Two of Four Sentenced in July ’06 New Mexico Anti-gay Hate Crime

New_mexico_bashingsYou may remember a sick attack on an 18-year-old teen in New Mexico last summer who was beaten senseless for hours at a party in the rural town of Edgewood. The victim had his face covered, his hands tied, and was beaten all night until the sun came up and left with a concussion, facial lacerations, and bleeding on the brain.

Two of the victim’s four attackers, Cecily Gonzalez and Uriah Smith, were sentenced to a year in a juvenile detention facility and four years in prison, respectively. The other two attackers (pictured) are waiting to be sentenced. William York, one of those attackers said that they wanted to “scare..him straight” and “get him to stop acting the way he was.”

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the victim has suffered additionally since the attacks: “Teasing and bullying that had already begun in high school became worse after the beating. ‘People were coming up to him and saying, ‘gay’ and ‘queer,” his younger sister said. ‘No one should be punished for the way they are. My brother is gay. I never looked at him as being different because of it.’ He had to stop attending school, she said.”

To add to the trauma, the victim has also developed Huntington’s Disease, which according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders is “a genetic disease that causes degeneration of brain cells and can lead to uncontrolled movements, loss of intellectual faculties and emotional disturbance.”

Said the victim’s mother: “I still feel all this pain. It’s been a living nightmare.”

Two sentenced in beating of gay teen in Edgewood [santa fe new mexican]

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  1. RB says

    The sentence in no way reflects the crime! Shameful is hardly strong enough to descride their 4 years! Events such as this one make me struggle with myself. I want them to be beaten repeatedly until they are dead and yet that is not how our system works. I feel sorry for this victim and for anyone that has to go through this. Wrong…SO WRONG!

    I hope they get what is coming to them…karma, that’s all I am saying. They deserve it!

  2. Bob Zuley says

    As unfortunately as this crime is, at least it was recognized, reported, and publically acknowledged. Too often, these crimes are swept under the rug by authorities, or blamed on hazing or routine criminal violence. Where I live, in Chicago, these crimes are seldom acknowledged, not because they don’t occur, but because authorities fail to acknowledge a “gay” element in these crimes. Shame!

  3. chuckfll says

    What I found amazing is the extra pain the poor kid seems to continue to get by homophobic assholes at his school…..
    That is not just “kids being kids”…That is them reflecting the “values” of the adults around them…Including, it seems, a school administration that would tolerate this…Sadly way too many do.
    When you hear teens (or anybody else) using the words “faggot” and “queer”, they are NEVER “just kidding”…

  4. CK says

    What moron hands down these ridiculous sentences? How can they possibly think that they reflect the terrible suffering that these homophobic runts inflicted on this poor fellow?

    And then he ends up taunted and traumatized again when back at school? Shame on the school administrators for not stepping in and putting a stop to that!!! I think they need a criminal sentence handed down to them as well, because they are as complicit in the homophobia as the ‘kids’ that subsequently made the guy’s life hell again. They disgust me!

    So many people in the US seems to be intent on showing how much we are intent on holding on to bigotry, not making life better for EVERYONE. What the f*ck is with that???

  5. Shooting star says

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read.

    That poor child, he was young, vibrant innocent living his youth only to have his whole entire life stripped away at him…at his peek.

    The issue needs to be addressed in the households. These monsters upbringings contributes to their behavior. What they are seen as tolerant and acceptable behidn closed doors is exactly what they’ll carry over once they’ll step foot out of those doors.

    Parenthood…it’s more then unzipping your pants and having great sex. Love, compassion, and unity is the first parenting lesson that should be taught to kids. The most creptic quote is reading the father have remorse for his daughter justifying her actions with “She’s got love, a huge heart”…where?! Shouldn’t we show how big our hearts are through are actions, not in a courtroom crying crocodile tears post tragedy (that we commited) He is the root of her undoing. It’s the parents who are getting the real sentence here.

    I sincerely hope someone…SOMEWHERE…can start a fund…or alliance..or scholarship this victims name, and in his honor.