NFL and Indianapolis Colts Coach Dungy Raise Money for Anti-Gay Hate Group

It’s been talked about for weeks, but last night Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy stood before a staunchly anti-gay crowd at the Indiana Family Institute Banquet benefit and declared himself to “embrace” them in the gay marriage debate.

DungySaid Dungy: “I appreciate the stance they’re taking, and I embrace that stance…IFI is saying what the Lord says. You can take that and make your decision on which way you want to be. I’m on the Lord’s side….We’re not anti- anything else. We’re not trying to downgrade anyone else. But we’re trying to promote the family — family values the Lord’s way.”

Earlier this month the Colts released a statement distancing themselves from the event: “Coach Dungy’s feelings on the importance of marriage and family are well known. He, of course, is free to speak to any group he wishes. The club does not take positions in political issues in which it is not directly involved. The Colts do not endorse any political or religious position taken by any group that any Colts employee decides to speak or lend his or her name to.”

Dungy2They did, however, provide signed sports equipment to be auctioned off to raise money for the anti-gay organization: “Previous IFI banquets had drawn at most 440 guests, according to organizers. But the appearance of the Super Bowl-winning coach to receive the institute’s “Friend of the Family” award set a record. Seats for the event at the Ritz Charles, one of the institute’s largest annual fundraisers, went for $75 apiece. In addition to the more than $50,000 raised from ticket sales, the institute auctioned off enough Dungy-signed Colts footballs, helmets and paraphernalia to raise nearly another $20,000. In keeping with the Colts theme, Dungy was introduced by Colts punter Hunter Smith, whose Christian band Connersvine served as the evening’s entertainment.”

Imho, raising $20,000 for a hate group means the Colts (and therefore the NFL) is endorsing them.

Dungy: ‘I embrace’ same-sex marriage ban [indianapolis star]


  1. Oy says

    This really is just par for the course for the NFL, though. I’m surprised that the Colts haven’t fully and openly supported the IFI from the beginning.

  2. dc-20008 says

    Odd how those who have been historically discriminated against, feel it is OK to discriminate.

    Perhaps we should go back to banning mixed race marriage? Then what would Mr. Dungy have to say??

  3. Michael says

    Football Players are notorious sluts, married or not. Its only a matter of time before Coach Dungy’s skeletons come out of the closet. Now that he has all of this attention, Im sure his not-necessarily-male escorts will out him soon enough.

  4. Leland says

    Time to give Dungy the “Hardaway Treatment”—though it will be much harder given they won the Super Bowl.

    Tony Dungy: Welcome to the 21st Century version of the Ku Klux Klan.

  5. Leland says

    PS: This is no run-of-the-mill religionist but one who has a long history of involvement with religionist organizations and nearly gave up coaching to become a minister.

  6. Charles says

    “Odd how those who have been historically discriminated against, feel it is OK to discriminate.

    Perhaps we should go back to banning mixed race marriage? Then what would Mr. Dungy have to say??”

    Oh yawn.

    Gays are racist as hell too. It’s not like one side is innocent. We have to find some other argument besides “what if we banned mixed race marriage” and the patronizing “I expected more from you black folk” line. It’s so played out and it’s obviously not working. It also suggests that somehow miraculously, racism is dead and homophobia has taken its place-yeah right.

  7. peterparker says


    No one is arguing Tony Dungy’s or the NFL’s *right* to support the IFI. Hell, if they wanted to put on a white robe with a white poiny hat and stand on the side of the road advertising a KKK rally, they’d have that right. What Andy is pointing out is that they are supporting disgusting bigotry and hatred against homosexuals.


  8. Frank L says

    Tony Dungy is a fool and an idiot. Unfortunately, like it or not, he’s also a prominent public figure. The two categories seem to go hand in hand these days.

  9. Leland says

    Well, Charles, I don’t know your race, or what makes you such an expert on what has failed vs. what has been given a chance to succeed, but I yield to the wisdom of Black gay legend Bayard Rustin who accomplished more in his life than you, I, and everyone else on this blog put together [and race card dealing Black lesbian Jasmyne Cannick]. Rustin said TWENTY YEARS AGO:

    “The barometer of where one is on human rights questions is no longer the black community, it’s the gay community. Because it is the community which is most easily mistreated. … the question to ask is, ‘What about gay people?’ Because that is now the litmus paper by which this democracy is to be judged.”

