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Conservatives Laud Gay Porn Star Marine


Cpl. Matt Sanchez, a USMC reservist, was recently feted at the CPAC conference where Ann Coulter made her "faggot" joke. Sanchez has been on all the conservative chat shows talking about the poor reception he has received from "radical anti-military students" while recruiting for the Marines at Columbia University, which he attends, and the right-wingers have quickly come to his defense.

SanchezWhat the conservatives apparently don't know is that Sanchez has acted in many gay adult films, and Joe.My.God, who tipped me off to the story, notes the irony: 'Now, porn stars are entitled to enter the military, although Sanchez obviously had to do it on the downlow. Porn stars are entitled to have a right-wing ideology, even though the very people he supports would love to see gay porn stars strung up by the nuts. (Wait, have I seen that movie?) But, Oh.The.Irony. of Sanchez appearing with Bill O'Reilly who only a couple of days went apoplectic over San Francisco's 'Colt Studio Day.' And OH, the irony of Ann 'Faggot' Coulter happily posing with Sanchez for a photo-op."

I was shocked to see this story this morning, for the main reason that Matthew Sanchez and I met at a gay bar in San Jose, California and went on a few dates in 1989 when I was a graduate student at Stanford. I haven't seen him since. It was brought to my attention after we had finished dating that he had gone on to do gay adult films but I had no idea he had joined the military and was also holding hands with folks who would be so loath to accept him into their ranks had they any clue to his background.

I had not been following Sanchez on the right-wing talkies, and had I caught those segments you would have heard about this story much sooner. Though perhaps that was for the best, because should the story behind Sanchez have been brought to light any earlier, O'Reilly, Coulter, and others may not have been caught with their pants down on this one.

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Dirty Sanchez [tom bacchus] (CAUTION: NSFW)

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  1. DCTOPMAN, I stand are correct. I cross referenced him to another Falcon flick, MVP036 "Man to Men," and his is the only name that appears in both. I guess the moral (if there is one) is that names are fleeting, but an 11 inch cock is forever. Much to Mr. Sanchez-Majors chagrin when it's brought up in polite conversation with Ann, Bill and company.

    Posted by: Howard | Mar 6, 2007 4:51:07 PM

  2. Gay Porn Actor dude has not aged well!

    Poor thing.

    Maybe that's why he "followed the money" after he no longer had a porn career. Go CONservative or ... exgay!

    How convinient!

    Posted by: FunMe | Mar 6, 2007 5:19:46 PM

  3. PETERPARKER: The UNCF isn't advertising directly on - It's a PSA placement from the Ad Council (it rotates to another PSA if you refresh). That said, I submitted a comment to the Ad Council website asking if they had any PSA banner ads dealing with bigotry or hate speech they could insert into rotation on Ann's site. Couldn't hurt.

    Posted by: Kurt | Mar 6, 2007 5:26:44 PM

  4. Update: Coulter's website doesn't even have the Ad Council rotating masthead banner ad any longer. It was there 3 hours ago. Geez, she's even scaring off PSAs. But she still has the ad love from the Conservative Book Club. Guessing they're going to stick around, huh?

    Posted by: Kurt | Mar 6, 2007 5:41:08 PM

  5. The guy has a great dick no matter hispolitical persuasion. I wouldn't vote for him, but i'd definetely fuck him.

    Posted by: michael | Mar 6, 2007 5:43:58 PM

  6. Anyone else notice that Tom Bacchus slammed Andy for making this post "all about him[self]" by mentioning he previously dated Sanchez. Maybe Bacchus is upset this post isn't all about HIM instead.

    Posted by: RJ | Mar 6, 2007 6:12:33 PM

  7. wonder if Colt Studios would consider a spot on Ann's site now that she's been "aiding and abetting the enemy"? no worries, I'm sure she's pocketing a few extra $$$ from the Marine's pocket since he's got both hands on that 11 inch monster.

    God - what some people will do to get an almighty buck.

    Posted by: resurrect | Mar 6, 2007 6:38:07 PM

  8. This is not so much about his sexual orientation as it is the ridiculousness of the entire situation: this guy, former gay porn star, was lauded at the same convention where Ann Coulter was applauded for saying "faggot." The wonderful Repuglicans.

    I'd half expect Sanchez to say he's straight and loves Jesus now anyhow.

