From the Clink in West Virginia: Gay Survivor Richard Hatch

Richard_hatchGay Survivor winner Richard Hatch, doing time for tax evasion at a minimum-security prison in Morgantown, West Virginia, talked to People magazine about his current digs:

“Obviously, this is better than the county lockup. There’s no fence here. But people think I’ve come to a country club. It’s not. This is prison. Just because it’s got a beautiful view of the countryside doesn’t make it a resort. And it’s horrendous because I’m an innocent man in jail…During Survivor, I caught them cheating – that’s where this story really begins. I demanded that something be done. [I’m] working on a book that I should have no trouble getting published. You don?t understand how much you miss your home life until it’s taken away from you.”

Hatch is 14 months into a 51-month sentence.


  1. Brian says

    No, Richard. The story began when you won a million dollars from a game show and then didn’t pay any taxes on it. What kind of idiot doesn’t know that lottery and game show winnings are taxable income? Even I know that, and I suck at understanding the tax laws.

    What a douchebag.

  2. says

    Sorry Rich,but you should have known better. The arrest at the hands of your son/fosterkid/nephew would have alerted any of us that they were looking you over with a fine toothed comb.

    Brian is right, everybody knows you don’t play with Uncle Sams cut. Not in this country.

  3. Davey says

    His argument is mind-bogglingly stupid. Even if the show’s producers HAD agreed to pay the taxes on his winnings, they still would have done so via his tax return — a document which he himself would have signed. Regardless of whether they agreed to actually foot the bill, he bears ultimate responsibility for the form that documents his earnings.

    That said, the ones I truly feel sad for are those who will actually buy his book.

  4. mark m says

    You gotta admit Hatch is the very model of the American Dream:

    Get famous for doing very little.
    Stay famous by doing something illegal.
    Continue to be famous by granting interviews from prison.

    I think Celebrity may take Money’s position as the true God of America.

  5. Jack! says

    He got railroaded. I believe what he is saying. He said this story several times before. Don’t trust anyone dealing with Donald Trump i.e. Mark Burnett.

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