Exclusive: Jake Gyllenhaal Takes the Eurostar


A Towleroad tipster was riding on the Eurostar train between Paris and London yesterday, and sent in these photos of a sleepy Jake Gyllenhaal riding in the same car. I think we may have the first-ever photos of a sleeping Gyllenhaal.


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  1. Brian says

    Okay, felt a little creeped out… like I was intruding on his privacy more than I should have been. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m just in a mood today, because I’ve certainly enjoyed pics of him in other situations… it was the sleeping part that creeped me out.

    I’ll never make it as a stalker.

  2. joe says

    This isn’t stalking. This is finding yourself in the same train car with a hot celebrity and snapping a cameraphone photo.

    Hardly stalking.

  3. yummy says

    How lucky can you get, to be on a train with cutie pie Jake? I would have pulled him into the restroom and given him some bathroom sex!

  4. says

    Did the person who took these photos actually, ya know, say hello and try to strike up a conversation? Or did they just lurk behind a seat snapping photos like some creepy jerk?

  5. says

    I’d feel like a major asshole taking stealth pictures from behind a seat…just seems a little rude. I’d feel more inclined to say hello, shake hands, ask for a photo, etc…better to be annoying than creepy.

  6. Brian says

    Yeah ChrisB, that’s how I kinda felt. But Joe’s right, it’s not really stalking in the classic sense. Maybe it’s my time of the month and I’m just extra sensitive.

    I’m going to go take a Pamprin and talk myself down.

  7. Dave says

    I think this is definitely a little creepy, and beneath the standards of an otherwise great site. If I wanted to see pictures like this, I would go to Perez (although Jake would the probably have a big penis drawn going into his mouth)

  8. caliman says

    oh-puhleeze. you people have to get your panties out of a bunch.

    It wasn’t like whomever took the pictures was lurking in some bushes intentionally trying to get a shot of jake’s privates or something.

    any of you who were seated on that train with a cameraphone would have done exactly the same thing.

  9. says

    ye kinda creepy it was in france could’n you just start taking to him when he was up he looks bored in the second pic. just gone up like it was a hot g uy not a famous one worked for me e xcept they were just hot.

  10. Mike says

    Caliman, you’re wrong. Last summer I was in a store with two salespeople, Jake and freind of his. I didn’t snap one photo with my cameraphone and I could have easily jumped into a dressing room and had clear shots of him shopping and walking around.

    He’s on a train for god’s sake, doing nothing other than living. Is it wrong to want a few moments of peace for the guy?

  11. MattGaymon says

    Creepy. I guess we’re hoping for a Towleroad.com PR opp with the watermark and the “first-ever” business?

  12. says

    Oh, y’all are acting like the lions and water buffalo in the last post.

    Just consider the photos part of the new documentary series on celebrities in the wild. You don’t want to startle them in their natural habitat.

    He reminds me of the photos of that sleeping polar bear in Berlin.

  13. Gary says

    Somehow disappointed to see these photos on Towleroad. Sorry, folks, but I don’t see how this is cool or sexy or anything else beyond creepy. Visits to this site almost always enhance or educate or stimulate (in many ways, often sexy). I just have a sour feeling about these pics and the posting of them.

  14. RP says

    Yeah, I gotta say my vote is for creepy. The fact that he doesn’t seem to know someone is taking his picture is too voyeuristic. Not to mention, I’m sick to death of the celebrity worship culture in America anyway.

  15. peterparker says

    These pictures are entirely too creepy. What kind of insecure nutjob would lurk behind the seat on a train and photograph someone as they slept? Yuck!

  16. MrBill says

    Given all of the exposure offered to celebrities in modes of transit (how many skirts have we seen under this year alone?) I would not classify this as an eggregious violation of personal space. And to be blunt, if you buck up the euros for a first class seat on the Eurostar, I’d see it a worthwhile investment to have two decent photos of the man, it’s a day train, they weren’t in berths, people… Now, if he was canoodling with some celebritette, I don’t think anyone would think twice. Odd.

  17. peterparker says

    And I might add…I now feel sort of slimy and dirty. I think I’ll go take a shower and try to wash the creepiness of of me.

