News: Paul Wolfowitz, Immigration Bill, Prince Harry, Illinois

road.jpg Warwick, Rhode Island man in court for threatening gay neighbors: “Such as, ‘I’ll kill you. The fags are going to die.’ Things like that.”

Jrmroad.jpg Jonathan Rhys-Meyers prepares to loaf around.

road.jpg Corrupt World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz resigns over scandal prompted by high-paying promotion for his girlfriend. Reaction from bank staff over resignation: “Everyone ran into the hallways and were clapping and hugging each other.”

road.jpg President, Senate reach compromise on immigration bill: “Democrats are already trying to tamp down concerns of Hispanic groups, who fear that the bill would make it more difficult for immigrants to bring relatives from abroad. At the same time, Republican negotiators face blistering criticism from some conservatives, who say the bill would grant a virtual amnesty to people who had broken the law.”

road.jpg Illinois is America’s most American state. Taken into account by the AP’s analysis of census bureau data: “21 demographic factors, including race, age, income, education, industrial mix, immigration and the share of people living in urban and rural areas.”

road.jpg 60 Minutes explores what makes you gay or straight.

Applesroad.jpg Victoria Beckham goes grocery shopping and spots real apples in the wild.

road.jpg Gay pride banned in St. Petersburg, Russia: ” A spokesman for the city law and order committee said, ‘The holding of a gay parade was not permitted, because the announced place and time clash with City Day events.’ But activists said earlier that they would proceed with the parade, planned to take place on Nevsky Prospekt, the city’s main thoroughfare, May 26, despite the ban. Small-scale gay marches took place in May 2006 in both Moscow and St.Petersburg, in spite of authorities’ refusal to sanction the events. Several activists were detained by police.”

road.jpg Prince Harry barred from clubbing: “The party-loving Army officer — still shattered after being told he will not be joining his men in Iraq — has been ordered to “lie low” while his unit is away. He was given a pep talk by Royal and military advisers who fear a terrible backlash if the Prince is pictured boozing in London while soldiers from his Blues and Royals squadron are under fire.”


  1. shane says

    That immigration bill makes me sick. You can bring an entire third-world village here to suck off the American teet, but God forbid you bring your same-sex partner to live here with you!

  2. Frank says

    Shane, I hear your pain. I have a partner back in LA, and I’m stuck up here in Vancouver. I’ve had multiple job offers in LA but I can’t come back down because I don’t qualify for any visas (TN categories suck, H1B have run out, etc etc.) I’ve toyed with marrying a female friend but that has its headaches as well. The bill is a joke too, giving de facto amnesty to illegals and STILL not offering easy ways for legal immigrants who play by the rules to come down. If that illegal immigrant Z visa passes, I’m going to be in the ridiculous position of coming back to the USA to claim I was living in the country illegally in order to get the only visa that will work for me, when in fact I’m the most law-abiding, tax-paying dude out there.

    Add to this that gays and lesbians don’t have any marriage options to secure their relationships across borders… It sucks so hard, I could scream.

  3. Acolyte says

    The 60 Minutes piece was interesting—most of it I’d already heard, but it was fascinating to see it all together. The older brother piece got me thinking about left-handed homos (like me). One theory of left-handedness is that it results from trauma/stress in the womb: fetuses are initially left-brained (and therefore right-handed) and a stressor causes the right hemisphere to kick in to provide “backup,” which then results in a left-handed kid. Intriguing, then, that the older brother effect doesn’t apply to left handed boys. There are, of course, studies showing that lefties are more likely to be gay…

    also, how great that the man doing the rat experiments is named “Breedlove”.

