Go-Go Boys Keep Going, and Going…


If you enjoyed the Timothy Greenfield-Sanders ‘Go-Go Boy’ feature I posted for you earlier in the week, you may want to head over to Rod 2.0. He’s got a selection of a few more from the upcoming issue of Flaunt.

Go-Go Gods Flaunt It [rod 2.0]

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  1. Brian says

    Maybe it’s me, but after I mention how hot that tattoo is, all I can think of is how not-hot it will be once he’s old… talk about something that forces you to maintain a flat tummy… or else!

  2. says

    I constantly struggle with the question of what is sexier in swimwear: a nicely supported, balanced, symmetrical package, or a lopsided one in which one of the genitals rebels and does its own thing off to the side. I suppose there’s room for all in the beach-and-pool gayverse.