Polish President Kaczynski: Gays Will Destroy the Human Race

Polish President Lech Kaczynski was roundly condemned on Wednesday for remarks he made during a recent state visit to Ireland. After being questioned about his decision to ban a gay pride parade in Warsaw and challenged regarding his homophobia, Kaczynski said:

Lech“If that kind of approach to sexual life were to be promoted on a grand scale, the human race would disappear. Imagine what grand changes would occur in mores if the traditional links between men and women were set aside.”

An interesting statement from a man whose twin brother, Poland’s Prime Minister, was recently outed after documents from the Polish Secret Service were declassified.

Still, the brothers continue to insist they are not homophobic though the actions of the government reveal a cruel oppression.

Kaczynski’s comments were quickly criticized by Irish politicians and gay rights groups. Said Senator David Norris, who helped to secure the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Ireland in 1993: “The distempered, ignorant, unsophisticated attitudes on behalf of the leader of Poland are a disgrace…to the European community.”


  1. says

    This nonsense comes straight from the Vatican playbook. Apologies to anyone with the same heritage, but isn’t this how “Polack jokes” got started? That someone in a position of state power and influence seriously believes, as, granted, many lesser mortals do, that there’s an actual chance the entire planet’s population could decide to be gay, thus leading to the end of the human race is proof that retardation is communicable. And, of course, that doesn’t even address the number of out gay men and lesbians, and closeted breeding like the proverbial rabbit.

    Seriously, were any Soviet-supplied nuclear weapons left in Poland after the Warsaw Pact broke up? If so, this ‘tard need disarmed.

  2. delb says

    Poor Lech…..just look at this picture, he deserves our sympathy…he doesn’t know better. It’s like: The more I condemn them, the less anyone will notice that I’m the gayest of all. And he definetely should do something with his hair!!
    Leland: No nuclear weapons left there, I picked them up

  3. Jack! says

    It’s a far too common refrain “I’m not homophobic” after one maligns gay people. The fact is they don’t see their hatred as hatred instead they see it as an opinion.

    I’m glad that many European leaders have condemmed him. They need to keep up the pressure. He’s using gay people as scapegoats for Poland’s failures. The Polish government has inforced and encouraged anti-gay feelings.

  4. sean says

    who cares what leach krakatowa has to say period. who the hell would want to live in poland anyway… shitty weather, fall-out from chernobyl, weak economy, crummy food and the only country i know where wal-mart would be looked upon as fashion-forward.

  5. Dan says

    Even if he’s gay, he’s a pathetic excuse for a human being…

    …how soon can Poland be rid of the terrible twins…?

  6. Da says

    “If that kind of approach to sexual life were to be promoted on a grand scale, the human race would disappear.”

    Actually, the world is facing 80% of its problems, including overpopulation and economic disparages, precisely because heterosexuality is being promoted as the only alternative on a grand scale.

    It’s amazing nobody’s figured the solution yet!? (but we’ll be waiting and will save the world just in time..)

  7. says

    “If that kind of approach to sexual life were to be promoted on a grand scale, the human race would disappear.”

    I love the way they all think that if we talk about it then all the guys are going to turn gay. Freakin crazy when you think about it.

  8. atheist says

    Ever been to Poland? It is quite literally like going back 35 years. I kid you not. The economy is virtually non-existent. We have been inundated with Poles since they joined the EU; 70 bus-loads a week arriving in the UK. If they want EU support, they better start playing ball in a hurry, starting with a change in their antiquated attitudes.

    “Promoted on a grand scale…” Promoted? By who exactly? The ignorance of this fool makes my blood boil. Not just his ignorance about human sexuality but about the state of the planet in general. The world’s population is approx 6.6 billion and the rate at which it is doubling is increasing. The problem is overpopulation not extinction. Is this f****** idiot seriously suggesting that the fractional gay population is going to make even the slightest dint in the world population? Not to mention the number of gay/bi people/couples who have children.

    Do your homework before you open your stupid, ignorant homophobic mouth you cretin !

  9. Jonathon says

    Wow. Where to start….

    I think that the world WOULD be a better place if there were more homosexuals. Breeders? Who needs ’em? Give me a fertile lesbian and a turkey baster and we’ve got the whole reproduction thing in the bag. (LOL)

    One does wonder, given how messed up breeders are, why so much attention is given to the 10% or so of us who are homosexuals. Population growth is way out of control. Divorce rates are skyrocketing, especially in “red” states. More and more children are growing up in “broken” homes, caused by divorce and/or abandonment of a mother and child by the sperm donor/father.

    The problem isn’t really with Poland or Poles in general; the problem is with the sort of leaders they select for themselves. But then again, isn’t that our problem here in the US too?

  10. michael woods says

    i welcome decent polish guys here in liverpool.i have four self contained flats to let. they are near everton football ground.they will be fully furnished totally.all will have new double beds for sleeping or otherwise.you have left your motherland. come and make your own space in the uk and enjoy your new found freedom.gay lads will be looked upon with kindness. go for it and best of luck