    Posted by: EMA | Mar 6, 2007 7:06:11 PM

  9. This is absolutely amazing because Sanchez is supposed to lose any and all military benefits he has RIGHT NOW!!! He committed purjury on his entry forms into the military and he also violated the UCMJ while on active duty. According to the UCMJ you can never engage in any kind of homosexual sex on or off duty 24/7 throughout all the years of your enlistment. This pig is totally dishonest.

    Posted by: Gary | Mar 6, 2007 7:18:53 PM

  10. Either Edwards is a faggot or he is not a faggot. I hope he is not, because being a sex perverted faggot is a despicable and disgusting thing to be.
    Romans 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:
    for even their women did change the natural use into that which is
    against nature:
    :27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the
    woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men
    working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that
    recompence of their error which was meet.
    SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

    Posted by: Rev. Donald Spitz | Mar 6, 2007 7:20:24 PM

  11. Gosh, Andy. You know you've hit the big time when the walking psychotic have discovered you and take the time to spray your site. See info below on the perfect Christian, Rev. Spitz. But, Reverend, I just have one question: you're mother sucked cock -- why can't I?

    From Southern Poverty Law Center:

    One More Enemy
    The Army of God web site, a long-time cheerleader for the murderers of abortion doctors, now is taking on blacks

    The Rev. Donald Spitz has never been a pleasant man. Considered a wild-eyed extremist even among his colleagues on the radical anti-abortion scene, the head of Pro-Life Virginia and long-time principal of the Army of God Web site ( applauds the murderers of physicians, clinic workers and secretaries.
    He rails against "filthy faggots" and "lesbos." Islam is "Satanic," Arabs are "Rag-Heads," and Muslims "should not be allowed to live in the United States." New York City is a "sex perverted cesspool" that richly deserved Sept. 11.

    But there is one type of vicious group hatred Don Spitz has always denied — the "false accusations of racism" against blacks "put out by desperate babykilling abortionists." If a black man accepts Christ, "then that man is my brother."

    Well, maybe. And maybe not.

    This summer, on the Web site long run by Spitz, a remarkable series of headlines began to appear under "Current News Stories for Christians." To almost anyone but Spitz, these racy one-liners reflect the crudest kind of racism.

    "African-American on bike randomly shoots people," screams one link to a legitimate news story. "83 Year old White Woman beaten to death by three African-Americans," says another. "African-American Killed her," a third reads under photos of the principals, "because she was White and her parents 'didn't allow her to have sex with a black man.'" And the list goes on:

    "NAACP calls for the murder of Police Officers."
    "Black robbers mug chancellor's [white] wife."
    "White woman carjacked, raped and executed by African-Americans."
    And a longer headline accompanied by a photograph of an attractive white woman: "White Rebekah Hanson marries African-American Kashard Brown, then White Rebekah Hanson murdered by her African-American husband Kashard Brown."

    A little further down the list, another headline is limited to a single quote: "Let's rape these White Girls, kill them and throw 'em off the bridge!"

    These eye-catching headlines are published on the Army of God Web site that Spitz has run for years. The Army of God is a loosely connected collection of people who have carried out violent attacks on abortion clinics, doctors and other clinic workers.

    Although there is no evidence to suggest a formally structured group, scores of violent criminals, saying they were called to their work directly by God, have described themselves as "members" of this self-appointed army.

    Spitz, who does not have a record of criminal violence, claimed that he had not personally written the headlines — but he saw little problem with the person who supposedly did.

    Those two guys in Texas," he told the Intelligence Report in a reference to the truck-dragging murder of James Byrd Jr., "no one had a problem making race the issue there. So I don't know why this would be considered a racial issue."

    The news stories "have a racial component" and the headlines merely reflect that, he said. They are "not making a dialogue or a commentary," Spitz added.

    Spitz, 56, said he had recently turned over day-to-day control of the site, temporarily, to a man he refused to name — a man who goes by the pseudonym of Ehud Gera. (Ehud, son of Gera, is a left-handed character in the Bible's Book of Judges who uses stealth and a dagger to murder Eglon, king of Moab, and then goes on to lead the Israelites to victory over the 10,000-man army of Moab.)

    Spitz may not direct the site. But the Web site directs correspondents to write "Gera" at a Chesapeake, Va., postal box held for years by Spitz and his wife. Spitz, who has lived in Chesapeake for many years, described "Gera" only as an ally.

