Hollywood Power Lesbians Represent at Academy Awards

Lesbians1 Lesbians2

Apparently there is a very strict dress code for lesbian power couples.

And AP reports on this bit of backstage banter: “Melissa Etheridge, a winner for her song ‘I Need to Wake Up’ from ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ yelled ‘you’re funny’ when she passed DeGeneres’ dressing room. ‘You’re funny and pretty and sweet and a singer,’ DeGeneres replied.”

Hollywood seemed perfectly at home with the lesbian contingent as Etheridge thanked her “wife” Tammy Lynn.


  1. rudy says

    How have “we made it” when only one of the three is out and proud, open and honest? Yeah, we all know that the other two are also family but they continue to skirt the subject, deny it, or outright lie. The closet is a very ugly place that sends all the worng messages to gay youth.

  2. Rad says

    What an interesting, sweet [and at times predictably boring] Oscar telecast. I was not expecting to make it past 11PM (Eastern), but found myself complelled to stay up long enough to watch Coppola, Lucas and Speilberg give the Oscar to Marty. Fun show. Ellen pulled it off well as host, including two funny bits giving Martin Scorsese a script and asking Steven Speilberg [deadpan] if he knew how to work her digital camera to get a picture of her and Clint Eastwood. Marvelous stuff.

    How marvelous, too, that lesbians seemed to break the boundaries last night that gay males (and representations of) seemed to never obtain. Mainstream lesbian empowerment, humor, diversity, accolades to the wife, Acadamy Awards. Especially after last years disappointing losses and lame gags around “Brokeback Mountain”.

    I think the reason it worked so well this year was that the majority of the movies nominated were made outside the Hollywood factories. I can say I have not seen any of the movies nominated, but wow… what a spectrum. Helen Mirren, Forrest Whitacre, Alan Arkin… incredible!

    And THANK the MAKER… I have no intentions to see Dreamgirls. I thought the original stage production was an abysmal pile of crud and I am SO glad the movice was not an award “run away” like horrendous year we were forced to sit through the wretched “Moulon Rouge”.


  3. Da says

    Yeah, the closet is an ugly concept.

    But let’s remember that we ourselves are often in closets of our own, or with different circles in our lives..Are we going to point fingers at each other forever, instead of combatting the real enemy? One way to make it easier for celebs and others to ease out of the closet is to start speaking more positively of those who make a step out which our community has yet to come around to do, so is it any wonder why being out is such a scary place – I’d vote not.

    I feel Ellen, Melissa and others are doing a heck of a job being out in America and I salute them. But I feel the rest of the job is up to me, and the rest of us, not just Hollywood.

  4. phil says

    To some extent, Ellen made the same mistake Letterman made when he hosted, which was to think this was an episode of his regular show but with some award presentations inserted. But Ellen is so self-effacing and pleasant that it didn’t get in the way of the proceedings.

    I like Ellen but I can’t help thinking (because I’m older, perhaps) that it’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be anyone like Bob Hope or Johnny Carson who can lend an air of importance to the proceedings by their very presence. With most hosts these days, the show makes them important. It used to be the other way around.

    Of course, that was a long time ago, and Hollywood has changed hugely.

  5. Wayne says

    My favorite comment of the night came from the “E” channel’s red carpet interviews. Ryan Seacrest (hello closet) was interviewing John Singleton, who had a cute guy along side him. Ryan says sarcasticaly to John: so is this your boyfriend? And John replies back”well, yes, he’s my partner…” Both John and his partner had odd looks on their face, and Ryan immediately threw the camera back to his co-horts in another part of the theater.

  6. bron says

    Andy, why do you put “wife” in quotes? Just cause Melissa said it? It feels like you’re almost invalidating it.

  7. sam says

    Is John Singleton gay? Was he talking about his life partner, or was he talking about his business partner and got confused about the terminology?

  8. FizziekruntNT says

    Does ANYONE know why or how the hell Ryan Seacrest stays employed? I mean, is it REALLY as simple as who you’re blowing to be a starlet wannabe? Hell, I could’ve been to the Oscars front row by now.

  9. FizziekruntNT says

    And yeah, Andy. We all know what the word “wife” means. Is that a political statement you’re making?