  10. brian says

    One would have expected a bit more introspection and empathy from a man whose son took his own life.
    How much pressure he received from rigid old dad, G-d only knows.

  11. Jonathon says

    The moonbats can have him. But he should also be prepared for the scrutiny that will now follow his decision to endorse bigotry.

    Waiting to see how long it takes before those skeletons come marching out…. 3, 2, 1…

  12. rjp3 says

    As any of us who work in corporate America konw he crossed the line using his image on the flyer in the Colts uniform. He crossed the line auctioning off NFL merchadise.
    If we do not demand and get a reaction from the NFL we get what we deserve. The man should be fined and the NFL should report it. Gay fans of the NFL should not let this go.

    This all makes the allegation that his “gay” son committed suicide do to his father’s religious beliefs all the more believable.

    A bad man.

  13. Joseph says

    RJP3, I was just wondering the same thing, that his son may have committed suicide because he was gay and had a father who was rabidly anti-gay.

    We will probably never know, but even if that’s NOT the case, that Dungy would give support to such a hateful cause — one that encourages gay bashing murders and self-loathing suicides — is truly dispicable.

  14. bambambam says

    Hm. I wonder how many divorces, adulteries and spousal beatings and pre-marital sex episodes were sitting right in that room, ready to be pointed out and hated on?

    Oh well, much better to point the finger at someone over there and be a fucking hypocrite.

  15. Giovanni says

    Leland, I think Rustin would have also pointed out that the race card (along with the God card and the Sex card) is always in play in that game that is America.

  16. RJP3 says

    If a son is gay or bi or just not a bigot – the stress of living under his father’s oppresion could drive a sensitive teenager to commit suicide.

    When that happens the parents usually know they are to blame – but the trend is they usually BLAME THE GAY MOVEMENT – and strike out at IT.

    I think that is why we are seeing Tony Dungy act out. Similar activist “conservatives” are Brit Hume and the an infamous former President of Boston University – John Silber.

    Both had son’s who were gay and killed themself.

    Both had arch conservative fathers. Both Father’s then ramped up the anti-gay activism (Watch Brit Hume on Fox News anytime a gay issue is discussed – his negativity is activism.)

  17. nycredneck says

    No, idiot, PEOPLE are racists and some of those people happen to be gay. I however don’t see any high-profile gay people going around saying the Lord says the races should not mix. He’s open game.

    My firt volley in that game…apparently the Lord’s style of family didn’t work so well for Dungy’s. Ouch, I know. But, sorry Tony, you opened yourself up for it.

  18. Mike says

    MANY GAY GROUPS RAISE MONEY FOR THE ACLU AND THEY DEFEND NAMBLA MEMBERS…… WHERE IS YOUR STAND ON THAT? I forgot that unless you’re bed wetting liberal and don’t think the way the majority of the sheep think, you don’t have rights to free speech.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    When white gay folks criticize anti-gay black folks, reminding them,”have y’all forgotten what it felt like to be discriminated against,” it is fair. But it is also fair for black gay folks to remind white gay folks that racism and racial discrimination is alive and well in the gay world.
    I also wondered whether Dungy’s son’s suicide had something to do with his fathers’ religious fanaticism. And yes, it is fanaticism when you bring up your personal religious beliefs after winning at a sporting event, an awards show, or a successful sex orgy.

    And again, Leland: Jasmyne was tough on idiot Hardaway, and on the NAACP for its silence on Hardaway’s hateful idiot mouth.

  20. rudy says

    Interesting that others have noted the possibility that Dungy’s son’s death was somehow related to his bigoted father’s hate-filled beliefs. When I speculated (in a previous thread)that his son may have been gay and committed suicide rather than face his bigot of a father, I was pilloried by many. Yet I have seen this pattern too many times to discount the possibility, nay probability.

    We will likely never know but it would not surprise me that a confirmed bigot such as Dungy would continue spewing his hatred even if he knew or suspected that his son was gay. RJP3 you are prescient in your insights.

    Keep up the good fight for basic human rights.

  21. Leland says

    And, Derrick, Jasmyne [whom I TOTALLY agree with about Shirley Q. Liquor] gave Isaiah Washington a gilded Get Out of Bigot Jail card, because she knew him to be a nice guy or whatever. He even thanked her in his acceptace speech for the NAACP “Image Award” [which I trust their Board Chair Julian Bond was ashamed to see him get]. And, oh yeah, to cap that crap off, she pulled a Michael Ovitz and blamed the attacks on Washington on a “gay white mafia.” I guess if she personally knew Hardaway he would have gotten a pass, too. And, yes, I DO consider calling someone a faggot in anger the moral equivalent of saying one hate gays just as I would a consider a white person saying “nigger” racist in a similar context.

