife should be beyond the format of a VH1 Behind the Music episode, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

  3. Matt says

    I think Brent Corrigan killed him lol. You know i’m not an advocate of murder but if it had to happen to someone this guy was pretty much scum of the earth. According to he was covicted in 2002 of child molestation. This was totally seperate from Brent Corrigan acting in porn while being underage.

  4. bill says

    I guess I now see the value in having a public figure (ie. Anderson Cooper) be forthcoming about his sexuality. How can anyone write an honest biography about someone famous without all sides being covered. You choose to be in the public’s eye (yes, as an achorman he made that decision), you choose to have people want to know who you are. I think I’ve just lost respect for him.

  5. Joseph says

    Wikipedia is notoriously homophobic; just check out any of the entries for known gay historical individuals as Richard the Lion Hearted or Tchaikovsky, and the edit wars are filled with anti-gay slurs.

  6. Matt says

    I think Wikipedia is fun to look at from time to time but it is not considered a valid source for many colleges and universites so I take what I read their with a grain of salt.

  7. Kevin says

    Thanks for posting the link to the Blade about the Wikipedia story. It is interesting reading the discussion page where the debate is happening about this subject. The side arguing for inclusion of the recent material seems so reasonable at first, and argues it totally according to the rules of the site. The opposition just uses flimsy, increasingly more homophobic, know-nothing logic to delete it and erase it over and over. Sound familiar? Even when we play totally by the rules, the mob seems to get its way. And in the end it is shown how useless Wikipedia is in quality, but how sad it is that they have google-bombed their way into the top result of nearly every google search of any subject. The anguish of the editors who tried to do it right and gave up after so much intimidation were sad to read.

  8. mark m says

    I look at JRM and I see a young Simon LeBon, but that’s just me.

    Times have been tough on Chewie but at least he isn’t blowing elderly men for money like Jar Jar.

  9. ohnoes says

    ‘Wikipedia’ isn’t homophobic, but some people (it’s freely accessed in most of the world) are. Don’t fault the organization for the beliefs some users have.

  10. smc says

    I think this outing business is horrible. Just becasue you buy a ten dollar movie ticket or watch someone’s news program nightly, doesnt’ mean that you own them, or that they owe you something. Coming out is a very personal and emotional experience, that everyone should be allowed to do on their own terms, and when they are emotionally prepared. I think it is cruel and damaging to force that on someone, regardless of who they are if they are not ready. Plus it just makes the rest of us look like bullies.

  11. Kevin says

    That does look a lot like the guy in those escort/porn shots. You might want to pass it on:

    “Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers are offering a $2,000 reward for information pertaining to the investigation.

    Police ask anyone with information to call (570) 674-2000.”

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