“Ex-Gay” Donnie Davies brings his Ex-Gayness to SXSW


Purported “ex-gay” Donnie Davies and his band Evening Service (if you’ll remember, his YouTube video with the charming chorus “God Hates a Fag” made headlines some time ago) played a gig at the Austin Texas music fest South by Southwest (SXSW) over the weekend.

According to blogger St. Murse, who did some nice coverage of the event, Davies is still working that “ex-gay” image, whether it’s legit or not. Also, apparently up for question is whether Donnie can sing at all:

“Interestingly, in addition to not being an ex-gay (or probably gay at all) or Christian (at least of the scary variety), Donnie’s not even a singer. He just lip-syncs while this guy (above right) sings off-stage?”

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