Eliot Spitzer to introduce New York Gay Marriage Bill Today

Via Gay City News:

“According to Gottfried’s office, the marriage equality bill now has 43 sponsors in the Assembly and the Empire Pride Agenda’s running vote count shows 61 ayes out of the Assembly’s 150 members, with only 25 stating their opposition. To achieve a majority of 76, then, gay marriage advocates need to identify at least 15 votes out of the remaining 64. All but three of the marriage supporters are Democrats, who hold a total of 108 seats in the Assembly.

The picture in the Senate is less promising, at least in the near term. There, only 18 of 62 have indicated support, with 24 opposed. A minimum of 14 additional votes, out of the 20 undecided senators must be secured for passage (with the ability of Democratic Lieutenant Governor David Paterson to break a Senate tie currently under scrutiny in the attorney general’s office).

Republicans hold a slim two-vote margin in the Senate, and upstate Majority Leader Joe Bruno opposes marriage equality and would block a vote on the issue at this point.”


  1. Zeke says

    Stephen will be here to tell us how marriage should be limited to people who can (or at least if they weren’t too old, infertile, sterile or uninterested in procreating WOULD HAVE BEEN able to) “naturally” contribute eggs AND sperm to their relationship, in 3, 2, 1 ….

  2. Adam says

    Yes Zeke,
    Or MJ will be here to tell us we should love Giuliani and ignore his stance on gay rights because TEH TERRORISTS!
    Or Cyd will sprout similar pro-Republican nonsense.
    I thank Towleroad’s comments section for giving me a glimpse into the brains of gay republicans. They are truly delusional.

  3. says

    Not at ALL!! lol. I really like Eliot Spitzer. He has a lot of integrity, he is really a man of the people, and I think he is VERY fair. I could see this guy as president some day. This Republican is a BIG fan of this Democrat!!!

    Unfortunately, it’s the leaders of both houses that are the problem. Sheldon Silver (a Democrat) is the head of the Assembly, and gay Democrat politicos have told me that, while he hasn’t said so publicly, he strongly opposes gay marriage (he is an Orthodox Jew). Both he and Bruno (a Republican) will likely block votes on this; and if those two guys don’t want to vote on something, they have the power to stop it, which is a crappy rule.

    But again, kudos to Spitzer!! Finally, a politician who does what he says he’ll do!

  4. Zeke says

    My response to gays who are against marriage equality is the same as it is to straights who are against marriage equality.

    If you’re against “gay” marriage then DON’T F’N HAVE ONE! But don’t try to deny marriage those of us who want and NEED marriage to protect OUR families.

    I’ve been called “familist” and “elitist” here for bringing up why my family needs marriage. I’ve even been accused of sounding like a Focus on the Family shill. I think that is unfair. I have never pushed marriage on anyone who doesn’t want one. I’ve never supported forcing churches to endorse or perform marriages against their beliefs. But it really pushes me to the point of fury when I have someone who doesn’t have a family, has no intention of having a family and hasn’t had a relationship that lasted longer than it took to put his pants back on, stand in self-righteous judgment of what marriage is, what it’s for, who deserves it and who doesn’t and standing against any gay persons right to marriage simply because they personally don’t need or want one.

    Everyone, gay and straight, deserves the SAME rights in this country. If you want to make all partnerships Civil Unions, I’m cool with that, but I will never be willing to adopt the inferiority complex of Stephen et al, and I’ll be damned if I’ll sit silently by while he and others try to explain why I, my husband, our son and our family are inferior simply based on our “unnaturally matched” reproductive plumbing.

    In Stephen’s world, mass murderers on death row are intitled to marriage as long as the inmate and his/her spouse WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE to conceive a child “naturally” under different circumstances, but my kid, WHO ACTUALLY EXISTS, doesn’t have a right to married parents.


  5. John says


    Like Florida… the state of New York is surprisingly regressive on gay rights, especially given its reputation as a pro-gay haven.