  18. vidjoc says

    am reminded of Madonna’s rarely seen video for Drowned World (Substitute for Love) check it out if you can…

  19. gordon says

    These photos aren’t creepy at all. They’re sweet.

    I’m sure Gyllenhaal, for all the millions he gets paid, is pretty used to having photos taken of him, no matter the circumstances.

  20. dudes says

    People need to settle down. There are far more invasive photos of celebrities published all the time. The train is a public space, and I see no ill will at all in these shots.

    I do think that some people (gay men on Gyllenhaal in particular) feel a sense of possessiveness about certain celebrities, so when there’s any sense of space invasion it inspires this kind of reaction.

    I think they’re nice shots, and Jake is one hot sleeper.

  21. says

    Not that I don’t love the photos…

    but I think it’s creepy to snap them and then send them off to someone to put on the internet. I mean, no offense to Andy, but if I was in this situation I’d probably take a cell-photo too, but just for myself and to show off and brag to a few friends, of course.

  22. Mike says

    David E. that is what makes them creepy. He’s not doing anything. He’s just there yet he has to be subjected to this crap. If he was doing something then we could be like, well here’s a person trying to make a buck capturing the rare moment, but no here. It’s way way way beneath Andy, even with his JG obsession.

  23. JB says

    yes this may be a bit taboid-y, but i am sure andy has the opportunity to post many such photos and chooses (wisely) not to.

    you can’t be a regular reader of this site and not know andy has a thing for jake…which i appreciate!

  24. mitch says

    So Mike, you are basically saying that it’s okay to take a photo if you are looking to make a buck off it? Now THAT’s creepy.

  25. says

    Tacky and creepy. I would never want my picture secretly taken and plastered on the interwebs like that.

    Just because other publications do it all the time doesn’t make it right. The public doesn’t “own” celebrities. Everyone should have a right to something resembling a personal life when they’re “off the clock”, and it shouldn’t require a private island.

  26. anon says

    These are actually more flattering than many of his staged photos. For that he should be thankful.

  27. says

    I vote for creepy … even though I know he was in a public place and he was fair game. Still … just rubs me the wrong way.

  28. Niel says

    Perhaps these pics should have been captioned “Eurostar upholstery detail” and “Eurostar beverage service” or something…

  29. phill says

    He obviously could have afforded or decided to take private transport. He chose not to.

    While it would be creepy to me and i wouldn’t have put myself in that position. (Or become a movie star for that matter, but there are many other reasons for that not happening.) This is part of the deal.

    I’ve not heard of him complaining about the attention that he clearly enjoys courting. And, as a public figure/celebrity, having photos taken when in public is part of the deal…or that’s what they usually hope for.

    If he were arguing it, i’d say you can’t have it both ways. Just two days ago he was part of a publicity tease involving a fake man-on-man kiss with co-star Mark Ruffalo in Cannes to ensure that his pictures would be taken and would be given prominance for the film he’s promoting. http://www.buzztracker.com/permalink/28675/33173104/Jake-Gyllenhaal-and-Mark-Ruffalo-Near-Kiss-at-Cannes.

    Rest assured he’s well compensated for giving up some of his privacy and that he has options.

    Good of you all to stand up for his honor though.

    And again, i dont’ hear Jake arguing that things should be differently. I get the feeling he has fun with it, appreciates all the benefits that come from his success, while being very much aware of the tradeoffs for his life. Money, fame and the adulation and too much attention from a bunch of gay guys in exchange for not beign able to be private while in public seems like a deal he’s made and is fine with.

  30. Mike G says

    I’m not sure about the photos as well. I live in Brooklyn and was at a take out place when Heath Leadger and Michelle Williams with their baby, came in. I could have taken out my camera phone and grabbed a picture but it just didn’t feel right doing it.

  31. Mike says

    No Mitch, I’m not saying that. What I said was people would realize what the money whore was doing. This is just creepy.

  32. Giovanni says

    Well this explains why Anderson Cooper wears a towle um… towel to remove his manties at his gym. I am going to have to side with creepy though in this not an unexpected price to pay for admission.

