Feeling Frontman Dan Gillespie-Sells Currently Not Lonely

Dan_gillespie_sellsThe frontman for the British pop band The Feeling, Dan Gillespie-Sells, came out of the closet in 2006 but just recently began talking about his love life. In a lengthy interview for blog Chart Rigger, Gillespie-Sells talks about pop music, Trevor Horn, and modeling for Marks & Spencer, but blogger J’ason D’luv also cracks the enigma code and gets the singer to open up about his love life.

Says Gillespie-Sells: “I have a boyfriend. This is a fairly recent thing. I started dating someone on New Year’s Eve. I’ve never told anyone before, because no one ever asked directly. This is really pathetic, but it’s probably the first proper boyfriend I’ve really ever had, because I’ve just totally scuttered around the whole thing for so many years. And I’m 28 years old and I’m, like, talking about my first real boyfriend…but certainly, it’s the first relationship that I’ve been really happy to talk about. I met him once before and then I invited him to a TV show that I was filming on New Year’s Eve. It’s great being in this business because you can invite people to really posh things! It was someone’s house on The Thames, and we were playing the New Year on BBC 1. It was 10 million viewers, and I remember getting ready to play just before the strike of midnight, bringing in 2007, but I was much more nervous about the date than I was about the TV show. It’s going really well.”

Above, the video for The Feeling track “Never be Lonely”.

Chart Rigger Exclusive: In Conversation With The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie-Sells [chart rigger]


  1. Gary says

    I saw them perform that night. He was at Somerset House, which is a great place for concerts, and then it followed up with what had to be the best fireworks display on the Thames ever. Glad to see that he has something else to make him happy as well.

  2. Joe says

    I’ve seen them live, and Dan is hella sex when he’s rocking out on his guitar and swinging his little hips. They really deserve big success here in the States, or at least a decent following…

  3. tc says

    To be before 10 million people and you are only caring about that one special person..pretty romantic to me……I miss that kind of love….but good on him for sharing his story

    …don’t know his music but I bet by tomorrow I will!


  4. says

    Damnit, I knew I should have jumped him when I had the chance last fall haha…
    Him and the entire band are quite amazing live in concert! Hope they get bigger! Plus he seemed really nice after the show! (Again, damnit…)

  5. says

    Have y’all listened to what comes outta the radio lately? It seems unlikely that The Feeling will ever crack the States to an appreciable degree, given what’s currently holding sway. If the Scissor Sisters couldn’t have a humongous hit here with a brilliant pop single like ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’, then it’s doubtful the warmed-over nouveau Supertramp/ELO schtick of DGS and co. will go over much better. More’s the pity.

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