Mexico City Registers First Same-Sex Civil Union


As an orchestra played “Bésame Mucho”, Antonio Medina, 38, (right) and Jorge Cerpa, 31, on Friday became the first same-sex couple to register for a civil union in Mexico City under the law according to El Universal:

“They were united Friday in a plaza in front of the government offices for Mexico City´s Iztapalapa precinct, signing documents under a banner that read ‘Civil Union Law: Your right to choose’ as dozens of supporters yelled ‘Bravo!’ and waved rainbow flags.”

Mexico City, though the first municipality to pass such a law, is the second to put it into action. The northern state of Coahuila, which borders Texas, began registering civil unions in late January.

Said Medina: “With this law, a history of exclusion comes to an end. Today, the love that before did not dare speak its name has now entered the public spotlight.”


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  1. Nick says

    It is wonderful and sad to see other countries acknowledging gay rights. I an happy that we are gaining ground around the world but then I am reminded how here in my own homeland I an still not equal and free….

  2. xavier says

    Awesome. I can imagine the fundies getting their panties all in a bunch. That a very macho-oriented culture would allow two men to legalize their union speaks volume of the religion/moralistic/dogmatic-oriented culture in the U.S.

  3. says

    “Awesome. I can imagine the fundies getting their panties all in a bunch.”
    Posted by: xavier |

    LOL, don’t rub it in. They might already be close to getting a heart attack watching all the photographers celebrate the new star couple of Mexico.

    Bésame Mucho Mexico! Congrats to the newlyweds Antonio Medina and Jorge Cerpa!!

  4. says

    Mexico as a country can recognize injustice god will so will its North American neighbor. Congratulations to all the gay couples that have chosen to dedicate their lives to each other.


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