  33. Giovanni says

    …in this CASE not an unexpected price pay for admission (to the fame club that is)

  34. mark m says

    For those of you who don’t see anything wrong with these photos, I ask this:

    If Jake’s fair game and he’s on a public train and it’s just part of his job as a celebrity and this in no way resembles stalking…

    …why hide the camera between seats?

  35. Frozen North says

    I vote creepy.

    For those of you who don’t get it, it’s not about what Jake wants or expresses, it’s about us, as a society and what is proper behavior.

    Mark M has a good point.

    Also, if you don’t think it’s creepy, then why don’t you take secret photos of your co-workers in a public arena. See how they react.

  36. Louis says

    Phil, “He obviously could have afforded or decided to take private transport. He chose not to.”

    Traveling on Eurostar rather than taking the short flight between Paris and London produces a smaller carbon footprint. The Eurostar website claims that flying the same distance produces ten times as much CO2 per passenger. So Jake might have chosen to do his part to be green(er).


  37. RS says

    A.J., I would agree that this post should be taken down but it has made its way all around the internet already. As much as I love Jake and I love this blog, I think these pics are invasive. Celeb or not, everyone deserves some privacy. The guy can’t even take a nap in private!

  38. Rog says

    Anyone heard from Jake? I bet he doesnt’ care much. I didn’t see these kinds of comments about the Brittney spears photos. If anything shouldn’t someone be able to have a breakdown in private? I didn’t even see these types of comments about outing Anderson and Jodie who have made it clear that they actually care.

    And I missed where this blog wants a few fantasizing, anonymous guys home during work hours to vote posts on or off for the millions of other readers.

    Fine, we know you think you’d be annoyed as his boyfriend sitting on the train with him. But, this is why they do it. The attention. He was coming from Cannes. Tons of privacy there.not.

    Rest assured the honor of this strong, well-compensated, self-sufficient white guy who can do whatever he wants (including drag on national television without reproach) is well protected. How about directing this intense nurturing and sense of outrage toward folks who are really having their right to be in public impinged.

    Go vote some homophobic posts off another blog. Go protect some effeminate kids from being bullied…ones who don’t have a film opening or a photo opp scheduled daily.

    And if this were Ann Coulter? Boy George? KFed with his fly open? Would you be as protective? Or catty, girl-hating, and self-loathing

  39. brian says

    yeah, color me very turned off. while it doesn’t qualify as stalking, it certainly is beyond some line I didn’t know existed.
    To me, it invades the guys privacy in a really primal way. Sleep, even in an public setting is an unguarded moment for any of us. Would the pictaker have snapped him taking a leak? There’s just gotta be some ability to know when it’s too much.

    I don’t think there’s any sense deleting the post, it’s gone, it’s already on other sights and cached no doubt a million times. Nor do I blame AT for posting it; but it should lead to a deeper sensitivity about where to draw that faint line of propriety.

    I don’t want to live in a world where a guy like JG can’t ride on a train without having his privacy trampled on.

  40. tony says


    One of my friends went to Columbia University with Jakie and said he never dated anyone there…seems strange he is only ever “attached” to famous women who probably share the same publicist. There was some other guy that Perez Hilton (I know yuck) was always connecting him with.

  41. TJ says

    Rog, yes there were plenty of posts on other blogs that didn’t like the pictures of Britney shaving her head or in rehab, etc. That felt it an invasion of her privacy. And I saw people having issues with the Anderson/Jodie. And if Anderson and Jodie had such issues with the magazine cover I am sure they could voice them. However, just because Jake is a celeb I would hardly compare him to the disgusting Coulter or Kfed. Jake is a respected actor and even if he does publicity for a movie, as all actors do, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be left alone on a train trying to sleep. I would not want to see pics of Britney, Lindsay or anyone else sleeping without their knowledge. Even if the those girls are fame hounds.

  42. mark m says


    I see you managed to talk more about the people posting here, their motivations or lack thereof, than to answer the simple question:

    If there’s nothing wrong with these photos, why did the photographer hide his camera?