  4. Matt says

    Acolyte, I guess an evolutionary theory of homosexuality might include that it’s a protection against overpopulation in a species; definitely, some insects display more incidences of homosexuality when overpopulation occurs. An explanation for how this might happen biologically would be that some type of external pressure or stress affects fetuses during pregnancy. Overpopulation and everything that goes along with it could be a stress. Of course, there could be many factors! I know many adoptees seem to be gay versus just anyone (I’m adopted); certainly that choice and all that goes with it is another type of unusual stress on a mother. It’s very interesting, but I think it’s slowly going to become even more obvious that homosexuality is something that people are born with. That’s my opinion, at least.

  5. Leland says

    There is an earlier thread about the MANY problems with this “60 Minutes” piece when it originally aired last spring and the thorns among the roses.

    Stahl MEANT well. She does some of the most caring reports on the show and I don’t think she has a [knowingly] homophobic bone in her body [though I wish she’d stop letting Cojo cut her hair]. But she, like so many laypeople, are too gullible when it comes to talking with scientists whose personalities are more persuasive than their research, and some of us are too gullible when we only hear SOME good things being said about us, while not thinking about the downside implications, or doing our research [as “60 Minutes” producers SHOULD have done] on where some such “experts” are coming from. It was definitely a situation of “two steps forward, one step back,” but more insidious than innocent [though, again, not through any intent of Stahl]. Read on to learn what its chief “expert” is really about.

    First, regardless of what we think of the sociopolitical ramifications of the studies’ alleged results, I think, at least as presented, [and, of course, it wasn’t “Nova”]–it’s plain poor “science.” Because it, like all “documentation” of gays, be it voter exit polling, consumer spending habits, or # of Judy Garland Fans, depends entirely on SELF-identification. And, therefore, the “validity” of the “results” are, empirically speaking, limited to that group of gays who are willing to be identified as gay. Infamous psychologist Bieber et al. insisted all gays are mentally disturbed because all of their PATIENTS were mentally disturbed.

    The “Let’s Play ‘Spot the Homo'” demonstration [a favorite Bailey hat trick–again, see below] was absurd [and Stahl’s unintended low point]. Talk about playing poker with marked cards! She should bring her own deck next time, not play with theirs. Could we please see some childhood film of gay former pro football player Dave Kopay? He was probably chewing the heads off of dolls when he was a kid not changing their little dresses. And, based on Bailey’s criteria, BOTH identical twins were SOOO gay. Following his reputation for dishonesty and being disingenuous [see below], he failed to mention his appearance on “20-20’s” 2004 “Gaydar” segment, in which he acknowledged that, at most, gays can only be identified 70% of the time. And that was his OWN claim. You wouldn’t have known that by what he said in this show. Even if he were right, until society learns that there is NOTHING wrong with being effeminate males/masculine females, shows like this are NOT “value” neutral. It was so “50s” in its approach to gender roles [or CONFORMITY], I’m surprised it wasn’t shot in Black & White. All it lacked was June Cleaver vacuuming the set in heels and pearls. Again, two steps forward, one step back.

    And WHERE was the distinguishing between homosexuals and transgenders? The sweet little twin [with the loving mother][I longed for him to say, “GI Joe is a doll, TOO, girlfriend!’] who thinks he’s really a girl who somehow didn’t turn out right [where’s the positive/neutral message in THAT?] was treated entirely as if the ONLY thing he could be is gay. That is because the producers obviously let Bailey shape their perceptions. He doesn’t even BELIEVE there are transsexuals, as well as wanting others to believe that ALL gay males are somehow effeminate. Here’s the highly respected Southern Poverty Law Center’s report on him and his cohorts [“…(have) pushed the idea that there’s a genetic basis for homosexuality, making it a ‘disease’ that could eventually be eradicated”]. Unlike his act as a Pied Piper leading us back to Tara, such parts of it will make your teeth fall out. And, coming full circle, your head will explode when you read what Bailey’s mentor said about, of all people, Al Gore. Maybe this iswhere Ann Cuntler got the idea to call him a fag:

    Queer Science
    An ‘elite’ cadre of scientists and journalists tries to turn back the clock on sex, gender and race
    By Heidi Beirich and Bob Moser