    NYS did away with its antiquated sodomy law in 2000 (Illionis did it in 1962, California in 1975).

    NYS banned employment discrimination against gays in 2001 (Wisconsin in 1982, California in 1992).

    NYS has no statewide domestic partnership or civil union law, despite the fact that most of its neighbors recognize same-sex unions (New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont).

    NYS state courts have voided a NYC ordinance requiring companies doing business with the city to provide health insurance for partners of gays, even though other major cities across the nation now have similar laws.

  6. Zeke says

    Sorry for the typos and grammar.

    This is one of the few topics that really gets my blood boiling.

    The result is, my fingers type faster than my mental spellcheck can keep up. :)

  7. Zeke says

    John, I agree with you.

    Even though the bill is most likely DOA, it was still the right thing to do.

    It is a first step in the long fight for justice and equality.

  8. Charles says

    “But it really pushes me to the point of fury when I have someone who doesn’t have a family, has no intention of having a family and hasn’t had a relationship that lasted longer than it took to put his pants back on, stand in self-righteous judgment…”

    I love the irony of this statement-condemning the self righteous judgement of those that disagree with you by self righteously stereotyping, judging and condemning their lives.

  9. Leland says

    No, Herr Zeigler, it’s not “the leaders of both houses that are THE problem.” They are symptoms: symptoms of the disease of some 10% of the population which results in their refusal to stand up for themselves— thus empowering religionist extremists who will go to their graves hating us and signaling to average nongay non extremist Americans that we are not worth of full equality.

    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
    “A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Leading this parade of voluntary second-class citizens are people like Anderson Cooper and every “gay Republican.”

    Bravo to Spitzer. Repugnant Governor Arnold: the alarm on your place in history just went off again.

  10. Jack! says

    Until this is law I won’t be happy. If the bill fails to reach the governor’s desk then I would hope Eliot wouldn’t not let go of gay issues or marriage because of it.

  11. Zeke says

    Charles, I wasn’t judging anyone.

    The complaint I mentioned had nothing whatsoever to do with the people’s relationship status or their sexual proclivities; my circle of friends would attest to that. My issue is when those who have no desire to have a long term relationship (which is fine by me) actively work against marriage rights for those want to get married. There is a huge difference between an observation and a judgment.

    I could care less what other people do or don’t do, but people shouldn’t actively work to deny a right to others simply because they don’t want or need it.

    I’m sorry you are incapable of seeing the difference.

    I’m also sorry that you have personal issues with me that cause you so much distress.

  12. peterparker says

    Eliot Spitzer is a wet dream of a politician. He is on the right side of *every* issue, and he isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. I can’t wait until Spitzer runs for President of the United States of America.

  13. Charles says

    “I’m also sorry that you have personal issues with me that cause you so much distress.”

    I dont have issues with you, I have issues with how you get your point across, but if that slam makes you feel better, then more power to you.

  14. Zeke says

    As for the line about having a relationship that lasts only as long as it takes to put your pants back on; I actually borrowed that line from a good friend of mine in Tampa. That’s how he describes his relationship status to anyone who asks. I think it’s a funny line. If you know him you know it fits him to a “T”.

    He tells me that he has no desire to EVER get married, but he sees why others might want or need to and he would never try to deny the option to others. He respects my relationship choices and I respect his; just as it should be.

    No judgment there at all.

  15. Zeke says

    Charles, I think you take issue with what you thought I said more often that with what I actually said.

    At least twice now you have accused me of saying something I didn’t say and then taken issue with it. That’s what you call a straw man

    That’s why I offered you the non-apology apology. When I’m actually guilty of what I’m accused of, and I think I messed up, I offer a real apology. I’ve done that MANY times here at Towleroad.

  16. Leland says

    Really, Charles, try using some lube with that dildo. It might minimize some of the crankiness, though one doubts it will in any way eliminate your halucinations about what people write.