  43. Ryan says

    What a bunch of animals. It’s ok if you like him, and watch all of his films, but leave the man alone personally, it’s his life, NOT YOURS. Freaks.

  44. Roger says


    The guy you see most often with Jake (usually kinda scruffy) is Jake’s best friend from his teens (they met on Martha’s Vineyard) is Chris Fisher. He is a chef who works in New York (apparently has also been doing some work of Mario Batali at some of his new restaurants in LA. Chris is just a friend and has a girlfriend.

    The other guy (you have seen recently) is Austin Nichols. He is taller and thinner with a big forehead (apparently that isn’t all about Austin that is big;-) and yes Austin is supposedly the guy who is banging Jake on a regular basis.

  45. TJ says

    Sheba baby, there was one seemingly grumpy fan report but the reports from fans about Jake at Cannes were great.

  46. jmg says

    Just because there are more revealing candid pictures of celebrities published all the time does not mean that publishing one that is not so revealing is fine and dandy.

    Do you people have brains?

  47. lambman says

    Wow, people are freaking out over nothing. This was just somebody who happened to be seated by Jake for a few hours and just snapped a few pictures. Who cares?

  48. dannyboy says

    Very creepy and sad, how would you feel if someone took your photo and put it on the web?

  49. Luci says

    Hum. I don’t see how this is different from any other picture. I’ve seen pics of this guy with his family, those moments seem more private. What really want to know is: what’s the deal with he and Reese. She’s pretty not cute and he seems to be her rebound…

  50. ken park says

    Wow, I’ll tell you what’s REALLY creepy…Roger’s post at 7:11. Why would you even know all this information Roger my son? And why would you want to go around posting it?

    Jake’s friend isn’t in the business. He should be off limits. How many Jakey fanboards does one have to wade through to find this information? (Rhetorical, no need to answer.)

  51. Roger says


    I believe the technical term is a showmance. This is a romance that occurs on the set of a movie. It is then often used to market the movie (see Jenifer and Vince or Matt and Penelope.) In many cases they are fake, like the two examples I just gave. The guess on Reese and Jake are that they will use the excuse of Reese’s divorce as why they didn’t want to be seen together, Jake being forced to hang with Austin or something awful like that;-) The thing will heat up this fall just in time for the movie to premier on October 15 (they moved the date up.) It will last a bit longer and then end. If there is Oscar buzz for Jake (Reese’s part is small) they may drag it out. Jake will be the rebound guy for Reese and we may even get some double dates with Jake and Austin’s beard.

    If things go really badly there may be more films…

    Man I would much rather he was bearding with Jennifer Aniston. At least she would be a bit of fun!

  52. Get a life says

    Roger, you really need to get your own life and stop obsessing over Jake’s.

  53. Rob (lrddarystar) says

    It is a tad creepy. I would have tried to introduce myself, tell him I enjoy his work and ask if I could take a picture…

    Then he probably would have posed with ya.

    SO much better…

  54. Denny says

    Jake will be the rebound guy for Reese and we may even get some double dates with Jake and Austin’s beard.”

    Why would Jake and Austin go on double dates with fake girlfriends?

    < >

    That makes no sense. If “Rendition” doesn’t do well, why would there be more films with Jake and Reese?

    By the way, they both have the same manager. Coincidence?

    But truly, what is in it for Reese to have a fake showmance with Jake? Isn’t she gearing up for a custody fight with her ex?

    < >

    Maybe Jennifer isn’t in the mood for a fake showmance and wants a real relationship. I do think they are hot together–they were in those GLAAD shots.

    BTW, those people who are SO upset that Jake was photographed in a private moment and we’re talking about his personal life, get over it. He’s a celebrity, a public figure and his life is game for gossip. And no, I don’t give a hoot–I’m not his mother, sister or girlfriend/boyfriend.

  55. says

    These comments are rediculous. Seriously, I highly doubt JG is batting an eye. If anything, I’m sure he appreciates the publicity.