    On a book tour last spring and summer, Northwestern University psychology professor J. Michael Bailey gave his audiences a sampling of recent scientific thinking about sexual and gender identity.
    After playing audio recordings of four men’s voices, Bailey asked: Which is gay? The crowds inevitably picked out the voice with exact articulation and lispy “S” sounds. Precisely! Bailey cheered.
    His point: Determining somebody’s sexual orientation is just that easy, just that obvious.
    Needless to say, Bailey’s brand of “queer science” has not met with cheers from GLBT (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender) activists ý nor from many fellow scholars, who see his studies as attempts to lend scientific credence to age-old stereotypes.
    But Bailey does have company. Many of those who praised his recent book, The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism, belong to a private cyber-discussion group of a neo-eugenics outfit, the Human Biodiversity Institute (HBI).

    This exclusive group of academics, race scientists and right-wing journalists, along with a reported handful of liberals, exchanges thoughts about “differences in race, sex and sexual orientation” for a chilling purpose: promoting and studying “artificial [genetic] selection.”
    The Man Who Would Be Queen is only the latest in a series of controversial studies and articles by HBI members, many of whom are bent on overturning the most widely held psychological and scientific views of gender, sexual identity and race.

    But Bailey’s book has brought negative publicity to this “anti-PC” movement, both because of Bailey’s controversial conclusions and because most of the transgendered women profiled in his book say they never knew they were going to be written about.

    In November, Northwestern launched a full-scale investigation of Bailey, who chairs the prestigious university’s psychology department, to probe his handling of transgendered women he was supposed to be counseling, but was allegedly using as unwitting research subjects.

    Anjelica Kieltyka, a Chicago artist whose personal history is a prominent part of The Man Who Would Be Queen, filed the first complaint with the university last spring. Like other subjects in the book, she says she was never informed that Bailey was going to write about her.

    In fact, she sent several others of the book’s subjects to Bailey, friends who needed his help in obtaining mandatory approval for sex-reassignment surgery.
    Kieltyka likens Bailey’s “science” to the infamous syphilis experiments performed on unwitting black men at the Tuskegee Institute. “At the beginning of the last century, blacks were expendable human beings to be experimented on without their knowledge,” she says. “For Bailey and his allies, we transsexuals are just their guinea pigs.”

    Equally disturbing, to Kieltyka and others, are the conclusions Bailey reached. Based on his allegedly unauthorized interviews and on discussions with a few other people he met in bars, Bailey determined that transsexuals (the term for transgendered people who surgically change their gender) are “especially motivated” to shoplift, “especially well-suited to prostitution,” and “not very successful at finding men willing to commit to them.”

    The transgender community is especially galled by Bailey’s diagnosis of their “condition.” The American Psychiatric Association and the vast majority of scholars agree on “gender identity disorder,” a medical term for people convinced they were born the wrong gender.
    Bailey signs on with his reported fellow HBI member, sex researcher Ray Blanchard, who contends that transgendered people are actually either homosexual or autogynephilic, a term for men aroused by the idea of themselves as women. Bailey says autogynephilics suffer from paraphilia, a set of “unusual sexual preferences” that includes necrophilia, pedophilia and bestiality.

    The upshot, says University of Michigan professor emeritus Lynn Conway, is clear: “Bailey has stereotyped us and portrayed us as alien creatures, just as racist scientists did to blacks in earlier eras.”

    Among some of Bailey’s reported HBI cohorts, that racist science of old is still just as alive and well as their current sex research. The Institute’s main activity appears to be an “invitation-only” online discussion list for “a small, elite and eclectic mix of experts.”

