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Ann Coulter Defends "Faggot" Joke; Sponsors Pull Ads

Ann Coulter traveled over to FOX News (big surprise) to open her piehole and dignify the disgusting "joke" she made the other day at the CPAC conference. Here's how Ann feels about the word "faggot":

"I didn't use an insulting word. I used a schoolyard word, about a married man with children — for the eight billionth time, and the audience knew that. I mean the joke wouldn't have worked if I had inserted the name of a gay Democrat. Any other Democrat, the name could have been inserted. It could have been Howard Dean or Hillary Clinton because it's a schoolyard taunt meaning wuss, meaning nerd, meaning weenie, meaning lame."

Coulter obviously just doesn't get it. Doesn't realize that hundreds of kids are on the receiving end of that "schoolyard taunt" every day and it's far more charged than words like "wuss, nerd," or "lame". Not that I have to explain it to this audience, but the violence that verbal schoolyard aggression can lead to is all too clear. The conservatives who offer her a forum to tell this kind of "joke" are just complicit by proxy.

It's nice to see that some of the advertisers on Coulter's website understand that. After complaints, at least three companies — Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank — have pulled their ads from her site.

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  1. What a cunt. I mean that in the schoolyard taunt way of calling a bitch a cunt, you know; it's a joke.

    Posted by: Bill | Mar 6, 2007 8:14:27 AM

  2. Okay then, so if it's on the same level as the word "nerd", we can imagine a Hollywood movie called "Revenge of the Faggots", right?

    Posted by: John C | Mar 6, 2007 8:17:04 AM

  3. Someone should make "Revenge of the Faggots". I can already picture the movie poster for it: Ann Coulter and some other well-known neocons running away from a bunch of angry queers.

    Posted by: sweetjohnny | Mar 6, 2007 8:25:29 AM

  4. I'll back "Revenge of the Faggots."

    This woman is just disgusting. At least her website's sponsors aren't so foolish. I read how some claim they weren't aware they were on her site in the first place though.

    Posted by: Rob (lrdarystar) | Mar 6, 2007 8:30:17 AM

  5. what i don't get is why the right wing nut cases are upset? i just don;t get that? maybe it is a plot to say oh, we are not that mean? we don't hate gays?


    Posted by: johnosahon | Mar 6, 2007 8:31:45 AM

  6. What monumental arrogance (the other side of monumental ignorance). I can just see Hilary Clinton (or whoever) casually calling Coulter a 'stupid whore' before a press conf and then trying to laugh it all off as 'not an insult'.

    Is this the level of public debate in the US?? Abysmal.

    Posted by: atheist | Mar 6, 2007 8:32:53 AM

  7. Pure ANN..TWO WORDS: Whoopi Golderg

    She was scorched for a joke and Kerry was SLAMMED and her career suffered.

    Posted by: MCnNYC | Mar 6, 2007 8:42:17 AM

  8. Off to Rehab, Ann.

    Posted by: Mike | Mar 6, 2007 8:46:01 AM

  9. ...and Coulter got just what she wanted; free publicity. She was all over CNN last night. Even Larry King dedicated his show to a detailed panel discussion on her actions.

    Now that that prostitute was buried in the Bahamas, this is the fall back, next best thing to talk about.

    Posted by: Rad | Mar 6, 2007 8:49:03 AM

  10. Go to her website, make a list of her sponsors, call them up and tell them that you are appalled they are enabling a hate monger.

    Then call her publisher. Do the same. Trust me, this will finally get her attention.

    It's not merely a schoolyard taunt. It's a vicious attempt to rob a person of their humanity.

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Mar 6, 2007 8:53:55 AM

  11. I live in GA and I'm very happy with Netbanks reaction to pull sponsorship. I am equally proud of verizon but I think it sucks they sponsored her anyway.

    Posted by: Matt | Mar 6, 2007 8:57:49 AM

  12. Okay Sean Hannity makes me want to gag. I have caught his radio show here in Atlanta a time or two. It makes me gag when people call in and the first thing they say is, "sean your a great american".

    Posted by: Matt | Mar 6, 2007 9:01:19 AM

  13. If it is just a school-yard taunt, then why not use "nigger" "spic" kike" or "gook", Ann??? Because you know you and your saggy ass would be banned from all media for life. Well we refuse to be steamrolled over by bgiots like you any more. Your 15 minutes are up Ann! So go sit down and shut up.

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Mar 6, 2007 9:08:06 AM

  14. Well, why shouldn't a straight man be called "faggot" for once? In my childhood/teenaged culture it meant wuss, good-goody, sissy, or wimp. And some heterosexuals ARE that.