  22. mark m says

    I think most any crusade against homosexuality stems from a need to compensate for something.

    Aside from good old fashioned home-grown intolerance, those reasons could include, but are not limited to:

    fear of one’s own sexuality

    anger over an incident in their past – perhaps sexual abuse as a child

    embarrassment over an incident in the
    past – perhaps experimentation

    low self esteem, small penis, masculinity issues, etc etc

    Guilt over the loss of a gay child. Displaced anger at a “lifestyle” they blame
    rather than taking responsibility.

    Guilt over acts in their own life which probably “anger God”, therefore they fight evil homos so God will be pleased and look the other way regarding their sins.

  23. says


    So now you only “speculated” on the sexuality of the young Dungy?!?!?! You connected the boy’s death to the other suicides of queer youth and turned all huffy when it was suggested that we do not know why the boy killed himself. That continues to be true no matter how many folk here seem convinced the boy was a sodomite. As for Dungy, his anti same sex marriage stance is not surprising considering his faith. Doesn’t make it right but I’m not really surprised.

  24. Ben says

    Tony Dingy (purposely misspelled) has lost all of my respect. This better be brought up to the NFL, and the NFL better punish Tony Dingy. Tony Dingy shouldn’t be preaching about family because obviously his family had some serious issues.

  25. says


    Stop. You are breaking my heart. Yes sodomite. And for the record: if you search this site here is how I once described myself: “fat, bitter, and colored.” Learn some humor baby.

  26. SGR says

    If Dungy and the IFI were serious about promoting families “the Lord’s way,” they would be raising money to ban divorce and to make adultery and having children out of wedlock a crime. They would find lots of passages in the Bible to back up such initiatives.

    Banning gay marriage has no effect whatsoever on promoting families “the Lord’s way.” As some comedian said, 50% of straight marriages don’t end in divorce on account of gayness. Any reasonable person knows that heterosexuals do a fine job on their own bringing up the divorce rate, committing adultery, and having kids out of wedlock. There are players on his team who are divorced, who commit adultery, and who have children out of wedlock. How come he doesn’t belong to organizations that raise money to get rid of those sins?

    Their agenda is to gay bash, and Dungy can bullshit all he wants about not hating and not bashing when he knows full-well that that is what he’s doing. What a prick.

    Poor Marvin. ‘Nuff said.

  27. Robert In WeHo says

    I will never understand how an otherwise well reasoned, successful, intelligent person can willfully embrace ideas and thinking that stand in complete conflict with everything that such a person as Mr. Dungy should, by all rights, be against. Perhaps it’s yet more clear proof as to the corrupting and brainwashing power of Christianity? Maybe some people just can’t understand the incongruence between their life and their professed religious intolerance? I don’t know. One thing I am sure of, however, is that Mr. Dungy ought to know better. That he doesn’t, is suggestive of many possibilities, none of which are good…

  28. Leland says

    If Coach Dungy really wanted to follow “the Lord,” he would do at least two things that he apparently overlooked when studying what Leviticus and the Apostle Paul said about homosexuals:

    1. Refuse to let the Colts play on Sunday, for that is the Sabbath as identified by Xtians and Leviticus forbids anyone working on the Sabbath. – Leviticus 23.3.

    2. He would hire genealogists to identify whom his ancestors worked for; track down their descendents, quit the Colts, and report with his wife and children for cotton picking duty.

    “…you may buy male and female slaves. Moreover you may buy the children of the strangers who dwell among you, and their families who are with you, which they beget in your land; and they shall become your property. And you may take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them as a possession; they shall be your permanent slaves.” – Leviticus 25: 44-46.

    “Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything.” – Apostle Paul; Colossians 3:22

    “[Slavery] was established by decree of Almighty God…it is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation…it has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization, and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts.” Jefferson Davis, President, Confederate States of America

  29. Jack! says

    AfterElton has covered this story very well.

    The NFL is endorsing this group by playing stupid about what it is. I have no respect for the NFL, the players or the coaches. They are ignornant.