    According to a list posted on HBI’s Web site until last summer, this “elite” includes:
    Jean-Phillippe Rushton, a prominent researcher on black genetic inferiority who is president of a pro-eugenics hate group, the Pioneer Fund;
    Charles Murray, co-author of The Bell Curve, which purported to show black and Latino intellectual inferiority;
    Kevin MacDonald, a professor at California State University at Long Beach who has written several books about supposed Jewish strategies to subvert “Euro-American” culture; and
    Gregory Cochrane, a physicist who has suggested the existence of a genetic “gay germ.”

    These ideas about race and sex have not been limited to the world of academia. The HBI also includes several right-wing journalists who help popularize their theories ý and promote their books.
    The most prominent cheerleader for Bailey and the other HBI researchers is the man who started the HBI: Steve Sailer, a United Press International reporter and frequent contributor to the anti-immigration Web site,

    Like Bailey, Sailer refused to respond to questions, telling the Intelligence Report “tough noogies.” Also like Bailey, he has pushed the idea that there’s a genetic basis for homosexuality ý making it a “disease” that could eventually be eradicated.

    “It’s radically unfashionable to call homosexuality a disease,” Sailer noted this August on (see Keeping America White). But that doesn’t stop Sailer, who fashions himself a bold thinker willing to confront taboo subjects.

    The personal Web site maintained by the man behind the Human Biodiversity Institute,, provides a different window into Sailer’s way of thinking.

    The site is dominated by crude racial and gender stereotypes as Sailer mocks professional golfer Annika Sorenstam for her muscles, claims that Asian men have a hard time finding dates because they look “less masculine” than other men.
    Salier also invokes the spirit of his friend Bailey when he claims to have found the real reason Al Gore lost the 2000 presidential election. He chalks it all up to a lisp that makes the former vice president “sound prim, even homosexual.”

    Intelligence Report
    Winter 2003

  6. Acolyte says

    Hey Leland–thanks for the background info. It would have been interesting to hear theories on the actual connection btwn “effeminacy” and homosexuality—that is, are they related at all, or do they just often show up together for some other, as yet undetected reason. Do effeminate gay men like dick more than butch ones, for example? I somehow think not…

  7. pacificoceanboy says

    Shane what is your ethnicity?

    If german, irish, and or italian the wasps of yesteryear said the same exact thing about your ancestors who came to america.

    They raved and ranted at how letting irish, italians, and germans into america would dilute our culture, drain our coffers, and spread disease.

    mr pot meet kettle

  8. Leland says

    Acolyte: you’re welcome; and, not the butch gay men I’ve known. LOL.

    Pacific: Thanks for speaking up about this. Sometimes I think I must have been in a coma [oops, inviting abuse] when someone decided that “illegal aliens” were devils incarnate. Of course, they never mean Caucasian illegals, and rarely acknowledge that the poor ones of color wouldn’t come or stay here if there weren’t jobs for them. It all just immediately stinks to high heaven to me of fundamental racism that I can’t stand it, particularly when it comes out of the mouths of fellow gays, and is bolstered by stupidity as the friend who complained about how “all the Mexicans’ old trucks are destroying the air in California.” Sure, Mary. That there are probably 200 native-born American SUVS for every 1 “old truck” has nothing to do with it. And this “the illegals are getting more than the gays” also makes me grind my teeth.

  9. pacificoceanboy says

    Leland, it hits home with me with half my heritage being scots irish and very unwelcomed by the other half of my heritage being of the waspy kind.

    The same exact things were all said about all the complainers of today ancestors.

    The way to solve imigration problems if people really want a solution and not just something else to bitch about is to enforce the laws already on the books against the companys that hire them. It is illegal to hire non documented workers. But that would mean either fining repub big money doners or having to pay a decent wage to americans because they cut their cheap labor work force by not hiring “illegals”

    America has always grown stronger via immigration. Heck where do they expect to get kids to fight their future wars? Wasp kids aren’t signing up for military service.

  10. anon says

    Odd that Leland was able to get past the site spam filter with a post that long. However, as we pointed out last year, this 60 Minutes segment, like all 60 Minutes segments, is of generally poor quality.