    Spitz has courted controversy for years. He was kicked out of Operation Rescue after the first murder of an abortion doctor in 1993. A Pentecostal minister without a congregation, he has cheered such murders as "righteous," posted "war criminal" posters of doctors, and been arrested at clinics.

    According to Wrath of Angels, a book on the abortion wars by James Risen and Judy Thomas, authorities found his name and unlisted phone number in the possession of John Salvi after Salvi murdered two clinic workers and wounded five others in 1994.

    Salvi was caught after he carried out the murders in the Boston area and then traveled more than 500 miles to fire a barrage of shots at the Hillcrest Clinic in Norfolk, Va. — a clinic that was routinely picketed by Donald Spitz. Spitz later held a "prayer vigil" outside Salvi's jail cell, shouting, "We love you, John Salvi!"

    Last year, Spitz was contacted by Clayton Waagner, who was then a fugitive who boasted of mailing some fake anthrax threats to abortion clinics. Many of Waagner's threats were signed "Army of God, Virginia Dare chapter." Dare was the first white child born in America, and is often romanticized by white supremacists.

    For his part, Spitz insisted that he harbors no racial animosity — indeed, he said, "I know more black people than I know white people." The headlines on the Web site, the reverend explained, merely reflect "black-on-white racism."

    Intelligence Report
    Winter 2002

    Posted by: Charlie | Mar 6, 2007 7:56:25 PM

  12. Gary - I think Sanchez's porn career ended (90's)well before he enlisted - as for the alleged escorting - well who knows but I will say that guy has clearly tried to make something of his life after porn and that's admirable no matter how loathsome his politics maybe.

    Posted by: Giovanni | Mar 6, 2007 8:21:23 PM

  13. We've only been judging his escorting (and pron life) in light of what he's become...a complete hypocrite.

    Posted by: Rich | Mar 6, 2007 11:01:03 PM

  14. gay Republican sex workers - UNITE!!! both of you out there.... (okay, not you Ann C.......)

    Posted by: resurrect | Mar 6, 2007 11:06:54 PM

  15. Ann is SUCH a two-faced CUNT! And boy, I never realized it until that photo, but she is REALLY FAT too! A FAT two-faced cunt!

    Posted by: Damien | Mar 6, 2007 11:18:00 PM

  16. I am not sure what hero means. Does it mean that someone goes out and does something that should be done or does it mean you do something because you are told to.

    I thought we were well past the race thing and hate thing. Are there just people out there that are evil and anything that isn't there way they take issue with it. If a man saves my life that is a person I will trust no matter what. Further to the issue of hate people in our own communities are haters. The drag queen is seen as the hirerarchy of the gay scene, (I should have slapped myself for mentioning that but it is true.) As far as I am concerned a man is a man no matter what they chose to do. And career choices are his. Movie making is movie making.(look at the crap Hollywood is putting out these days) You don't have to go very far to see scenes of violence towards anyone. (flip on the news) Our neighbourhoods are fill with people ready to blow anytime and lords knows they will.
    Part of the problem is the time that we live in. Just be careful out there as we all need each other.

    Ann is selling her new book on the press she is getting because of this. Remeber years ago they were going to bad Modonna's book and then the press got a hold of it and went went bolistic, every where you looked there was a story about it and it sold. Whips and chains, nothing exciting for most of the gay crowd. Leather queens unit you get your moment if not your 15.

    Just a thought.

    Posted by: Dr.Pat | Mar 7, 2007 7:09:07 AM

  17. I don't care what any of you say. Matt Sanchez is a HOT BABE. I would do him in a second. I would LOVE to pay the $1200 to spend a day having sex with him... such an intelligent dude and a cutie too!


    Posted by: Krishnan | Mar 7, 2007 7:49:27 AM

  18. Judging by his interview on the kirstenbjorn site, he started porning at 20 and retired at 28 - he's 36 now. No mention of his orientation on either his myspace or blog, unsurprisingly - plenty of his opinions though...

    Is he trying to kick-start a career out of this or what? If so, he's stuffed.

    Nice posts Howard.

    Posted by: atheist | Mar 7, 2007 8:16:22 AM

  19. Dr. Spitz? I heard he was Dr. Swallows.

    Posted by: mark m | Mar 7, 2007 10:20:44 AM

  20. Wow, Sanchez reminds me of how far right- wing white people can be when dealing with stupid minorities. Oooops, did I say that right?

