Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #111

BILLY PACKER: Jimmy Kimmel on Packer’s “fag out” comment.

KARL ROVE PROTEST: Student protest upon Karl Rove’s visit to American University, pelt car with objects. News story here

RUDY GIULIANI ON ABORTION: 1989 speech to the Women’s Coalition for Giuliani in which he approves public funding for abortion. Will conservatives be able to vote for a man who continues to support it? (source: slog)

BULLET TRAIN: New French train sets speed record (357 mph) for train on rails.

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  1. Da says

    oye @ the students thunderous booes at Karl Rove :/

    I bet he expected a rock star welcome after the wannabe gangsta rap song he recently did to repair his image.

  2. Acolyte says

    Thanks for the train, Andy. I love trains…

    When are we going to realize what a good thing–in terms of environment, safety, aesthetics (massive concrete vs relatively tiny rails?)and, well, coolness–we had in trains and bring them back. With some of the gov’t support that goes into every alternative. Amtrak? It’s a national embarassment.

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