  30. RJP3 says

    “MANY GAY GROUPS RAISE MONEY FOR THE ACLU AND THEY DEFEND NAMBLA MEMBERS…… WHERE IS YOUR STAND ON THAT? I forgot that unless you’re bed wetting liberal and don’t think the way the majority of the sheep think, you don’t have rights to free speech.

    UH …what an ass first off.

    Second … noone is saying Tony Dungy can not do as he want and say what he wants BUT what he is saying is bigotry. Unless you do not thing that gays and lesbians should have equal rights including marriage rights and the 1000 Federal Special Rights that go along with them.

    The ACLU protects free speech. Correct.

    I think NAMBLA is a front first off … it may have existed by the rumor is that it is mostly a few wackos getting funding by conservatives to discredit the gay movement.

    Anyway … I DO NOT SUPPORT the ACLU because it takes on crazy cases like NAMBLA that I do not support AND I AM A LIBERAL.

    However without the ACLU’s work bigots would shut down any website or publication that mentions homosexuality and return us to the recent past.

    Not sure who the original post came from – but his logic does not hold up.

    You can hate NAMBLA (I have been in huge anti-NAMBLA protests at a gay parade in which the organizers made the MISTAKE of letting them march – this was LONG ago in 1990.)

    AND you can dislike TONY DUNGY and point out that the corporations he work for should stop allowing him to use their names and logos if they want gay dollars (they do).

  31. says

    I have iften argued how can we embrace the two dads two moms ( divorced parents) on their way to the third but cant show gay role models people who have been together a long time not just break up . Im straight a nd i hate them theyll get divorced twice technically be on the third but not get married to their significant other cause they want aliimony from their last. Living with derek real housewives of or ange county guliani if i had kids i rather be like adam and steve have been together 15 – 25 years then them see suzyy and her third jim

  32. Leland says

    Well, gee, Sasha. It’s kinda hard to decipher your post. Is English your second [third, fourth] language and/or are you drunk and/or….. But seeing that you seem to think that only having to remain a slave for seven years was a GOOD thing, perhaps “Retarded” is the label that most applies.

    Sabbath? Sorry, girlfriend. But you say puh-tah-toe, they say puh-taa-toe…Most Xtians say it’s Sunday, Jews Saturday, and Muslims Friday. But when it comes to brains not working, every day is your Sabbath.

    And, Mary, if you’re trolling gay sites [emphasis on the “troll”], one doubts you’re as “straight” as you’d like the world to believe. You’re touching yourself right now, aren’t you?

  33. Greg says

    I am a gay man living in Indianapolis and the battle between anti-gays and gays have been loud and nasty lately, mainly due to
    the ammendment banning same sex marriage;
    it is currently in debate in the House.
    Please go to the addy and
    sound off on this. The hateful posts of the
    anti-gays are disgusting to say the least.
    I think a lot of them may be paid shills from a group called Advance America which is a grassroots “focus on the family,” type hate group.
    What is laughable is that even after Dungy’s “stance,” Indianapolis is still trying to whore themselves to the NFL in hopes of a future Superbowl bid – I hope
    people contact the NFL and let them know this is NOT the town to have a Superbowl.
    The only thing that would fit in here is a
    snake handling, tamborine beating tent revival meeting!!

  34. rudy says

    James, Good to know that a self-described fat, bitter queen is on the lookout for humor in adolescent suicide, parental abuse, and religious bigotry.

    JMG, Spend much time at conjunction junction? ‘Ignoramous’ is a widely used alternative spelling, particularly in scholarly texts. And your point was. . .?

    Good that JMG and James are focussing on the topic of the thread and bringing forth such insights.

  35. Stephen says

    The man is standing up and promoting what he believes in. He has the right in every aspect to do what he is doing. If it upsets homosexuals that he follows his faith (and gauging from 95% of the comments here, it does), then they (homosexuals) need to ramp up their counter attack and continue to speak out for whatever it is they are seeking (sidebar: Stump for civil unions vs gay marriage and you’d fare a lot better).

    I am amazed how the verb ‘hate’ is so cavalierly bandied about when someone takes an opposing viewpoint on what homosexuals are attempting to advance. Tony D., in my opinion, (nor do others) hate homosexuals. They believe differently, with a majority of them basing their opinion and belieefs on a religious / Christian foundation.
    It would make more sense for homosexuals to denounce those who are NOT religiously affiliated in their opposition to gays.
    Consider the religious, et al. as a lost cause and pursue other avenues, groups, etc. to voice & promote your agenda.

