Poland’s PM Says More Gays are Bad for Society

The European Parliament, responding to a mid-March statement by a deputy education minister in Poland that the nation was drafting a law to fire teachers who “promote homosexuality”, adopted a resolution condemning Poland’s leaders for their ongoing hateful policies against gays, and asked EU anti-racism experts to investigate “the emerging climate of racist, xenophobic and homophobic intolerance in Poland”.

TerribletwinsAccording to the BBC, parliament held a debate over the issue on Wednesday, on which several Polish MEPs walked out: “British gay MEP Michael Cashman said a country that had lived under repression should know the value of fundamental human rights. ‘You should be teaching us about fundamental values and that is why we will not hesitate to defend human rights and human rights’ defenders wherever they are,’ he said. But Polish MEP Witold Tomczak said homosexuality was against the law of nature, and called on “so-called defenders of human rights” to tackle ‘discrimination against normal families…Every person has a right to life and deserves respect and help, including one who – lost and scarred – has given into homosexual tendencies. The solution is to help those who suffer and to provide them with the cure that they expect us to deliver.'”

Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski was quick to respond to the resolution. Said Kaczynski: “Nobody is limiting gay rights in Poland. However, if we’re talking about not having homosexual propaganda in Polish schools, I fully agree with those who feel this way. Such propaganda should not be in schools; it definitely doesn’t serve youth well. It’s not in the interest of any society to increase the number of homosexuals — that’s obvious.”

Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the “terrible twins” as they are known to many, have a long anti-gay history despite the fact that Jaroslaw may apparently be gay. Lech Kaczynski was condemned by rights groups in February for his statement that gays would destroy the human race.

Poland urged to halt ‘homophobia’ [bbc]
Kaczynski rejecte EU criticism of his homophobic comments [iht]


  1. mark m says

    I think twins are bad for society. You can never tell them apart and they have that annoying tendency to finish each other’s sentences. And they’re always trying to fool the rest of us Unclones by trading places.

    Yeah, twins will destroy the human race.

  2. GBM says

    Aw, not all of us twins are so bad, just the bigoted, politically powerful ones. How about limiting persecution to just Evil twins, like the ones in The Shining or, say, the Kaczynski bros?

  3. Dean says

    My word… two living, breathing Polish jokes!

    There is so much ignorance and stupidity in their statements one really doesn’t know where to begin…. A few highlights:

    * “Against nature”? REALLY??!! Check out the link in the first post.

    ** “It’s not in the interest of any society to increase the number of homosexuals — that’s obvious.” Not only is it NOT “obvious”, it’s also NOT POSSIBLE. You are or you aren’t. Unless, of course, he’d like to take up the “creating” issue with God… that’s really up to him and HIM.

    *** ” The solution is to help those who suffer and to provide them with the cure that they expect us to deliver.'” “Expect”? Since we- and, yes, I’ll dare to speak for most of us- don’t consider ourselves sick, I don’t really think we “expect a cure”. This is not a condition that requires a “cure”.

    What morons.

  4. romariga says

    I feel bad for all the Polish gay people now. They have to contend with so much ignorance. It is amazing how disparate the EU is becoming. On one hand we have Spain, Holland and Belgium with the most progressive rights for gays. On the other side we have….’the twins’ The EU will look at the Polish government more closely and bring them up to the 21st century.

    ps. love pierogies and Polish kielbasa :-)

  5. Richard S says

    Please gay people respect other views. We don’t want see your parades. it make us sick inside. do that sick staff at home, do it in groups, I don’t care but respect others.
    Bravo Polish twins for being brave and avoiding political correctness crap!

  6. Dean says

    Dear Dick… Gay people DO respect heterosexual views. We’ve also put up with the “sick stuff” you do in public everyday. Thankfully, I believe, you speak for very few others than yourself… an ignorant, smallminded, majority of one.

    P.S. I do find it HIGHLY amusing that Dickie-boy doesn’t want to see gay people or the “stuff” they do, but he DOES find the time to visit a gay blog. Interesting…

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