    Posted by: Joe T. | Mar 6, 2007 9:20:44 AM

  15. Someone on AmericaBlog suggested Outing people at CPAC and Amer. Conserv. Union. I say GO FOR IT!

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Mar 6, 2007 9:21:48 AM

  16. Matt: I despise Hannity too. I think he has no logic whatsoever. (The only time I was on his side was when he defended the man arrested for running back into the burning house to rescue his dog). I like Colmes and O'Reilly though.

    Posted by: Joe T. | Mar 6, 2007 9:23:42 AM

  17. Joe:

    When I grew up "faggot" meant that too. I even called other boys growing up faggot but in this day and age it has changed and become something different. It's meaning has changed. You ask anyone today what a "faggot" is and they are going to say a gay male or queer not a pansy.

    I like O'Reilly on occasion. He seemed very educated when I saw him on Oprah.

    Posted by: Matt | Mar 6, 2007 9:27:23 AM

  18. Perhaps, Matt (meaning the meaning of "faggot"). I'm not 100 percent sure though. On "Cops" the other day a mother called the police on her young son who was causing trouble. The cops asked him why and he said, "Because she's a fag" real surly and defiant. (Was actually pretty funny). I guess I still just relate to my childhood definition. But I see what you're saying.

    Posted by: Joe T. | Mar 6, 2007 9:32:26 AM

  19. It saddens me to see conservatives turning their collective backs on Coulter. During a time in our political history when it's perfectly acceptable (indeed, applauded) to make movies depicting the fictional assasination of President Bush or to lament the fact that Cheney didn't die at gunpoint, to call someone a faggot and have the sky fall down is just embarassing.

    How did we ever get to the point where wallowing in a cesspool of self-pity because someone has called us a mean name can trump calling for the death of a leader?

    Is that not also a form of so-called "hate" speech? And if so, why is it that I don't recall similar hysterics? If this rises to the level of calling for her entrails to hang in the public square, where is the outrage when actions move beyond mere words?

    Rhetorical, don't bother.

    Ann Coulter has called someone a faggot. And Rome burns -- again. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

    Posted by: Psychedelic Pariah | Mar 6, 2007 9:34:11 AM

  20. Honda and Acura still have ads on with direct links to their sites.
    As a Honda owner who will soon be shopping for a replacement, I'll be making a call tonight.
    I also want to ask about their lack of benefits for Domestic partnerships.
    (800) 999-1009

    Posted by: Patrick Goodnow | Mar 6, 2007 9:34:11 AM

  21. "In my childhood/teenaged culture it meant wuss, good-goody, sissy, or wimp."

    I can remember with great clarity the first time I was called a faggot. They weren't calling me a wuss, they definitely meant a male homosexual. How do I know that? Because cocksucking was the adjective used to describe faggot.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Mar 6, 2007 9:40:20 AM

  22. Thank you Pariah. Poor, sweet Ann is being crucified for a innocent little word. I mean it's not like she has ever suggested violence in her past like those dirty hippies. She never ever suggested poisoning a Supreme Court justice or blowing up the New York Times building or invading all Muslim countries (with violence) and converting those ragheads to sweet Jesus. Ann is the paragon of all things true and virtuous. God bless peaceful Ann

    Posted by: JMM | Mar 6, 2007 9:48:02 AM

  23. Oh dear Psychedelic Pariah,
    Poor Ann Coulter! How dare people turn their backs on her after she says bigoted things! Her poor little heart must be breaking! I'm sure she is crying RIGHT NOW! Oh the horror!
    And a poor Leader/Decider! We should all be standing behind him because he has done such wonderful things for the gay community and not gotten us into disastrous wars or anything! Dissent is so un-democratic!
    I don't recall anyone in the Democratic Party ever joking about killing Bush or Cheney, certainly no one that would actually speak about that a Democratic convention in an official capacity. Nope, that’s the kind of bullshit the Republicans do.
    What the hell is wrong with you right wing zombies who come here?
    Everyday its "global warming isn't real!", "the Republicans actually like Gay people!", or "Bill O'Reilly is really a nice man!".
    If you are so convinced of your ass-backwards candyland that you live in how about staying there and letting the rest of us deal with reality.

    Posted by: Adam | Mar 6, 2007 10:03:41 AM

  24. Ann Coulter... spokeswoman for Conservatives, Family Values, Evangelicals, Republicans. Thank God she does NOT belong to my party.

    Posted by: Reggie | Mar 6, 2007 10:10:59 AM

  25. advertises on Ann Coulter's website.

    Call and complain at 1-800-330-0485, their number and leave a message explaining why you want them to drop their ads from her website.

    Posted by: RAD | Mar 6, 2007 10:11:01 AM

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