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Mar 7, 2007 1:04:32 PM

  21. Like Mr. Towle, I also dated Sanchez back in the late 80s, when I was living in SF and he lived in San Jose. Nice guy, cute, but not exactly the smartest guy in town. I'm glad to see that the whole Republican agenda is, once again, being exposed for the self-serving bullhonkey it obviously is. Matt, snap out of it!

    Posted by: MarcoPolo | Mar 7, 2007 1:09:42 PM

  22. I have seen him many times at the NYSC on 23rd and 8th which is about the gayest gym on the planet. I am also pretty sure I saw him at the Black Party.

    Posted by: Jeff | Mar 7, 2007 9:38:44 PM

  23. I, too, used to see, Matt, at the NYSC on 23rd and 8th. There's plenty of eye candy to go around, so I wouldn't have paid much attention to him but for the fact that he pranced around in what seemed to be a rotating wardrobe of "W" tshirts (this was pre-2004 election).

    To put my mind at ease, I just convinced myself that it was some homo-ironic fashion statement, because, seriously? But apparently, not.

    God save this queen.

    Posted by: decisive | Mar 8, 2007 12:11:25 AM

  24. Guys,

    My dig at Andy was in jest, and out of pure emerald green envy.

    While I've had more than my share of celebrity schtups and pornster porks, Matt certainly is, er, was, a choice cut, er uncut.

    Posted by: Tom Bacchus | Mar 9, 2007 1:23:21 PM

  25. The only way to view Matt Sanchez is as a man-whore. Every single thing he's done makes sense if you look at it from that angle.

    There are two kinds of man-whores: Part-timers and professionals. Part-timers do it for a short while and for a specific reason, typically to get through school or get past a financial problem. They're usually fairly well-adjusted people who shake it off and move on.

    The pros are a different group. They're usually sweet and manipulative, most of them having a bottomess need for adulation and attention. They're fun for a while but they have (no pun intended) the attention span of a fruit fly, which in fact is necessary to succeed in this line of work. Job #1 for the professional man-whore is to tell the customer what he wants to hear, which always boils down to some version of "I'm really into you."

    The fact that it's an illusion is immaterial to both whore and customer. To be any good at it, a man-whore has to actually believe what he's saying, as long as we understand that "believe" means to occupy his mental buffer with that notion. Once the session is over, the mental buffer is cleared -- with the help of that short attention span -- and the customer is a non-entity. Which, in the man-whore business is fine and good; it's what both parties expect and in fact seek.

    What the Republicans probably didn't know is that man-whore skills transfer effortlessly into politics. Sanchez, professional man-whore from start to finish, knows how to create illusions. This gig calls for him to be a handsome, square-jawed American marine, forthright, open-faced and conservative. Hell, he's played similar roles. No problem.

    Republicans are suckers for theatrics. Look at their presidential candidates, for God's sakes. Who have they really loved? Reagan, the smarmy actor, and Bush Jr., the phony christian cowboy. They are all about the illusion. This time, the great black hope.

    For Sanchez, I think the payoff is probably the adulation. Maybe there's a commercial motive, but I think the attention is at least as important to him. It's a man-whore thing, and even he probably doesn't understand. How else to explain his willingness to talk about this without batting an eyelash?

    He digs the spotlight! As a porn "actor," it was fading. His "career" never made him a star. Only supporting roles for him, and if you look at the reviews they were decidedly mixed. Man-whoring itself? That's a rough way to make a living over the long haul. You don't see many man-whores who can survive too long. The late hours, the phoniness and the games take a big toll.

    Sanchez needed a new gig, and for a time he got it. When the shit finally hit the fan, instead of indignantly denying everything and saying that he was being mistaken for someone who looked a lot like him, like the man-whore he is Mateo just couldn't resist the chance to have a star turn.

    Moral of the story: Once a professional man-whore, always a professional man-whore. The saving grace might be that, even after they toss him out of the Marine Corps (I guarantee you that they will), he'll get to keep the uniforms. Military porn isn't as age-limited as other porn. He's got at least another 10 years, maybe even 15 or 20 years if he plays his cards right, left in that game.

    Don't let your gym membership lapse, Mateo, and keep doing those Facersizes.

    Posted by: Willysnout | Mar 9, 2007 8:16:25 PM

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