  36. says


    Why of course he was because Rudy is nothing but “scholarly.” We know this because he keeps yapping about his brilliant mind.


    What have you added? Heck you just accused Dungy of abusing his child. Any evidence of that? Wait a minute. I’m sorry. You said it, therefore it must be true. What you have done is hijacked a kid’s suicide so it can meet your political agenda without one iota of proof that James Dungy was gay. Hold on. I’m sorry again. He was described as “sensitive” and his father is a religious conservative. There you go then because no one has ever heard of a straight kid who is sensitive.

    Listen critiquing Coach Dungy’s stance on same-sex marriage is one thing. Making leaps based on scraps of info is another.

  37. rudy says

    JMG and James, What is it about thinking that proves too difficult for you two to even attempt? Analyze the data, make logical and reasonable inferences, then draw a conclusion.

  38. says


    Why don’t you just say agree with you? Here are the facts: James Dungy killed himself and no one knows why. Has someone come out and said the boy was gay? If the facts change, then I’ll adjust; however, unlike you, I refuse to use a tragic situation to push/prove my politics.

  39. rudy says

    James, Do a bare minimum of research before blathering. Many people who knew James Dungy speculated at the time he killed himself that he was gay. There were significant press accounts to that effect at that time.

    James Dungy had a long and troubled history made worse by his father’s religiosity and rigid beliefs. E.g., James Dungy’s Internet page expressed admiration for the thugs who terrorized DC by shooting victims at random.

    Your comments on pushing politics are inapposite if not outright inane. Disagree if you so choose but at least think and do a little research before spouting off.

  40. says


    So now speculation equals fact? You are the blathering one here brother. Let me make this is simple as possible so you can understand: 1) James Dungy killed himself, 2) why he did it is still unknown although there are tons of “theories,” 3) some of those “theories” could be true but there is not enough information as of yet, 4) while it’s easy to pick a theory based on your political hobby horse, I would rather describe it is a family tragedy that no one should have to experience.

    Now if you consider this inane and below your “high intellectual standards,” cool. Kisses to you my brother and I promise to stop talking about this.

  41. bmf6c says

    First, I wish that everytime someone African American says something that is “homophobic” we, i.e., gay folks, don’t always feel the need to bring their race into it. General Pace wasn’t the “white general.” He was just a general. It’s a weird kind of prejudice to expect “black people” to have a monolithic view about anything. With that said, if we do (secondly) consider his race, I think that we should be more understanding of his stance on homosexuality. Change frightens people. People like to feel that things are fixed– especially in a time of crisis. Given, slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, etc., you could argue that African Americans have been in a state of crisis for a long time. Given that, many African Americans are religious. It was something used to get through the bad times. Traditional church doctrine is that homosexuality is immoral. While I disagree, I think there needs to be some understanding of this before every black person that makes a comment that isn’t 100% pro-gay is lambasted. That kind of hate/energy isn’t likely to be successful in changing things. Instead of, I’m pissed he said that maybe you say, I’m disappointed but I understand why he feels that way. It changes the affect of his action on you and hopefully allows you to respond to him in a way that will be productive at facilitatiing dialogue and change.

  42. rudy says

    James, Still unwilling to think? Try a new experience. Characterizing this young man’s suicide as a family tragedy (which no one has disputed) does not absolve you of the responsibility to think before posting.

  43. says

    Hey Andy, I just noticed that you had the story online too. I’d appreciate it if you’d be willing to link the story back to as the blog that broke the story about Dungy and the IFI. We’re the blog that’s quoted in the Indy Star story. The traffic that we’ve had over this story is massive (for us!), but we’ve had lots of right wing nuts coming over to leave nasty comments.

  44. Greg says

    Living here in Indiana we are treated to all sorts of local commercials starring our own TD. However, he either he trips over his words, is camera shy, or has a speech problem. Whatever it is, it would be difficult to perceive him as a knowledgeable and polished speaker.

  45. Mark says

    I’m very proud of Coach Dungy for having the courage to stand up for his morals, values and beliefs in these days of political correctness and thou shalt “NOT” say anything percieved negative or take any percieved negative stance against the almighty homosexuals for they will bring all their rath to bare on you and the liberal brown nose media will be more than happy to help them.

    Stand tall Coach. You are not alone. There are more Christians out here than the homosexuals and we will stand with you.

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