  17. Stephen says

    The majority of Americans believe that marriage is – and always will be – between one man and one woman. I happen to be part of that group.
    I fully support civil unions that bridge the gap of inequality, but it is not marriage when two people of the same sex come together as one. It is different.
    Is that so difficult to fathom?

  18. anon says

    As far as I can tell the sky isn’t falling in Massachusetts, Steve. (The majority of Americans also believe in alien abductions and angels too…)

  19. GBM says

    And not only that but many churches ordain marriages for gay couples. Since such rites are performed even in states that do not grant benefits that ‘bridge the gap of inequality’ it seems quite possible for marriage, even purely religious marriage, to be between whomever people think worthy of it. Every one is allowed there own opinion Stephen, but you’re limiting your own possibilities and the possibilities of others unnessecarily.

  20. FizziekruntNT says

    Stephen, what is difficult to fathom is your inability to see any colors other than black and white. How is it possible for you to be so limited in your ability to reason? I suppose I’ll have to look that up and find out what makes people into single-dimension thinkers instead of like the many others of us who regularly exercise the capacity of multi-dimensional thinking and logic. I still have YET to hear anyone of your ilk sit down and write a plausible sentence to fully explain your concept of marriage other than simply stating “marriage is between a man and a woman”. That is an absolutist statement and I don’t live in a universe of absolutes. Maybe you’re not really from here. Or perhaps you should be discriminated against for just lacking the capacity to understand anything outside that infinitesimal microcosm.

  21. Zeke says

    At different times in history the Majority of Americans believed in: slavery, segregation, the subjugation of women, that gays should be thrown in jail or killed and that Native Americans were savages. They believed these things fervently and fought tirelessly against any change in that belief (kind of the way Stephen does with marriage equality). At different times in history people thought that the majority would ALWAYS believe these things, however, we now know that these beliefs are, and always were, CRAP.

    So, what EXACTLY is your point Stephen?

    And to answer your question, YES I find your labored reasoning hard to fathom. I find it even harder to fathom how a person such as yourself could be so deeply convinced by the logical fallacies coming out of Focus on the Family headquarters.

    In a few short years we have seen polls moving consistently in the direction of greater rights for gays AND marriage equality. With each passing year, and with successive generations, that movement will grow stronger and will move more quickly toward marriage equality. It’s a bit premature and arrogant of you to claim that Americans “always will” believe that marriage is ONLY between a man and a woman.

  22. Zeke says

    Stephen also is unable to, or refuses to, state exactly how giving marriage rights to gay couples would affect, change, hurt, inconvenience, damage, disallow, degrade, distract from or disadvantage straight couples, their marriages, their children or their families in ANY way.

    If it does NONE of the above, then what possible reason could there be for limiting it to straight couples?

    I still would prefer that all partnerships were CIVIL UNIONS as far as the state was concerned, but until that happens, I don’t want one damned thing less than my-three times-married neighbor has.

    GBM, you’re absolutely right. My Church, the United Church of Christ, endorses marriage equality. My church’s religious freedom is being denied by the government, whereas no church’s freedom would be denied by allowing civil marriage.

  23. says

    This my friends, is what I call courage.

    Not many politicians have it these days. — And like I said before, Eliot Spitzer and his team have all my support.

    And as a community, we should also do everything we can to positively fight back as the anti-gay forces (disguised under the “pro-family” banner) continue to dictate the tone of the discourse on policies that effect our lives and that of our families.

    We have a voice, and we got to use to tell our own versions of who we are; why we deserve equal rights; and what role we can play to make America better.

  24. Stephen says

    When you can accept what a male and a female have the ability to create in a sexual union and that a same sex couple cannot create, then you must see there is a difference in marriage and civil union.
    I’m for the equality, but it is not marriage.
    I think I’ve made it clear and concise.

  25. Adam says

    No one is denying that straight people can procreate. To use that as point in this debate is totally idiotic because there are certainly quite a few heterosexuals who marry and do not have children while there are also many gay couples who DO have children
    Why people like you care so much about who other people marry is beyond me. Mind your own fucking business and leave us alone!