  56. billiebigelow says

    OK. OK. (takes deep breath.) If you look at the second picture and enlarge it….look up where the lights are on the train…you can see a reflection, albeit an upside down one, of the person sitting across from and facing Jake. And…OMG…it looks like on of the Olsens!!!!!!! LOLOL! NOT. Actually the person seems to have their eyes closed.
    Like they’re sleeping. Maybe the person people are assuming he is with isn’t “flying back to LA” at all, but took the train with him.

  57. Denny says

    There’s a girl sleeping in the compartment above Jake!! YIKES!

    Seriously, what an eagle eye you have Billie. I just zoomed in (I can’t believe I did this) and took a look. It’s a female and a brunette. Who could that be? (Seriously).

  58. Daniel says

    I don’t see what’s so creepy about these pics. Is it because he’s sleeping that people have a problem? I’ve seen way more personal pictures of Jake such as what looked to be a private wedding he, Maggie, and Peter went to, a mother’s day trip to the beach with his parents, and pretty much every other kind of situation you can imagine. I don’t see how these are any different. Maybe you guys have a problem with paparazzi pictures in general and in that case I’d suggest skimming over 90% of the celeb gossip out there because that’s what comes with the business.

    As for asking those of us not seeing the problem how we’d feel if someone took our pics like this or asking if we’d take pics of our co-workers or something, I’d say that’s different seeing as neither my co-workers or I are celebrities. (Though I have gone to public events before where people were taking pictures of those in attendance and I ended up on various LJs and websites when people posted said pics but I knew that could happen going to those events and was fine with it. That’s what it means to live with the internet nowadays.) In any case, celebrities know what they’re signing up for and they know that if they’re in public then there is always the chance that their picture will be taken. I’m willing to bet you people are making a much bigger deal out of it than Jake would.

    As for Mark M’s question about the photographer “hiding the camera”, how is he doing that? To me, it just looks like the guy was trying to get the best shot possible and so he held it between the seats.

  59. mark m says

    Daniel, I’m not a photographer but I’ve taken quite a few pictures in my time…. and I would assume the best shot possible would be one where most of the frame isn’t obscured by seats… you know, like holding the camera up above the seat so you not only get Jakey’s adorable face, but what kind of jeans he’s wearing.

    Oh wait, then Jake would see what you were doing.

    Yeah, you’re right. THe best possible shot (when you’re trying to be sneaky about it) is between the seats.

    No, nothing creepy about that.

  60. Sheenz says

    This is officially as low as ya get, save actually leering at him through a bedroom window or something equally as peeping tom!

    The poor guy…….I’m sure you couldn’t give a shit but c’mon…he can’t go in public at all? Is that it? You all make your celebrities a little stir crazy by isolating them with these antics of offering them absolutely no privacy whatsoever…(Britney, Michael, Tom etc) then you rip them to shreds the second they start behaving oddly…..you make em, then break em, then kick em while they are down.

    I’d question my ethics here Towerload if I were you, but I doubt you can see past the dollar signs from the number of hits this page is getting to even consider that!

  61. analassassin says

    Pull Out Dude!!!!!!!

    What Jake says to his dates every night

    no wonder he’s so tired

  62. Oh Mary says

    Actually, I agree with Roger that the Reese thing is a showmance.

    And as to this ‘stalker’, meh. Who’s to say Jake (in a public place) doesn’t even know the person that sent that thing in and asked them to for a laugh?

  63. Grow up says

    Please, Analassassin, Oh Mary and Denara, grow up. You do realize you are on a gay site so saying stupid crap like you all are isn’t going to be appreciated here.

    Abd I doubt Jake asked the person who took the picture to send it in so the whole internet could see.

  64. Serhat says

    I know. the pics first made me feel creepy too, but then, I don’t know, but I think he’s soooo cute when he’s sleeping.

    but i think I would have done the same (hiding the camera), in this case I’d be to shy to introduce myself or ask for a photo and if i would go to him, I would grin or laugh all the time and that’S too embarrassing.

    I DON’T KNOW, too complicated, I mean we don’T know the situation and the circumstances. we should not prejudge

  65. NO says

    “Look, NO or whatever

    you’re a fruit too huh

    go grab your ankles loser

    Posted by: Deller | Jun 2, 2007 8:06:42 PM”

    *rolls eyes*