  10. anon says

    Director John Singleton was with an actor who’s in his upcoming film. Singleton’s divorced and has a kid, and has dated a few high profile women, so I assume he’s straight. I thought Ryan Seacrest’s comment said more about Seacrest and his gay issues and not the actual situation. Singleton had his arm around the actor, but it looked like he was steadying someone young and new and promoting him and the film. Instead of responding to Seacrest’s gay-baiting question, he simply said something like, ‘Well, yes, he’s my parter because he’s the star of my upcoming film.’ Seacrest looked like an ass. He seemed to be hoping to get a reaction that would put the idea of being gay and being with a partner ridiculous, and Singleton stayed above it.

  11. Kit says

    On Queen Latifah and John Travolta..I think its easy to judge them. But, how many of us regular folk have a hard time even coming out to our friends and families? Would we be able to do it if it meant coming out to millions of people and possibly losing our fans and careers? I know that my best friend was the last person I came out to, in college. I can’t imagine if I had to do it in front of a million people. They’d gain the respect of the gay population, but they’d lose middle america, and John Travolta especially relies on them to pay his bills.

  12. Jack! says

    Ellen was a great host. Fun and light.

    Melissa had a sweet kiss with Tammy as she was accepting her award.

    There were a lot of lesbians at the awards. Did anyone else get the impression that Cate Blanchett and Jessica Biel are lesbians? I did.

  13. andy says

    FizziekruntNT, I used quotes around wife because that was the word Etheridge used herself when making the statement. Please go elsewhere to try to stir the pot.

  14. fendie says

    I think the usage of “wife” was perfect in illustrating how wonderfully out and comfortable Etheridge is. She didnt use a genderless “partner” or “lover” or “companion” but she picked “wife”, a definitely female indicator. She was definitely proud about who she is as a person, a lesbian and not apologizing. Whats even greater, Im not sure whether she intended it to be political, but that word alone is a strong word. You gotta be married to be a wife. Almost like a wink at the whole gay people cant be married thing. Almost like saying “So you think I cant have a committed relationship coz Im gay, look at me”. With that word alone she showed that their relationship is serious and her wife is a big part of her life. A great shining example, that Etheridge. Loved the fact that she didnt shy away from kissing her when she won. No hesitation. Miss Etheridge rocks!

  15. Wayne says

    To all of those bashing Latifah and Travolta: Unless you’ve had his dick in your mouth or licked the drippings from her chicken, please shut up! I’m so tired of you guys pretending to know someone is gay because a friend of a friend of a friend told you they were. Show me the pictures, or take it somewhere else.

  16. Jack! says

    Why are some of you getting upset with people suggesting someone might be gay? There is nothing wrong with being gay.

    A gay person is a gay person no matter what type of relationship one is in.

  17. Da says

    “Why are some of you getting upset with people suggesting someone might be gay? There is nothing wrong with being gay.”

    Nothing wrong with being gay. However, there’s a problem for me when gossip gets to rule over facts.

    And as far as I know Queen Latifah has not yet come out as a lesbian, so to lash out at her with such certitude is the equivalent of the school bullies picking on the ‘queer-looking’ kid because their appearance and behavior is a guarantee of their orientation.

    But to me, just like that student who is being labelled without coming out – I think we have no f’cking right to assume someone’s orientation (even when we have 99% chances of being right) till the person makes it a fact by speaking on it. And that works whether they’re gay, bi, or straight.

    All the rest is hearsay, speculation, witchhunting, and fingerpointing.

  18. mark says

    “All the rest is hearsay, speculation, witchhunting, and fingerpointing”

    Excellent points DA, but you left out stupid, immature, tired…too name a few more.

  19. mike says

    Where were the openly gay male couples? I suspect the Academy is afraid of them. Double standards, no doubt.

  20. just sayin' says

    As usual, to the Patriachy, lesbians i.e. biological females pose much *less* threat (perceived or real) to the status quo than gays i.e. biological males. Hence the higher (allowed) visibility of lesbians compared to gays.

    Homophobia PLUS Sexism is still alive and well in Hollywood, y’all.

  21. Luciene says

    Gay couples can be visible, but they choose not to.

    When Ellen came out 10 years ago, it was not easy for her. The show got cancelled and she was depressed for a while.

    Her visibility was in no way ‘allowed’. She has earned the respect she enjoys now.