    It can be almost mathematically demonstrated that there is not one gene that makes a man gay. There is not even one gene that determines hair color (at last count they had found five I think, and some of these genes also influence the immune system). You cannot eliminate gayness through genetic engineering without a complete understanding of all the necessary steps and the ramifications of undertaking those steps. The kind of research shown on 60 Minutes is stupid. Here is a simplistic demonstration of the probable scenario (with fake numbers):

    Gene 1 (80% of male population)
    Gene 2 (80%…)
    Gene 3 (50%…)
    Environmental Factor 1 (80% pregnancies)
    Environmental Factor 2 (60% pregnancies)
    Gene 4 (25%…)
    Gene 5 (40%…)
    EF 3 (20% pregnancies)
    Gene 6 (75%…)

    There may be more, but here we go…

    Now, take any 4 genes and 1 EF and if true you get a gay man, but only for a small % of men will this be true, even though majorities of men have the individual genes. For example, only 6.4% of men will have the first 4 genes and 1st EF. If we make EF 3 mandatory then the % of gay men gets further reduced, even if the other gene %’s are quite high. In this way, few men are gay, some men are bi, some are effeminant, some are butch, etc. (In my own opinion, gay men who outwardly seem effeminant don’t actually act like women at all, but it takes some careful observation to see this.) You cannot eliminate these genes because they are in the general population too frequently and may have purposes we cannot guess at right now (immune system function, regulation of hormones, etc.) I hope you can see now how a “gay gene” idea is faulty.

  11. silverskreen says

    Topics of immigration or gay rights are always touchy subjects for me because they both represent me.
    I was brought here on a legal visa when I was 3 weeks old but was never taken back to Honduras, so I remained here illegally with my mother for many years before the amnesty in the 80’s. Most of my family also immigrated up here, illegally, soon after my mother and I.

    I grew up thinking I’d been born here and never thought twice about it. I knew my family worked some crazy hours doing menial labor and often still not having enough money for things we needed, but had no idea that we were here illegally. I didn’t understand why they didn’t just get better jobs like my friends parents. They didn’t seem any smarter than my mother or other family members but seemed to be much more financially stable.

    It wasn’t until I was 12 and several of my family members were picked up in an immigration sweep as they were on their way to San Francisco, that I found out about our legal status.

    It was a weird feeling knowing I wasn’t an American. That I had to hide my legal status from my friends from school or anyone outside our family. It was yet another damn secret about myself.

    Eventually we all became citizens and blah, blah, blah. Hell, my family is even pretty accepting of my Mariah Carey fan club membership ( I know, something else I should keep a secret. Right?).

    I feel nothing but American, and I am very proud of that. Yet, I can’t help and feel as unwelcome and insulted whenever I hear a fellow gay spewing, as Leland put it, “fundamental racism… bolstered by stupidity”. Particularly when talking amongst friends and they come to me with those beliefs as if I would agree with them simply because I don’t speak with an accent.

    It’s just as bad when in the company of someone who is illegal and they spew their hatred of gays and our rights and they have no idea about me.

    I read things like Frank’s post and I see how it would be totally frustrating and infuriating, were I in that same situation.

    I dunno…I’m at a loss now. That’s what I get for turning on the t.v mid sentence. Besides, I’m just babbling. Call me Brooke.

    Doesn’t take the frustration and anger away though.

    POB, LELAND…thanks for being much more articulate than I.

  12. pacificoceanboy says


    Thank you for sharing your reality.

    articulate? me? LOL You might be babbeling like a brooke but I am a babbeling nut job most of the time and all my typos don’t usualy help. Thanks though.

    Heck, let me simplify this whole imigration thing. All european white people all the time = boring. :-)

  13. JRMfan says

    All of this aside. Jon Rhys meyers is a hottie! Lets just enjoy that for second. haha check him out in his new comemrcial at now back to the real world.

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