  26. says

    To be accurate, the Governor introduced a Marriage Equality bill.

    “Governor Eliot Spitzer and Lieutenant Governor David Paterson today submitted legislation to create civil marriage equality for all New Yorkers.”

  27. Stephen says

    RE: Your comments.
    Therein lies the DIFFERENCE: Heterosexual unions have the ability to procreate.
    Same sex unions do not. Of course gay couples DO have children, as you point out, but not as a result of a sexual union of the two partners.
    Further, by your own admission, you uphold a difference in the couples, which has been my point. And if so, then it is NOT illogical to conclude that a case could be made that they be referred to differently.

  28. Leland says

    Ah, Stephen, still retarded after all these posts. Like my friend’s anal warts, you just keep coming back again and again. Therein lies the keyword. All you’ve accomplished by your tired and tireless nonsense for weeks now, in discussion string after discussion string, is to demonstrate a textbook case of anal retentiveness, your verbal sphincter squeezed shut around word waste. Seriously, after what no doubt involves hours of ritual and carefully chosen costumes and props, your actual concussive bowel movements are probably accompanied by the cannoned and carilloned climax of the “1812 Overture.” Must be embarrassing trying to explain to guests why you have five-foot stereo speakers in your bathroom. One trusts you wear triple layer Big Boy Pampers when attending public concerts. You must look forward every year to the Fourth of July the way Ted Haggard looks forward to a massage.

    Would that your tautological drooling resulted in a comparable cerebral explosion, but you’re also a textbook example of invincible ignorance and delusion, denying essential etymology and even rudimentary rationality. You are the classic three monkeys in one man: seeing no sense, hearing no sense, speaking no sense. Have you given them names yet?

  29. A says

    What a shame that this wonderful news has turned into such an ugly thread.

    All – It’s obvious that Stephen is not one of us, despite whatever claims he makes to the contrary. Just ignore him and maybe, hopefully, he’ll go away. (Perhaps back to shuffling papers at his desk at AFA headquarters?).

  30. Zeke says

    Stephen, yes or no, THE fundamental argument in support of racial segregation was that the races are DIFFERENT and therefore need “separate but equal” provisions? YES OR NO?

    Yes or No? The fundamental argument for denying women the right to vote was that they were different?

    Yes or No? The fundamental reason for denying miscegenation (race mixing) was that people who are different should be separated and not given a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT as it was referred to by the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in “Loving vs Virginia 1969″ when the denial of marriage rights, on the basis of prejudices against “differences” was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    FORGET THE LAST TWO QUESTIONS. I just want you to answer the first one. Was the VERY SAME argument that you are making now NOT the VERY SAME argument made to justify the segregation of the races in “separate but ‘equal'” accomodations?

    AND did the Supreme Court NOT rule that marriage was a FUNDAMENTAL right?

    Do you know what the definition of FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT is?

    I take your redundant demeaning of my family VERY personally. Do you have no shame when you tell me over and over that my family and our son is “unnatural”.

    I’ll say it again. Feel second class all you want to. Wallow around in your inferiority complex like a pig in slop for all I care; just keep you fucking opinion about my family to yourself.

    That is the last breath I will waste on you.

  31. Adam says

    No Stephen,
    A case can not logically be made to treat gay couples differently then straight couples just because they are “different”. EVERY couple is different. My Jewish brother and his Irish Catholic wife are REALLY “different” as far as their families are concerned. Tons of couples are different for many racial, religious, cultural and sexual reasons. There isn’t a logical case to discriminate against them just like there isn’t a logical case to discriminate against gay people. You are just a mentally retarded Asshat, Stephen. People with REAL families like Zeke do not deserve to suffer because you are uncomfortable with them as a result of you being a total jackass. It’s time for you to grow up and be a big boy and deal with reality.

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